Saturday, July 7, 2018

A lot of people, particularly women are putting much effort into their hair to look great every day. But this fast pace world is at times, causes struggle for women to do their hair. This led to women using wigs, hair extensions, and the likes so they can easily modify and style their hair according to the occasion or event for the day.

One of the most preferred types of wigs or extensions is the Brazilian hair. Let's all admit the fact that this type of hair has a very sophisticated effect to any woman. Whether they are straight, curly or kinky, they look lovely anyway.

One of the looks that most women want to achieve using the Brazilian hair is the kinky hairdo or the Afro looks. The kinky hair is not just nice to look at, but it signifies freedom and being natural. It's a good thing nowadays, that there are e-commerce sites for wigs that are offering this type of wig or extension like Real Beauty. 

Real Beauty doesn't offer just wigs or extensions but they offer a lot of choices for their products like hair weft and hair closure length, hair color and hair grade. You always have a lot of options when it comes to the hair wigs or hair extensions that you want.

The website is packed with a lot of essential information about their product so you wouldn't be left clueless of whats, hows, and whys about your order. They are also offering coupons so you get savings for your purchases plus freebies. 

 If you want to know more, visit the website
or check the product via Aliexpress store :

Friday, July 6, 2018

Sixteen teams, finalists from the previous Qualifiers (Manila A, Manila B, Last Chance), went head-to-head at the Red Bull Reign Finals at Taft Food by the Court in Pasay City, last Saturday, June 30, 2018. Phenom emerged as the tournament winners and earned the chance to represent the Philippines at the Red Bull Reign World Finals.

Red Bull Reign is a high-endurance, offense-driven 3x3 basketball tournament that gathers the world’s top ballers to battle it out for the chance to compete at the World Finals in Washington, DC, USA. The rules are simple: the team that scores the most overall points in each round will advance until only one team remains.
The final sixteen teams consisted of:
  • LGU
  • Kervy
  • LA
  • Team Kate
  • Better Basketball PH
  • VVEstrada
  • Sy Men
  • HumKins
  • Phenom
  • King of Hoops
  • Evogen
  • Tough Gear C
  • Tough Gear A
  • 7 Eleven
The event kicked off with the Last Chance Qualifier that enabled Phenom to advance to the Finals later that afternoon. Over the course of the day, each team collided in a series of round-robin style matches, intensified by familiar players like former NCAA player from Lyceum of the Philippines – Seraj Elmejrab of team PACITA, former UAAP player from UST Growling Tigers – John Jordan Sta. Ana of team Phenom, and Senior Board Member of Ilocos Norte – Matthew Marcos Manotoc of LGU.

“It’s super robust. Everywhere, you have people playing basketball – old to young, good to not very good, it’s always been a very healthy basketball scene,” says Manotoc. “Probably one of the most vibrant in the world, very proud of the basketball scene, and Red Bull Reign is just a testament to that.”

Red Bull Reign progressed into the semi-finals, which saw three rounds of competitive back-to-back contests between Phenom, Souldier, and LGU.

Despite delays due to the weather throughout the day, Phenom and LGU later advanced to the finals with a score of 46-to-50. Both teams collided on the court but Phenom would emerge as the Philippine Champions, at a score of 10-to-06. The winning team included team captain, Carl Kenneth Sumalacan, Jarrold Flores, John Rom Alvarado, and John Jordan Sta. Ana.

“Today was extremely difficult, it was as if we went through the eye of a needle. They were all skilled and hungry to win,” shares Sumalacan. “We are happy and at the same time, excited. We were constantly worn out, but it was all worth it.”

For the second year in a row, PBA legend Vince Hizon oversaw Red Bull Reign as tournament director.

“We’re really trying to get bigger and better every year. And I think we’re definitely doing that,” says Hizon. “Red Bull truly made a big presence here and what’s nice is the homegrown presence. So hopefully, Phenom represents us well in Washington D.C., and we’re praying for the best.”

According to sports consultant, Al Delos Reyes, “What’s good about Red Bull Reign is that it opens another door for amateurs who, even though haven’t been part of any basketball professional leagues, get the chance to represent the Philippines against 60+ countries. And it’s on, Phenom is flying to Washington, D.C. later this year!”

Following their hard fought victory at the second annual Red Bull Reign, Phenom will represent the Philippines at the World Finals in Washington DC, USA, later this year.

For more information, please visit:

About Red Bull Philippines
The premium Energy Drink known all around the world – Red Bull (Blue & Silver can) – was launched in the Philippines last May 2012. Thanks to its unique formula, Red Bull Energy Drink gives you wings by vitalizing body and mind. For more information on Red Bull, visit our website at and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: | |

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, is the first e-commerce platform in the Philippines to onboard a series of official celebrities on the platform with the launch of the Shopee Celebrity Club. The Shopee Celebrity Club features a series of celebrity stores by famed Filipino personalities including Shopee’s brand ambassador Anne Curtis, Avel Bacudio, Matteo Guidicelli, Vice Ganda, Kris Aquino, and more.

With this, Shopee users can now easily access a curated collection of products by their favorite celebrities on Shopee, including brand ambassador Anne Curtis, Avel Bacudio, Matteo Guidicelli, Vice Ganda, Kris Aquino, and more.

To mark the launch of Shopee Celebrity Squad, Shopee will be offering exclusive deals and discounts across all celebrity stores from July 4 to 7. As a special treat, Shopee in collaboration with Grab Express, will also offer same-day delivery to all celebrity stores for free!

Jane Lim, Director of Shopee Philippines, said, “Our users form the core of all our strategies, and the launch of Shopee Celebrity Club represents our commitment to always find new ways to reach out to and engage them. We know Filipinos adore their homegrown celebrities, and we began to notice a rising demand for their products. Hence, we decided to introduce a dedicated in-app space featuring a variety of celebrity brands to allow shoppers to easily access products sold by their favourite celebrities. We are proud to be the first e-commerce to officially launch such an initiative in the Philippines and look forward to even more exciting celebrity collaborations to come.”

The grand launch of Shopee Celebrity Club will feature exclusive offers, including a 20% storewide discount on selected celebrity shops from July 4 to 7. Celebrities featured in the debut of Shopee Celebrity Club include:

Shopee Philippines’ first-ever brand ambassador Anne Curtis, with her cosmetics line, BLK Cosmetics

Comedian and TV host, Vice Ganda, with his brand Vice Cosmetics

Actress, producer, and host, Kris Aquino, with her famous collaboration Kris x Ever Bilena featuring lipsticks and brow products

Filipino broadcast journalist, Korina Sanchez, with her skincare line K Everyday Beauty

Much-loved actress, Karel Marquez, who will be releasing her first cosmetics line, Kspark Beauty Cosmetics, exclusively on Shopee

Best-selling authors Charo Santos, Alex Gonzaga, Ramon Bautista, Richard Poon, and Maricar Reyes from ABS-CBN Publishing, each with their own novels 

To add to the excitement, the kick off of Shopee Celebrity Club will also feature the launch of the highly anticipated apparel label Avel x Matteo by Filipino designer Avel Bacudio and actor Matteo Guidicelli. The denim brand will be exclusively available on Shopee from July 4.

“Avel x Matteo’s concept is about quality of life and finding a good balance between work and friends. I am excited to be part of the Shopee Celebrity Club, and also, to be working with the leading e-commerce platform in the Philippines. After a year of planning and creating, I’m finally able to share these ripped, stretch and lightweight jeans with everyone. This is my first time venturing into the fashion industry- collaborating with Avel and launching exclusively in Shopee make it extra special for me, ” said Matteo Guidicelli.

“We are so thrilled to debut Avel x Matteo, a collection of limited edition ripped jeans exclusively on Shopee. Our goal was to make designer jeans accessible to a broader market. We are able to do that with our partnership with Shopee. It enables us to reach a wide network of customers in the Philippines,” said Avel Bacudio.

Beyond providing users with access to products by their favourite celebrities, users can also look forward to exclusive campaigns and events presented in collaboration with these celebrities, including giveaways and celebrity appearances on Shopee’s Facebook live sessions. Stay tuned on Shopee’s Facebook page for a one-on-one Facebook live session with Korina Sanchez, Matteo Guidicelli and Enchong Dee for more details on their products.

Celebrities such as Vhong Navarro who came early at the One Canvas; Dra. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho; teen stars Jerome Ponce, Elmo Magalona and Donnie Pangilinan; beauty queen MJ Lastimosa; heartthrobs Alden Richards and JC de Vera and Ria Atayde showed their full support to AvelxMatteo launch. Of course, Sarah Geronimo was present, too.

Don’t miss the chance to shop from your favourite celebrities on Shopee. For more information about Shopee Celebrity Club, visit

Download the Shopee app for free on App Store or Google Play Store.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

In this day and age, dining isn’t simply dining and food isn’t simply just food. The act of eating has been raised into a habit of joy—a tasty tidbit made up of good company and culinary adventures coupled with accessibility-slash-affordability. Over the past year, Eatigo has been serving up this purpose to comfort eaters and adventurous foodies alike in the local Metro scene.

Which is why it is no surprise that Eatigo remains to be the leading online reservation platform for restaurants throughout Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and India. Here in the Philippines, partner restaurants have grown to more than six hundred since Eatigo made its entry in July 2017. Its user-friendly mobile app and website gives users the ease of scoring time-based discounts up to 50% off on participating restaurants—sans all other hidden charges!

As it cheers to a successful year here in the country, Eatigo will soon announce an elite listing called Eater’s Choice which puts the spotlight on the high-rating and most-booked restaurants all over Metro Manila to ensure customers nothing less than top-notch dining experience.

As an added treat to its loyal users, Eatigo will be giving out exciting goodies and freebies online for an entire week from July 1 to July 7, so be sure to stay updated on all their social media accounts.

And to make sure App users stay glued, Eatigo vows to continue their much-raved about promos like Wow Wednesdays, where you can seize 50 percent discounts at participating restaurants on a chosen Wednesday once a month; and, Cuisine Week, where you can fully whet your appetite for your favorite regional dishes.

Whether you’re up for some midday ramen, post-work chillnumans, or a hefty feast of ribs on special occasions, Eatigo has the perfect deal for you. In a world where dining out is an essential part of everyday life, Eatigo celebrates sumptuous food and the rewarding aftertaste that goes with it. With the toll of the daily grind, you deserve it.

About Eatigo

Founded in 2013, Eatigo’s mission is to connect empty tables with empty stomachs by offering time-based discounts of up to 50% every day at all of its participating restaurants through its online website and mobile applications. Having seated over 5 million diners at more than 2,000 venues across the region, Eatigo is the leading online reservations platform for restaurants in Asia, downloaded by more than 1.5 million users. Backed by TripAdvisor with total up to date funding of US$15.5 million, Eatigo is available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India & Manila and is looking to expand to more countries. Users can choose to dine anywhere, from upscale hotels to popular food chains, and enjoy the same discounts with no strings attached, while restaurants get to fill their empty seats during off-peak hours.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

One of the women's major problems after giving birth is hair fall. This is due to a loss in body nutrients. This doesn't last long but if left untreated might lead to hair thinning and worse baldness.

I feel lucky that I was born with thick hair. When I was young, I don't appreciate the "thickness" that much because it was hard to maintain. But when I gave birth, that was when I realize the role of my thick hair. From my first child down to the third. my hairfall after pregnancy lasted for about two to three months. That's when I also learned not to apply too much chemical to the hair and scalp to prevent further or severe hairfall. I only shampoo my hair 3 a week and condition it daily. Doing those routines helped but I am not confident that what I was using are really safe and healthy to my hair and scalp.

Nowadays, I learned that there is an easy and effective way to treat and even prevent hairfall. 

Fanny Serrano Salon offered us special treatments for the hair and scalp a few weeks ago. What I love with their process is that they analyze first the condition of your hair and scalp before they proceed to the treatment. They have free hair and scalp analysis so they can actually see the real problems.

I don't suffer hair fall of hair thinning but I have dandruff that blocks the pores on the scalp.

For this kind of situation what they do first is they nourish the roots of the hair by applying Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion. This lotion is made with herbs, essential oils, and co-factor nutrients specifically chosen for their hair growing properties. It penetrates to rejuvenate the hair follicles, provides optimum nutrition to help combat hair loss and/or thinning of hair, improves blood circulation in the scalp which contributes to the stimulation of hair growth.

They gently massaged my scalp with the solution and leave it on for 5 minutes so it will be absorbed. Then they proceeded to shampooing and conditioning the hair and scalp using all natural Novuhair shampoo and conditioner. NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo contains pure botanical extracts contributing to a healthy scalp and stronger hair follicles, thus, resulting in softer and healthier hair everyday. It has been specially developed to prepare your scalp in an optimal way for the application of NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion to enhance its effect and bring back the vibrance and luster of your hair.

NOVUHAIR Herbal Conditioner, on the other hand, has been formulated specially to complement the use of NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion and NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo.

As a special treat, they included a hair makeover. I love how the staff properly and carefully pamper the scalp and every strand of the hair. They gave me a long bob haircut and I am loving the volume and the curves and spikes it gave to my hair.

Fanny Serrano Salon is really an expert when it comes to the treatment and maintenance of the crowning glory. I can really say, nobody touches the hair naturally and safely like Fanny Serrano and Novuhair do.
BEAUTYMNL is a health and beauty e-commerce company in the Philippines which was established in 2014. It differs from the many online shopping sites in the country as their products are specially curated to fit the beauty of every Filipina.

It has been in the Philippines for 4 years now but this is only my second time to avail of their products. Why I didn't order more often, because I was not that keen when it comes to beauty products before. But with BEAUTYMNL, they inspired me to put an extra effort into caring for my skin, face, and hair. 

They offer a lot of freebies, discounts and awesome treats to every member which makes the experience of online shopping better and more fun. I get to save with their FREE shipping, I get to try some beauty products for FREE and I get to buy beauty stuff for less from the comfort of my own home.

Some of the BEAUTYMNL haul with the FREE Bath Junkies Bath Bar

Let me share you my second haul from the store which I availed FREE of shipping fees.

I am addicted to lotion. Next to lipstick, it is a must-have inside my bag whenever and wherever. My skin easily gets dry with hot and windy weather no matter how much water I drink, which is why I try as much as possible to stock up lots and lots of lotion in our home. Good thing BEAUTYMNL has the brands that I trust - Vaseline and Myra . 

    Myra Vitasmooth 400ml - P245.00 & Vaseline Intensive Deep Restore 200ml - P126.00

When I opted to color my hair, it suffered dryness and brittleness. Glad that at BEAUTYMNL, they always have something to regain the beauty of the hair. The Luxe Organix Intensive Repair Hair Mask got my attention because it looks promising. It has a lot of essential ingredients for my hair plus it is not as pricey as other brands. The hair specialist brand that most women buy - Cream Silk is also available at the online store so I included one which is the Daily Treatment Conditioner Dry Rescue.

Luxe Organix Intensive Repair Hair Mask P130.00 
Cream Silk Dry Rescue 180ml - P109.00

I also availed a lipstick and a blush. When it comes to make-up, Maybelline is my number one brand. Since I no longer have something to bring life to my cheeks, I ordered Color Show Blush in Creamy Cinnamon. I also noticed that Vice Cosmetics is available. Since I haven't tried it despite a lot of positive reviews from customers online and offline, I decided to order the shade Kavogue. I really enjoyed browsing through Vice shades and really had a hard time choosing the best one for me as they all look gorgeous.

Maybelline Color Show Blush P149.00 & VICE Cosmetics Good Vibes Lipstick P195.00

What's so surprising with BEAUTYMNL is the fact that they offer guilt-free snacks such as this Oh So Healthy Mango Banana Fruit Crisps. It's really good for snacking. It is so thin and crispy, which makes you forget about a tiring work even for a while. It tastes like real fruits because it is made from natural ingredients. It is also healthy as it does not contain oil or harmful fats, preservatives, and sweeteners. Each bag which weighs 40g costs only P95.00.

I was also surprised because BEAUTYMNL included freebies in my order. They sent this Nature C Vitamin C samples and a small bar of Bath Junkies for FREE.

Let me also thank the BEAUTYMNL customer support for being so nice and helpful to customers. The system got some glitch that's why although Vice Cosmetics are out of stock during the time I ordered; I was still able to check it out. They immediately sent an email informing me about the hiccup and gave me an option to refund the payment or wait for the product. Of course, I was eager to try Vice Cosmetics that's why I told them I would wait. After a week, a small package came and it was the Vice lipstick. BEAUTYMNL delivered the item for FREE. 

One of the freebies, 5 capsules Nature C

That might be a small gesture from them but for customers like me, that was a great experience. That's something to be grateful for.

 If you want to know more how BEAUTYMNL can make you more beautiful inside and out, just log-in to or visit their Facebook page @BeautyMNL for daily deals, discounts, and freebies.

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