Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Some interesting facts about the B-Bender

The B-Bender is a guitar accessory wherein a player can mechanically bend the B-string up a whole tone to C-sharp. B-bender has several different designs, but all use levers or pulleys inside or outside the guitar body that are activated by a pull or push of the guitar neck, body, or bridge.

photo credit; Google

The B-Bender which was originally known as the Parsons/White Pull-String, was invented in 1968 by musicians Gene Parsons and Clarence White (both American musicians/artists) of Nashville West and The Byrds.

Musicians prefer this type of guitar because it produces a unique kind of sound that you can't find elsewhere. Most musicians also find it fun to play, has a good feel, good tone and good pick up. It's a bit heavy though, but considering the benefits and the quality of the sound it makes, the weight is never an issue.

Guitars of this type is best used for jamming, practicing, recording, rock concerts and small venues.

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