Empowering oneself through power-dressing

I grew up from a family that practices gender equality. What male members do inside and outside the house, female members do, too. Both men and women in our family work inside the house, do the household chores and also work for a living. Maybe that is the beauty of being raised from a not-so-fortunate family. Everyone of us exerts effort to earn to live a decent life and everyone of us learned teamwork so everything inside and outside our house will get done in a systematic, faster and proper way.

But when I got my first job, that's when I realize how big the world really is and that it is being dominated by men. I know men are physically stronger than women but that for me is not intimidating and that I don't see it as their advantage. I am confident that wit, talent, and knowledge can outdo most men in the company, but along the way, I have realized that those are not enough. I still have to do something about my looks and my personality to outshine most of the men, especially those who think they are better than women. That's when I started to learn about the ideas of power dressing.

In a work environment predominantly surrounded by men, power dressing is important to show them that you have authority and power despite being a woman that is perceived to be sometimes emotionally, intellectually and physically weak. Through power dressing, I have proven to most men in the business, that I can be as strong or even stronger than them and that my level of confidence can bring me to wherever I wanna be. I have proven that I can be influential through the way I dress. Power dressing has helped me achieve a suave personality which helped me gain a lot of confidence and motivation to speak out and make a stand. 

Although the world of fashion, has its own technical definition of power-dressing, for me it is about wearing comfortable, stylish and unique clothing. It is a signature look that brings out a youthful spirit, vibrant energy, and distinctive identity. Power-dressing in the workplace is still a struggle for me as I would always want to achieve that empowering, liberating looks whenever I do business engagements or meetings or I would simply just go to the office. This is one of my favorite power-dressing in the office - a camouflage skirt, a blazer and powerful red stilettos. This military-inspired look gives me that feeling of security that I can still shine and stand-out from those male personalities. I love using earth-colors for my business attire because they create a very sophisticated look and they can easily be mixed and matched.

I love whites for a very casual day. White never goes out of style. It keeps me looking clean and proper all the time. White looks so professional and classy, yet sweet, humble and sincere.

When going out with friends for a relaxing weekend, I would love to show-off some skin with a denim short skirt. I match it with a denim jacket which still keeps me looking classy and sexy, without going way too daring.

Power-dressing has been my armor that shields me from all the discrimination being brought in between sexes. It also helped me acquire authority, respect, and power at work and anywhere I would go. Dressing well has played a huge role in the impression I leave on people and it has left an impact on the way I perceive life - professionally and personally. I invest in power-dressing because I believe it would break stereotypes, aside from the fact that it boosts self-confidence and self-respect.

Since I started learning about power-dressing it has opened so many opportunities and experiences for me. The latest which I am so proud of is having been selected as one of the contestants in a beauty pageant for a cause for mothers. This is really a proof that I age gracefully and that is a big thing for me as I go through the journey of empowering my self as a woman and as a person in whole.

As I invest on clothing that makes me feel good and look good, I would also want a partner in taking care of them. Those clothes are not just something that I wear. They remind me of my experiences and they are proof of my every achievement in life. It is a good news that Electrolux introduces an innovation called FashionCare which ensures better care for the clothing, from the simplest clothing we use daily to the grandest ones that we really treasure.

With the brand's Deodorize and Dewrinkle feature, I need not iron my denim clothes every after wash. I could prevent colored denim from fading and I can be sure those white denim will stay white for long, aside from being sure that they will always stay smelling clean and fresh. I'm sure it would also save me from using too much fabric conditioner on clothes and also electricity from ironing.

I also don't have to worry about very delicate clothing which I usually hand wash. With the Woolmark Apparel Care technology, I can be sure that Electrolux would take very good care of them. It would save me time and energy and it would save my hands from the damages caused by handwashing.

I have favorite clothes especially the ones I usually wear during summer, which I would love to wear over and over again for the comfort and a different personality they give. Now, with the unique Electrolux UltraMix™ Technology, I can wash and wear them without the worry because this feature delivers an exceptional deep clean, keeping clothes vibrant and newer for longer. 

Aside from the care this new innovation from Electrolux gives to our precious clothes, it also helps us use electricity efficiently and it also ensures our family's well-being. Electrolux Load Sensor™ automatically senses load weight, determines optimal washing time, water and detergent while guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency. Electrolux EcoInverter reduces energy consumption by 75%* while guaranteeing long-lasting performance and silent operation. Electrolux Vapour Care reduces allergens by up to 99.9% even at 40°C while taking care of your family’s well-being.

The clothes we wear does not only make us feel good and look good.  They influence our interaction or equation with people. Well-fitted, clean and comfortable clothes keep us undistracted, making us focus on getting important stuff done. Our clothes do not only add to our presentation but they also contribute to our behavior. So if we invest in power-dressing, we should also invest in "power-washing," and power-washing for me is this new cutting-edge technology brought to us by the global leader in household appliances - ELECTROLUX!

If we want to make an impact on the clothes we wear, nail it with the science of FASHIONCARE!

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