Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Global nutrition company, Herbalife, marked another milestone in the Philippines with the opening of a new product access point in Calamba, Laguna. Named as the South Luzon Quick Response Center (QRC), it is part of Herbalife’s efforts to support its members to bring quality nutrition to more Filipinos in the country.

Herbalife Philippines’ General Manager Bong Valenzuela led the opening ceremony, which was attended by the members of its corporate management team, employees, independent Herbalife members, and Herbalife-sponsored triathletes Omar and Laarni Paredes.

Herbalife Philippines General Manager Bong Valenzuela delivers his welcome speech during the opening ceremony of the Herbalife South Luzon Quick Response Center.

Ms. Gina Lyn Ang – Abott, one of Herbalife’s President’s Team members, shares her excitement and rallies local member leaders to take advantage of the newly-opened product access point to bring good nutrition to more people in the community .

About Herbalife:

Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has been changing people's lives with great products since 1980. Our nutrition, weight-management, energy and fitness and personal care products are available exclusively to and through dedicated Herbalife Independent Members in more than 90 countries. We are committed to fighting the worldwide problems of poor nutrition and obesity by offering high-quality products, one-on-one coaching with an Herbalife Member and a community that inspires customers to live a healthy, active life.

We support the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its Casa Herbalife programs to help bring good nutrition to children in need. We also sponsor more than 190 world-class athletes, teams and events around the globe, including Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy and champions in many other sports.

The company has over 8,000 employees worldwide, and its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HLF) with net sales of US$4.5 billion in 2015. The Herbalife website contains a significant amount of financial and other information about the company at http://ir.Herbalife.com. The company encourages investors to visit its website from time to time, as information is updated and new information in posted. To learn more, visit Herbalife.com or IAmHerbalife.com.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Could “The Walking Dead” star Steve Yeun be the newest celebrity to be expecting twins? It's starting to look that way!

The 33 year old actor announced in December that his wife, Joana Pak, is going to have a baby. On Valentine's Day, he posted a series of adorable pictures featuring the couple in a photo booth, with Joana showing off her bump. However, it's the tiniest little thing that has gotten fans talking, thinking that Steven and his wife could potentially be expecting twins.

photo credit : under the knife magazine

When Steven posted the photo, the only caption that he included were two tiny little bee emojis. This is similar to another photo he posted last month, when he included two bee emojis in that one as well. 

Many fans think that the two bees are a sign that there are, in fact, two babies, especially since Steven has posted the bees more than once. Some fans also think that the bees are a nod to Beyonce, who announced a few weeks ago that she is expecting twins with her husband Jay Z. Steven and Joana were married on December 3rd at Los Angeles' historic Paramour Estate in a beautiful ceremony. It was just a few days after that when it was confirmed that the couple were expecting a baby. 

We are so excited for this adorable couple, whether it's twins or not, and we know that they are going to make amazing parents.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Like most women, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of waxing. And like a lot of them, you probably also think that the process doesn’t sound very appealing. Still, waxing is a standard part for a lot of women’s grooming routine; and they will book a session, show up for their appointment, go through the whole (seemingly) painful procedure, and emerge smooth and hair-free, without batting an eyelid. 

Why do they go through it all? Because to be honest, waxing is not as excruciating as one might assume. It’s all a matter of choosing the right waxing salon to go to. For starters, a reputable salon should be able to take you through the process without causing anxiety, regardless if you’ve been doing this for years or you’re new to the whole thing.

They should be able to demonstrate why there’s no need to feel self-conscious and assure you that you’re in the hands of experts. The process is swift, and the aestheticians are trained to work in small, manageable sections and press on the skin as the wax is removed to help ease discomfort. After that, you’re ready to go. 

It’s all quite simple and straightforward. And if you think you’re ready to take the plunge, then there’s no better time than April 3rd—when Hey Sugar!, the country’s premiere all-natural waxing destination, celebrates National Hair Free Day. For the occasion, you can visit any Hey Sugar branch between 10:00 am – 1:00 pm and you can get free underarm waxing and eyebrow threading for free!

Philippines is a tropical country wherein the warmth and heat of the sun can be felt all year long. While it is fun and exciting to live in the tropics because you can enjoy the outdoors as much as you want, it also has its ups and downs. On one hand, year-round sun and fun; on the other, maintaining your body for year-round sunning and funning can be exhausting.

When you have the option to slip into your shorts and head to the beach or pool any time of the year, the goal is to maintain skin that’s smooth, no matter what season, which can certainly be sorted out by an appointment to your nearest waxing salon. But for Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon, it’s as much about giving clients what they need while making sure that they allow them to feel fabulous about themselves as well.

Hey Sugar makes all-natural and 100 % Sugar grooming options accessible to clients of all shapes and sizes. They use 100% naturally hypoallergenic sugar wax that minimizes side effects such as allergic reactions and chemical irritations caused by traditional wax—a gentler but no less effective way to keep your skin smooth and hair-free.

Hey Sugar!’s interiors are renowned for being warm, inviting and discreet. Clients can walk in and expect a clean and sterilized environment ideal for the sensitive beauty routines that they are about to undergo, while still feel like they are about to get pampered and taken care of.

And best of all, they can rest easy knowing they are in the hands of expert aestheticians who were trained to deliver only the best results. For newbies, this means you can easily ask your aesthetician any question about the process and advantages of sugar waxing and get a clear answer; for veterans, you know you will walk out of your appointment knowing there’s no other destination that can give you the same results using all-organic hair-removal methods.

“We strive to bring reliable and fast services, but also connect with our customers—it’s a very personal grooming procedure, after all, and we are dedicated to making customers happy and comfortable. Clients expect quality service, superior treatments and affordable prices but not at the expense of a warm and comfortable environment—and that’s exactly what we have waiting for them here,” explains Arvin A. Amaro, Hey Sugar’s Marketing Head.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves some sugar…and there’s no better place to get it than by heading to Hey Sugar! SM Calamba.

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon currently has 23 locations nationwide, including in UP Town Center, Festival Supermall, SM Bicutan, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Bacolod and our newest branch Hey Sugar Calamba. To know more, follow them on facebook.com/HeySugarWaxingPh, Twitter.com/HeySugarPhils and Instagram.com/HeySugarPhils. For bookings 09958401584.
Can you feel the summer coming? That means hot weather, beach time, shorts, sandals, sundresses--and lots of it. The question is, are you ready? Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered.

Nailaholics, the city’s top urban nail and pampering destination in the country, has been everyone’s go-to destination for the season, so here’s a run-down of things-to-do to keep your skin, tips, and toes summer ready.

Prepare for sandal-season 
Over the holidays, when the wind blew colder and your legs and feet were clad in tights and boots, it was easy to miss your regular waxing and pedicure appointments. But summer means trading in your warmer outfits for colorful shorts and summer skirts, paired with your favorite flip-flops or sandals. Book an appointment for a pedicure ASAP and jumpstart the season with a waxing session to get your stems ready. 

Get ready for summer outfits 
Legs are a major focus during summer that it’s easy to forget your arms need attention too. Because of the weather, you’ll be baring your arms and shoulders as soon as the wind blows a little warmer. Get them in perfect summer shape by booking a moisturizing treatment, followed by a manicure. Be sure to choose a bright hue on your nails to complement the season. 

Make sure you’re super Summer-ready 
Before you head off for your summer adventure, get yourself primed for the season by getting a head to toe buff and polish. Get Vitamin Sea: Manicure, Pedicure and Foot Spa to stimulate blood flow and leave skin glowing. Be sure to moisturize post treatment by keeping a bottle of Argan oil handy. 

Post-holiday Pampering Day 
A visit to your favorite nail salon isn’t just for pre-holiday beach trips; sometimes, you need vacation from your vacation too. Summer means crowded airports, cramped flights, long road trips—and you’ll need to unwind after. Choose from our menu of spa treatments so that you not only get to relax, you also make sure you’re prepped and ready to go for your next vacation.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sometimes when we get sick, we resort to self-medication because we don't want to travel or wait in long lines to see a doctor. But self-medication is not always good to our health. It may worsen our condition or may mean our life.

Our busy lifestyle is no longer a reason not to get advice from the doctor or get the right medication for our illness. In a world that is powered by the internet, most of the things we need to know can be found online, so as for our health and medication.

The Independent Pharmacy is an online pharmacy and online doctor. They offer safe and easy way to buy medicines online. They are revolutionizing healthcare in the UK by being customer-focused and user friendly.

Why choose The Independent Pharmacy?

1. Assurance of a high-quality care from the registered doctors and regulated service from the Care Quality Commission.
2. Convenience of consultation through the web, all the information needed to use the medicine is provided.
3. Orders will be delivered at the desired location, in discreet packaging.
4. Their prices are guaranteed much cheaper than others offering the same service.
5. Same day dispatch within the locality, you can even track where your order is.
6. All information are kept confidential, and will only be disclosed with the consent of the patient.
7. Offers fair return policy, wherein you can return some items and the payment will be refunded upon validation.

This innovation in healthcare lets everyone access easy and quick medication and health advice online and allows everyone, even those with very busy lifestyle, achieve a better health condition and take control of their illnesses at the tip of their fingers.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Foodpanda Ph heads to the south to have a taste of the most indulging desserts one should taste thru the Good Food Tour featuring some of the best restaurants from Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa.

The word dessert has so much to offer, from the sweetest chocolates, to cakes and cutie cupcakes, different flavors of ice cream, and even crepes. These are what we are longing for every after meals or even when we are in the middle of deadlines. As they say, stressed when spelled backwards is Desserts. I guess it always cures a stressful situation, Yeah? Although sometimes we are on a “strict diet” once the dessert has been served we’re like, “oh no! Cheat day it is!” I mean, hey it’s sweets! Who wouldn’t enjoy having a bite right?

FoodPandaPh Team with the friends from the media

First in line for the 5th Good Food Tour adventure is Bizu which started last 2001 as a kiosk in Glorietta and eventually grown to more branches and extended their menu from wide variety of pastries to great tasting French and Mediterranean food. From different best tasting macarons, chocolate truffles, cakes to other pastries, Bizu has really been a sophisticated brand, “Our Pastries are very delicate and each menu item that we make has an artistry into it,” says Anna Sadang, Marketing Officer of Bizu.

Pleasure cake and Macarons

Romance Cake

Next stop, Cold Stone Creamery which has 20 branches all over Metro Manila, Tagaytay, and Pampanga. Cold Stone is named after their way of preparing their ice cream together with the mixins into their freezing cold and sanitized granite stone. This unique way of preparation originated in Arizona, USA. We are surprised since this creamery doesn’t only offer best flavors of ice cream but brings great entertainment to their customers by juggling and throwing of ice creams (Yep! Can you imagine that? It’s super fun!) to keep a fun and lively atmosphere. “We always emphasize customer service at the top and because we value our customers so much, we want to give them something that they’ll never forget, a fun experience at Cold Stone,” says Rebecca Fernandez, Training Manager. Aside from their ice creams, Cold Stone also offers ice cream cakes, shakes, and smoothies.

Cookie Doughn't You Want Some Ice Cream

Have you ever heard about the thousand crepes? Well the last stop for this Good Food Tour offers the best version of this. Thousand crepes which is basically the Mille Crepe are handmade paper thin layers of no less than 20 layers of crepes. It has light pastry cream in between and is topped with caramelized crust and this is what Paper Moon is known for. Just when everybody thought that our bodies are full of sweets for the day, we really can’t say no to Paper Moon’s Mille Crepe and new Valentine’s special cakes and beverages. “Since the Filipino market are always looking for something new, we are committed to innovating our thousand crepes into different flavors that we know they can enjoy,” says Arlene Alinea, the Marketing Manager that handles Paper Moon Boutique and Café.

Surely, desserts are always giving us another reason why we should breathe for a while, have a quick bite, and release all the stress off of us. So why not have some of these! Whether you are in the middle of a stressful week or just want to give someone a gift this Valentines, a wide variety of desserts are available in a just a few clicks! Order via foodpanda app or visit www.foodpanda.com.ph

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Plantronics have created new trends that allow people to simply communicate. The company, a pioneer in audio and wearable technology continuous to discover innovation. Their vision and mission is not limited to creating technology but also represent social responsibility to its consumer. For this matter, Plantronics Philippines presents BACKBEAT RUN FOR A CAUSE 2017” a half marathon event happening on May 28, 2017 at Bonifacio Global Center. The race is open to sports enthusiast, people with active lifestyle and young professionals with 5K | 10k | 16K | 21K category.

This event will not only support the running community but also for the benefit of KYTHE FOUNDATION INC.  a non-profit, non-stock organization aimed towards improving the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer. In celebration of its 25th years of giving hope through simple sharing and togetherness.

Plantronics strong campaign to practice hands free driving supports the Government RA No. 10913 Anti-Distracted Driving Act that will penalize drivers who use mobile phone and electronic devices while driving. Runners who will register online will get special limited offer of Plantronics ML15 worth 995.00 Php. ML15 is a Mobile Bluetooth headset that allows user to enjoy mobile call without holding the phone.

The race is not the usual running event, runners will also have the chance to enjoy extra ordinary on-ground activities and after party concert. Watch out for the performance from the most interesting up-and-coming bands in the music industry and guest DJ.

The ultimate summer run party is coming very soon!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Everybody admires beauty but we all know that channeling beauty to radiate doesn’t come overnight. We work hard for it and we religiousy find ways to enhance it. Our skin requires pampering and care of a professional center that understands our needs to be beautiful. A center that provides all our skin pampering necessities has now come into full bloom as it introduces its new look and logo.

For 2 decades, Dermcare have continuously shared their unfailing love and concern for their customers, delivering utmost satisfaction to our every vanity regardless of gender, age, social standing, and personal preferences.

Dermcare have been like a second home to their clients as the center treats each customer as part of their family. The care that Dermcare delivers manifest through repeat customers that keeps coming back for the very reason that they feel that they belong.

Understandably, we would only want the best for the ones we hold dear to our heart. This is why Dermcare has up the ante, so everyone in our family and social circle can experience the care and passion that only Dermcare can give.

Pag-IBIG Recognizes Dermcare’s contribution to the community

Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card recently awarded Dermcare the “Loyalty Cardholder’s Favorite Partner” which equated to the number of cardholders who had the privilege to enjoy discounts at Dermcare branches nationwide.

Pag-IBIG Fund launched its Pag-IBIG Loyalty card Program in the year 2014. The program aims to extend the benefits given by Pag-ibig Fund to its members not just thru short term and housing loans but also to give them additional privilege in other necessities. Dermcare has been a Partner of Pag-IBIG Loyalty card since then.

Dermcare has served the Pag-IBIG members nationwide thru its more than 80 branches.  In 2016 alone, Dermcare has already extended an accumulated amount of more than P500,000 worth of discounts to around 2,000 Pag-IBIG Loyalty card members  who enjoyed up to 50% discount of Dermcare services and products.

New Logo, New Face

Dermcare's new logo is fused together with the care-centric ideals that they have at present. The flowers represent their growing clientele and how it has captured the hearts and gained the trust of the public.

In line with the new logo, Dermcare also launches the face of Dermcare - Ms. Nina Robertson, Mutya ng Pilipinas - Overseas Communities 2015. Nina embodies all the qualities that represents Dermcare, vibrant and full of energy!

True to its mission, Dermcare desires to foster care to its numerous clients by providing top-quality skin, hair and wellness services, as well as encompass the years of remarkable love and care for their customers.

Visit your nearest Dermcare branch today. For more information, follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/i.like.dermcare.

#DermcareWeDoCare #DermcareLove

Monday, February 13, 2017

Grilla, a specialty casual Filipino family restaurant that caters to young professionals, corporate accounts, families, balikbayans and foreigners (local and tourists), was born in Antipolo City in 1998. In 2016, it opened another store in SM MOA by the Bay. To this day, Grilla have earned its reputation as institutional establishments in its own locality. Grilla prides itself as pioneering the first of many creations such as "Buckets of Beer" and the Grilla Feast - barbecues served in bilaos for sharing among big families and groups.

Grilla's main clientele when it first opened were mostly college students and young professionals. As the market matures, Grilla evolved as well by offering new local dishes a well as foreign inspired barbecues. While Grilla was equally popular as a drinking and dining destination, it has become apparent that most of the regular clientele that first patronized Grilla now still come but with families in tow. It is for this reason that Grilla decidd to tweak its image in 2013 by refreshing its look and renaming Grilla Bar and Grill to Grilla Filipino Cuisine. The move to do so is to give more focus to its culinary offering and to make Grilla more family friendly, as if to say that Grilla has grown with its clientele.

Grilla is celebrating 19 wonderful years in 2017. While we constantly crave for ubiquitous local dishes such as Crispy Pata, Kare-kare and Adobo, the reality is that there is still so much that Filipino cuisine has to offer and one must have to travel our vast archipelago to try them.That is why Grilla offers sumptuous and exciting Filipino dishes not typically found in Filipino restaurants in Manila. While Grilla carries most of the all-time Filipino favorites, Grilla offers more by featuring various regional Filipino specialties that have been scoured from all over the archipelago such as Dinardaraan, Ilocos Bagnet, Lechong Liempo ala Cebu, Beef Kansi, Beef Kamto at Litid Sinanglao, Sinampalukang Inihaw na Manok and Inadobong Tilapia sa Gata at Sili among others. Grilla's goal is to be renowned as the default go to place for Filipino cuisine as it represents a wider selection of authentic dishes from all over the country.

Let me take you to a drooling food journey Grilla at SM MOA by the Bay has shared with media friends and bloggers:

Tokwa't Manok
It is a healthy version of the famous Tokwa't Baboy that every Pinoys crave for. Instead of the ususal pork liempo, Grilla's version is Grilled Chicken Inasal and fried chunks of tofu in a mildly spiced 
sweet-soy-vinegar sauce.

Crispy Chicharong Bacon
Deep fried, thinly sliced pork belly served with vinegar dip.

Crispy Fish Trio
Crisp fried strips of tilapia, hito and bangus served with vinegar dip.

Sisig Sampler
Grilla's famous pork sisig, chicken sisig and tofu-sigarilyasisig. other choices for the sampler are Squid Sisig, Tuna Sisig and Bangus Sisig.

Lechong Liempo ala Cebu (300 grams/order)
Roasted pork belly marinated in ginger,

Beef Kansi
A famous Bacolod dish which is a cross between a sinigang and bulalo. Kansi is beef and beef bone marrow with a sour soup made with Kamias.

This dish is a Grilla original. Mussels,clams, maya-maya fillet, thinly sliced beef short plate and pork belly cooked over hot stone in palayok. The dish is served with a hot broth of ginger and lemongrass, and three condiments : Sinamak, Nilasing na mangga and Soy-Vinegar Dip.

Pisa sa Nayon
This showcases Filipinos love for fiestas. What better way to celebrate a special occasion with Crispy Pata, Sinampalukang Inihaw na Manok, Seafood Gising Gising, Fried Okoy with Steamed Rice.

Halo Halo Spring Rolls
Deep fried spring rolls of red mongo beans, sweetened banana and kamote, served with ube ice cream and a sprinkle of toasted pinipig.

Grilla Dessert Sampler
A taste of Grilla's sweet offerings : Leche Flan, Palitaw smothered in coconut sauce and Suman-Manga at Macapuno topped with Vanilla Ice Cream.

What I admired about Grilla's dishes is that they really taste authentic Filipino. I love how they fused different local spices together and incorporate them to make the dishes even more palatable.

To know more of Grilla's latest offerings follow their social media:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

You might often find it hard to look for the right musician guitar that suits your needs and requirements. Good thing there is now a hub where you can find most of the instruments and accessories that will further enhance your talent for music.

It caters anywhere in the world, to help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. There are also helpful reviews from buyers or from the people who have experienced using the product. Take time to browse what's inside and start to put your passion for music to the next level.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved..." This and more quotes and definitions of LOVE now surround the social media and everywhere. This Love Month, Jollibee prepared something special for everyone. Get ready to melt, to laugh, to cry and to fall in love...

Lucky enough to have been invited for the #KwentongJollibee preview last Feb. 6, 2017


To showcase some of the countless love stories that Pinoys have experienced with the country's number one and beloved fast-food chain, Jollibee has launched three new videos under its highly successful and much raved about #KwentongJollibee series in time for Valentine's Day.

In a special exclusive screening at the Ayala Malls The 30th, the media got to see firsthand the latest batch of #KwentongJollibee videos that were inspired by true and heartwarming stories of love. The complete cast of the Kwentong Jollibee Valentine series was also present to make the media preview even more special.

"For nearly four decades now, Jollibee has been a part of Filipino's lives, witnessing the most touching of their life stories," said Francis Flores, Jollibee's Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer and Jollibee Philippines Marketing head. "Through this new episodes of #KwentongJollibee, the brand recognizes love in all its forms, as an icon which celebrates the joy that is present in each shared special moment."

Jollibee stories from the heart


In what could be the most relatable case of unrequited, unconditional love, "Vow" pays homage to people who continue to love, without expecting anything in return. Directed by Ianco dela Cruz (who helmed all previous Kwentong Jollibee materials), it tells the story of a man who fell deeply in love with "the one" from the time he first saw her at a Jollibee store. But fate led them to a different path, and the story perfectly captures how love can take on a different form and still prevail in the end.


The second story "Date" explores the grim realities of life and love yet brings to light the beautiful gift of endless love. Directed by Pepe Diokno, it showed how a young boy took the effort to arrange a surprise Valentine's dinner for his mother following his father's instructions to the letter. The son manages to set up the perfect date with his mom, complete with her Jollibee favorites. The mom was overwhelmed when the son shows her a video recording, which revealed that the Valentine's date was really another proof of her husband's eternal love fore her.


"Crush" is directed by Joel Ruiz and appeals to all the hopeless romantics in us. It is a feel-good and charming tale of a young college boy who's head-over-heels in love with his schoolmate and who chooses to express his feelings by leaving her with anonymous cheerful notes with her favorite Jollibee burger. Decades later, a homecoming event sees the boy, now an elderly man, making the same romantic gesture for the love of his life.

Cast of "Crush"

Three of the brand's previous #KwentongJollibee videos (Almusal, Entrance Exam and Mama's Girl) were among the campaigns recognized in the 2016 Araw Values Awards. Jollibee's viral Grandparents' Day Video "Kahera" meanwhile made it to Google Asia Pacific's YouTube Leaderboard last September 2016 as among the most watched videos in the region -- the only campaign from the Philippines to make it to the list.

Cast of "Vow"

Through the years, Jollibee has witnessed many kinds of stories unfold, develop, and flourish in all its stores across the country. This Valentine's season, Jollibee and its new #KwentongJollibee series invites you to celebrate love and savor the joys that come with the special shared moments.

"Ikaw, ano ang #KwentongJollibee mo?"

Saturday, February 4, 2017

No one is ever too small to be a superhero. Anyone can be a superhero even without a training or a superhero relative. There is only one requirement to be, one specific power - the will and the heart to help out other people.

You don't have to wear capes or headgears or have extraordinary weapons or amulets, but you can be a hero for a day with  this year's TV5 Super Heroes Run Manila. By participating the fun run which will happen in February 25, 2017 at the SM MOA Grounds, Block 16, you will be doing good like your favorite heroes because a portion of the proceeds from the fun run will be donated to the Alagang Kapatid Foundation.

Further details of the fun run:

Each race kit will have a little surprise for the participants to make the fun run more super. Depending on the distance that they choose, runners will get a Supergirl cape and/or The Flash and Arrow head gears. These goodies will definitely serve as a motivation to finish strong! Not only that, participants will also be joined by TV5 stars and athletes.

The Super Heroes Run Manila is also an avenue to promote the superheroes programs of TV5 - Arrow which airs every Monday at 7:30pm, The Flah, Mondays 8:30pm and the upcoming launch of the tagalized version of Supergirl which will be flying in every Tuesday starting March 21, 2017.

Watch TV5 Super Heroes Run Manila's launch last January 31, 2017 in Maxims Hotel Newport Blvd Pasay City :

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Do it yourself (DIY) is described as the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. DIY activities is fun thing to do. It is nice to see things around our home or office with our own personal touch. It might be tiresome because you get to use raw or semi-raw materials for your desired project but it is as rewarding once you finish the job.

DIY is best for home improvement. We can use the components and materials that we want, we can choose the shapes, sizes, types and color that we want and we are able to achieve the result or product that we want.

DIY is the new trend also in interior design, gardening, arts and crafts, child safety or child proofing, fashion and many other jobs. There is no standard in DIY, as long as the finished work satisfies you.

Why do people resort to DIY? First it's a lot more affordable, we can draw materials from the natural environment, we can recycle or upcycle. Of course not everything can be obtained from the materials that are stored inside the house or nearby the area. In this case, there are shops where we can also buy materials for the DIY activities. like Simply Plastics. They are expert supplier of plastic products and materials for your building needs. They offer cut-to-size service wherein they will cut your desired product according to requirements, according to exact specifications and have those quality products and materials delivered to your doorsteps.

Here are some of the products available via Simply Plastics UK:

These Coloured Cast Acrylic Discs are hard wearing, weather resistant, easy to fabricate and light weight. Choose from a wide range of attractive colors and high gloss finish discs. It is best used for signage, furniture, retail display or point of sale.

This LED Light diffusing opal acrylic sheet is produced specifically for the use of LED lighting systems. It produces even diffusion of LED lighting, is hard wearing, weather resistant and is suitable for forming. These discs are environmentally friendly, economical and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can create different colour finishes by using different colour bulbs.

It is typically applied to light box signage systems, illuminated signs and graphic display, light fittings
or ceiling lighting tiles.

www.simplyplastics.com is your partner in showing your creative side. If you need customization, just drop by the site and you will find and learn a lot for everything DYI.

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