Perfume Dessert - how to choose the signature scent that fits your personality?

The girl with the signature scent is the girl who commands the attention of the entire room the moment she walks in without having to utter any single word. She is the girl whose perfume lingers subtly in the room hours after she's gone, making everyone she's left behind inexplicably think of her, and wish she was there.

The signature scent is an elusive Holy Grail and too often the search for it becomes a lifelong quest. But to guide you in choosing the one, remember that the perfect perfume for you is the perfume that matches your personality. 

Sure, you could just pick up a bottle of the latest and greatest trendy designer fragrance--but you will just smell like everyone else.

So before you head off on one more doomed mission to your department store perfume counter-- why don't find out first the scent that matches your perfume personality with these gourmand scents from the Perfume Dessert?

SAKURA if your perfume personality is Floral.
This perfume is for someone who wants to always be at the center of attention. The scent is flirtatious, vivacious, and playful, but sweet and confident at the same time. 

Floral scents are for the people who are happy, free, and always lighting up a room. They have a disposition that's warm, sunny and easy-going.

Floral scent lovers, like their flowery notes, are strong. Not only can you smell them from a mile away, but you can also hear them coming.

But do you know that people who love floral scent hides a little secret? They're hopeless romantic. 

If your perfume personality is Floral you're an unmistakeable girly-girl--and you're not afraid to show it and you are definitely the life of the party. But beware, girls who have Floral perfume personality cannot be bought.

Like the bold blooms of roses, peonies, jasmine, orchid or freesia, and other powdery floral perfumes, Sakura is as bright and lively as the modern girls who wear them.

Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Mimosa Sherbet, Fruit Tart, Apple Pomegranate Salad if your perfume personality is Fresh and Fruity.

Anyone with the Fresh perfume personality makes cool look effortless. These people are laidback and low-key, but fun-loving and ready for anything. These perfumes are perfect for sporty girls with a quirky sense of humor, who live life to the fullest. If that sounds like you, then you'll love a light fresh fragrance that's as chill as you are.

These fragrances have a hint of citrus and fruits which all exude cool and they smell light and clean and can be the new sexy scent.

The fresh scented woman is vibrant and charming. She always smells refreshingly bright and you cannot get enough of her. She is welcomed wherever she goes and she practically breezes through life.

The fruity girl is your partner-in-crime. She’s always in for a party, new scene or adventurous journey. She is carefree, playful and bubbly, which makes her a wonderful addition to any circle of friends. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. 

These scents from Perfume Dessert are a total tease and intoxicating.

Gum Drops, French Macaroon, Cake Pops for Sweet Perfume Personality
Like the candy, people with a perfume personality that's Sweet is timeless. They make any event more fun, and people keep coming back for more. Above all they are reliable, genuine, and go with the flow. They have adventurous spirit, they are a kid at heart and they love playing in groups, but they don't like when they don't get their way.

If these scents were a woman, she is ethereal and addictive. When you're having a bad day, you can’t get enough of her innocent humor and exhilarating personality. She's optimistic about everything - even that sketchy bar in the back alley. She is the center of attention, drawing people in with her cotton-candy childishness and youthful charisma.

Being the perfect portion of sweetness, these types of gourmand perfumes from perfume Dessert brighten anyone's day simply by being around. If you want to feel like a kid again, then any of them is a perfect choice.

Here are some quick facts about Perfume Dessert :

1. Eau de parfum fragrances from London at very low price.

Eau de parfum (also referred to as EDP) offers a 20-30% percent concentration of oils. These tend to have plenty of ‘waft’; staying power of anywhere from four to eight hours is a reasonable expectation. Because it can still be quite strong, apply lightly for day – and more generously, when you’re dressing up. And based on costumers feedback Perfume Dessert lasts up to 4-8 hours!

2. Perfume is guaranteed 100% from u.k! No fakes! You can check it by the first 3 digits of the barcode,they do indicate the country in which the company is based, or where the manufacturing company is headquartered, Perfume Dessert's first 3 digit is 506, and U.K's barcode is from 500-509.

3. It'ss affordable in price but high quality and very elegant in appearance.

4. Perfume Dessert comes with 30 ml and crimped bottle. It will retain the freshness of the perfume, it will not diffuse or leak. Because air, humidity, and temperature changes can affect perfume, it should be kept with its cap on and sealed in its protective bottle as much as possible. Bottle designs that CANNOT be opened and can only be sprayed, is the SAFEST for PRESERVING the fragrance's best quality. The design of the bottle is so simple and handy, no complicated bottle design or luxurious cap, which makes it cheaper than the other brands ,but the oil is 100% high quality.

5. Perfume Dessert's elegant packaging is great not only for personal use, but also for giveaways or gift for loved ones. It's really effortless, no need for extra wrapping or extra packaging.

6. Perfume Dessert serves as natural aphrodisiac, because of its gourmand notes, and it contains pheromones, which really have aphrodisiac properties. It explains why you get attracted to someone because of these kind of perfume.

7.Comes with a surprising price of only Php250 per bottle.
If you want to know more about the gourmand perfume, which is a new type of scent that's gaining popularity nowadays, please check out :


Jovelyn Jose said...

For a very affordable price you can have a perfume na very classy, long lasting and have different kinds of scents pa na pwede mong pagpilian. Iba iba mood ng mga girl kaya,perfect ito! ��

Adelfa Arcede said...

Hmm... Mukang mababango lahat ng scents sana matry ko silang lahat. ☺ I love the packaging also. Very cute, unique and catchy to the eye. ☺

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