Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nobody is body is perfect which is why every one of us has an insecurity. Even the most beautiful and the smartest women on Earth has their own insecurity to share. But those insecurities should not be the reason for us to lose confidence instead, those flaws must be the reason for us to be strong. Those flaws once we overcome them, will make us empowered.

In the celebration of Women Empowerment, Shopee featured Five Women's Rights Advocates - including 2013 Miss World, Megan Young and celebrity actress, KC Concepcion who shared their stories on overcoming society's beauty standards; at the recently held Shopee Beauty Fair media launch.

Maybelline's top beauty influencers - Martha Jante, Kristine Roces of Real Asian Beauty and Helen Payawal of Helen on Fleek talked about their work as influencers and bloggers in the beauty industry. They shared their everyday struggles as women in their field and how they were able to overcome it with the confidence that makeup has been able to give them.

Palmolive brand's ambassador for 12 years, KC Concepcion also shared her own story on how being healthy is as important as being true to oneself. The singer tuned actreess talked about numerous topics from haircare to fitness. and how her journey with maintaining her health has helped her confidence and enabled her to achieve success in both her career and personal life.

2013 Miss World Megan Young as a speaker at the event, shared her journey to being crowned 2013 Miss World and how the title has since placed her in a position to inspire young women around her.

"Joining Miss World 5 years ago really took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to be more confident. After being crowned, I realized I was in a position where I had the power to influence young women, and I wanted to do my part to encourage them to stand up for themselves. I used to just shrug off people who say insensitive or hurtful comments, but now call them out and tell them they're wrong, and I encourage all women to not be afraid to do the same," shared Young.

Shopee Beauty Fair launch was held yesterday at the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila. It was co-presented by Maybelline and Palmolive and was made possible with the cooperation of Grab, Colgate, Belo, and Creations by Lourd Ramos.

The fair which is a celebration of women and their success was conceptualized as part of Shopee's continued commitment to empowering Filipina across the country.

In line with the event, Shopee will also be celebrating Beauty week from June 21 to 27, 201. Users can expect up to 95% off the health and beauty category on top of a storewide sale, exclusive deals and bundles, P199 below collections and many more.

Users can look forward to massive savings on a wide variety of items including makeup, skincare, haircare and other health and personal care items.

For more information about the Beauty fair Sale, you may visit

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When Norman King made history by becoming the first Aeta to graduate from a premier state university in the Philippines, he was the talk of the town in an instant. His story was an inspiration to many. But what could be his secret to success? 

Safeguard Philippines reveals the story behind Norman King's success and how he became ready to face the big world in a recent video launched. The "Safeguard: Pabaon sa Buhay” film revolves around the life lessons his mom, Warlita King, imparted to him from his younger years until his coming of age. These life lessons or "Pabaon sa Buhay" set Norman ready for the independent life.

Also known as provisions for life, “Pabaon sa Buhay” is derived from the term "baon," which refers to the money, food or any provision that a person takes from home to set one ready for school, work, or any journey. “Baon” however does not only pertain to material things. It can be the words of wisdom, life lessons, and family values parents teach their kids at home to protect them from the uncertainties of the outside world.

For Norman, his mom's “Pabaon sa Buhay” became his protection and guide in life to keep focused on his goals despite the struggles of leading an independent life as shown in the short film.

The film begins with Norman who’s about to enter a university auditorium. He is seen wearing a bahag (a native loincloth) as he slowly walks his way through the crowd. All eyes are on him, but Norman remains undisturbed and determined. As he walks, memories of the past keep flashing back. These are moments when his mom taught him valuable lessons or her “Pabaon sa Buhay.”

When he first questioned his ethnicity and color, his mom told him that a clean heart has more value than physical appearance. He was also taught to never be ashamed of their status. In his teenage years, his mom reminded him to be proud of his race. These lessons and more are the things Norman carried with him as he took his own journey away from home.

“There is a universal challenge parents face in bringing up their children, having to balance the desire to keep them close and protected with letting them go explore the world to learn by themselves. At Safeguard, we strive to help parents overcome this tension by fostering a healthy independence between parents and children. Essential to this are the ‘pabaon’ parents give their children —be it an everyday lunchbox, the life saving habit of hand washing or life lessons—which will help protect them as they explore the world on their own,” says Alex Vogler, Associate Director, Digital Transformation & Brand Communications for Procter & Gamble’s Beauty Division in Asia Pacific.

“By sharing the touching story of Norman King and the life lessons he received from his mother, we are hoping to inspire parents all around the Philippines to impart their personal ‘pabaon’ to help protect their children in life,” concludes Vogler.

Be sure that your children are always protected even outside the home. Give them the protection that lasts with your own “Pabaon sa Buhay.”

Watch the heart-warming story of Norman King and his mother Warlita on Safeguard’s Facebook and YouTube. Join the conversation and share with us your own “Pabaon sa Buhay” stories online with the hashtags #PabaonSaBuhay and #Safeguard.

Monday, June 18, 2018

If you have recently noticed that your child tends to stutter when speaking, don’t be alarmed. Most often this is a temporary condition which improves naturally with age. Typically, children between the ages of two and five may have a short period of time when they seem to stammer or stutter, but it is usually short-lived because they are simply ‘killing time’ vocally while looking for the right word. Remember, this is the time when kids begin to develop their language skills. If you feel that this is more than a temporary situation and are looking for way to help your child overcome stuttering, here are three ways you can help.

1. Don’t Be Alarmed

The one thing you should do is not be alarmed if you notice your child stammering. It helps to know that more than three million Americans stutter, some mildly and some severely. However, for the most part, kids will outgrow this phase in language development and few will carry stuttering forward into adulthood. It is also important to understand that stress is one of the leading causes of stuttering in adults, so if you are alarmed and your child picks up on it, you could be stressing them to the point of exacerbating the situation. Be calm and patient and only ask them to repeat what they were trying to say if you really can’t understand them. Yes, you can work with them to slow down their speaking patterns but stressing them is never good.

2. Utilize Tools to Help Them Stutter Less

Since we are living in the age of the computer and the Information Highway (Web), why not look for an app that makes you stutter less? Of course, this is not something you would use with younger, pre-school children, but it is a handy tool to use with older kids. For younger kids, try singing with them. Speech therapists often start by singing with kids and then working down to a monotone. Music is controlled in the right hemisphere of the brain and so the brain can learn to reroute speech to new areas, which enable the stutterer to speak almost stutter-free. This type of therapy is usually utilized when there is neurological damage to the left hemisphere, only scientists really don’t know how or why this is.

3. Contact a Speech Therapist If Necessary

As your child grows older and the stuttering doesn’t improve, you may want to consider consulting with a speech therapist. These professionals have been trained in working with kids who stutter and are best able to use proven techniques that help. From working with right-brain activities to helping them focus on what they want to say before opening their mouth to speak, therapists can often accomplish what parents are ill-equipped to deal with.

Remember, above all stay calm! Children pick up on their parents’ emotions and that can trigger a heightened stuttering event. They want to please you and quickly sense your frustration, which can have devastating events on both stuttering and their ability to recover. Most often stuttering in children is temporary, so take heart in this and go slowly when working with your child. As the old adage goes, “Easy does it.”

Sunday, June 17, 2018

What makes you proud to be Pinoy? In my generation, the first that comes to mind are - Pia Wurtzbach, Manny Pacquiao, Liza Soberano, Azkals, and Michael Martinez. They are only a few of the very famous people nowadays in the field of beauty, entertainment, and sports who have brought and are still bringing pride to the Filipino nation in the international scene.

It was such a surprise to me to know that for the first time, a local liquor brand is also making a big scene in the international market and has been ranked the top-selling rum by global spirits think tank Drinks International. Tanduay, a Philippine-made liquor brand has taken over the number one spot from a list of international rum brands that has long been dominated by Bacardi. 

Drinks International has released the “definitive ranking of the world’s million-case rum brands”, citing Tanduay as the new industry leader followed by Bacardi and McDowell’s No. 1 Celebration. 

“Our distinctly Filipino rum is now the world’s number one…We have a great product to offer the world and the world recognized it,” said Lucio “Bong” K. Tan, Jr., president and chief executive officer of Tanduay Distillers, Inc.

Tan Jr., who actively took the helm the as chief operating officer of the company in 2014, has been credited for the disruptive changes within the company that led to explorations of new markets abroad and new market approaches locally to bring the brand closer to younger product consumers.

“Only a visionary like my father, Dr. Lucio Tan, saw this when he acquired Tanduay from the Elizaldes in 1988. At a time considered very volatile for any business investment in the country, my father held on to the belief that someday the world will know Tanduay,” added Tan Jr.

Since the acquisition of the Tanduay brand by the Lucio Tan group 30 years ago, plant modernization and expansion projects tremendously increased the distillery’s production capacity. Today, Tanduay has an unmatched aging capability harvesting only the world’s finest from its aged rum reserve. All facilities operate based on ISO standards ensuring consumers of quality, efficiency, and food safety. Recently, its Cabuyao plant has completed its ISO-9001: 2015 certification.

Through the hands-on leadership of Tan Jr., the company made a historic expansion in the world arena. Tanduay made a strategic alliance with companies in the United States to expand its distribution capacity.

According to Paul Lim, chief marketing officer of Tanduay, the company embarked on a brand refresh since the younger Tan took over.

“We were the first to implement a nationwide music marketing campaign that brought Tanduay to a younger market. We were also the first local liquor brand to sponsor an NBA Team – the Golden State Warriors. We continue to push further as we ride along an ever changing market landscape now dominated by health-conscious, athleisure-loving millennials with the launch of Tanduay Athletics and a sponsorship of the Century Tuna Superbods. Both projects contributing a premium to Tanduay’s brand equity,” he related, citing some of the marketing innovations that led to Tanduay becoming the world’s number one rum.

Tanduay Distillers Inc. is a member of the LT Group of Companies. Tanduay is the Philippines’ top rhum maker, which is also distributed in Asia and the United States, among other countries in the world. Likewise, the company produces spirits, wines, brandies, gins, and vodka. We are a registered company in the Philippine stock exchange as a subsidiary of Tanduay Holdings Inc.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A few decades ago, Father's Day celebration in the country has never been this liberated. As each year passes by, more and more people realize the need to appreciate the role of a father to the family and the society. Indeed, a lot of better and more interesting activities are set each year by institutions and companies to raise awareness and to honor Dads - a son's first hero, a daughter's first love.

Father and Daughter - Ogie and Leila Alcasid grace June 2018's  issue of SM Shopmag, right in time for Father's Day 2018

This month of June marks another exciting season for the whole family as SM Supermalls invites everyone to have a fun DAD-ventures on Dad's Day with a host of awesome and fun-filled activities, deals, and treats in 70 SM malls nationwide.

Kids and Moms can give Dad the coolest gift by the experience of spending Dad's Day at SM. Adventures include Dad-licious Dining deals, such as upsized meals, dining promos, and meal combo on June 13 to 24 at participating restaurant . Dad's passions for speed and motorbikes is indulged at Extreme Wheels, an exhibit of pimped-up cars and bikes on June 13 to 18 or June 19 to 24.

#DadsDayatSM2018 Digital media Launch in Gringo restaurant MAAX

Tech for Dads teaches interested fathers how to pilot a drone or remote-controlled gadgets at the drone demo or RC exhibition on June 15 to 17 of June 22 to 24 in select SM malls.

Dads and their families are welcome to shop at SM's weekend of fun deals and discounts from June 22 to 24 for the #AweSM men's fashion finds, as SM celebrates 60 #AweSM years in its malls accross the country with exciting promos that laud the number 60, such as pay 60% off, pay only P60, pay P60 less, or pay only 60%.

Meanwhile digital fans of SM can get a chance to win exciting prizes by simply joining the #IdolDADS Photo App promo via

Do check out #SMSupermalls social media pages on FB and IG for more updates!

Friday, June 15, 2018

These days there has been an increase in the numbers of motorcycles on the road. Even though riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car, many prefer riding a motorcycle because it is one of the cheapest modes of transportation and due to the convenience that comes with it. If you are just beginning to ride a motorcycle, you should strongly consider about getting the proper motorcycle clothing if you haven’t purchased any yet.

You need not have to have an entire wardrobe of them, but at least you should have a good quality motorcycle riding jacket for a start. Choosing a high quality motorcycle jacket that is durable is of utmost importance for your safety when out riding your motorcycle. It doesn’t matter how long or short the distance, or in what weather condition, wearing a safety jacket will help protect you in case of a crash or accident.

There are many types of motorcycle jackets; both women’s and men’s motorcycle jackets available in the market today. A good quality motorcycle jacket is able to offer the rider protection from the extreme weather condition and from any injury in the event of a fall or crash. Some jackets are equipped with padding in areas such as back, shoulder, elbows, chest, etc. The padding should be able to help protect from abrasions or burns that are commonly experienced by motorcycle riders who have not worn their safety jacket.

Standard motorcycle jackets usually have reflective panels that offer additional safety features for the riders when riding at night or when the vision is low due to weather condition. Wearing an all weather motorcycle jacket also keep the rider comfortable by protecting the rider from cold wind, harsh sun, heat, and even from bugs and dust while out riding on their motorcycle.

Motorcycle jackets come in many different styles, colours, and are made in different materials. The common materials used are leather, synthetic fabrics, or a combination of both leather and synthetic materials. Choosing a motorcycle jacket will depends on the type of rides and the weather condition. Besides choosing for safety reasons, riders can also choose jacket to suit their styles.

These days, manufacturers of motorcycle jackets are releasing safety jackets that are more fashionable and trendy to attract even the non motorcycle riders. There are jackets suitable to be worn while riding your bike, as well as when off your bike as fashion piece, comfort and as well as for safety.

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