Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nobody is body is perfect which is why every one of us has an insecurity. Even the most beautiful and the smartest women on Earth has their own insecurity to share. But those insecurities should not be the reason for us to lose confidence instead, those flaws must be the reason for us to be strong. Those flaws once we overcome them, will make us empowered.

In the celebration of Women Empowerment, Shopee featured Five Women's Rights Advocates - including 2013 Miss World, Megan Young and celebrity actress, KC Concepcion who shared their stories on overcoming society's beauty standards; at the recently held Shopee Beauty Fair media launch.

Maybelline's top beauty influencers - Martha Jante, Kristine Roces of Real Asian Beauty and Helen Payawal of Helen on Fleek talked about their work as influencers and bloggers in the beauty industry. They shared their everyday struggles as women in their field and how they were able to overcome it with the confidence that makeup has been able to give them.

Palmolive brand's ambassador for 12 years, KC Concepcion also shared her own story on how being healthy is as important as being true to oneself. The singer tuned actreess talked about numerous topics from haircare to fitness. and how her journey with maintaining her health has helped her confidence and enabled her to achieve success in both her career and personal life.

2013 Miss World Megan Young as a speaker at the event, shared her journey to being crowned 2013 Miss World and how the title has since placed her in a position to inspire young women around her.

"Joining Miss World 5 years ago really took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to be more confident. After being crowned, I realized I was in a position where I had the power to influence young women, and I wanted to do my part to encourage them to stand up for themselves. I used to just shrug off people who say insensitive or hurtful comments, but now call them out and tell them they're wrong, and I encourage all women to not be afraid to do the same," shared Young.

Shopee Beauty Fair launch was held yesterday at the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila. It was co-presented by Maybelline and Palmolive and was made possible with the cooperation of Grab, Colgate, Belo, and Creations by Lourd Ramos.

The fair which is a celebration of women and their success was conceptualized as part of Shopee's continued commitment to empowering Filipina across the country.

In line with the event, Shopee will also be celebrating Beauty week from June 21 to 27, 201. Users can expect up to 95% off the health and beauty category on top of a storewide sale, exclusive deals and bundles, P199 below collections and many more.

Users can look forward to massive savings on a wide variety of items including makeup, skincare, haircare and other health and personal care items.

For more information about the Beauty fair Sale, you may visit

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When Norman King made history by becoming the first Aeta to graduate from a premier state university in the Philippines, he was the talk of the town in an instant. His story was an inspiration to many. But what could be his secret to success? 

Safeguard Philippines reveals the story behind Norman King's success and how he became ready to face the big world in a recent video launched. The "Safeguard: Pabaon sa Buhay” film revolves around the life lessons his mom, Warlita King, imparted to him from his younger years until his coming of age. These life lessons or "Pabaon sa Buhay" set Norman ready for the independent life.

Also known as provisions for life, “Pabaon sa Buhay” is derived from the term "baon," which refers to the money, food or any provision that a person takes from home to set one ready for school, work, or any journey. “Baon” however does not only pertain to material things. It can be the words of wisdom, life lessons, and family values parents teach their kids at home to protect them from the uncertainties of the outside world.

For Norman, his mom's “Pabaon sa Buhay” became his protection and guide in life to keep focused on his goals despite the struggles of leading an independent life as shown in the short film.

The film begins with Norman who’s about to enter a university auditorium. He is seen wearing a bahag (a native loincloth) as he slowly walks his way through the crowd. All eyes are on him, but Norman remains undisturbed and determined. As he walks, memories of the past keep flashing back. These are moments when his mom taught him valuable lessons or her “Pabaon sa Buhay.”

When he first questioned his ethnicity and color, his mom told him that a clean heart has more value than physical appearance. He was also taught to never be ashamed of their status. In his teenage years, his mom reminded him to be proud of his race. These lessons and more are the things Norman carried with him as he took his own journey away from home.

“There is a universal challenge parents face in bringing up their children, having to balance the desire to keep them close and protected with letting them go explore the world to learn by themselves. At Safeguard, we strive to help parents overcome this tension by fostering a healthy independence between parents and children. Essential to this are the ‘pabaon’ parents give their children —be it an everyday lunchbox, the life saving habit of hand washing or life lessons—which will help protect them as they explore the world on their own,” says Alex Vogler, Associate Director, Digital Transformation & Brand Communications for Procter & Gamble’s Beauty Division in Asia Pacific.

“By sharing the touching story of Norman King and the life lessons he received from his mother, we are hoping to inspire parents all around the Philippines to impart their personal ‘pabaon’ to help protect their children in life,” concludes Vogler.

Be sure that your children are always protected even outside the home. Give them the protection that lasts with your own “Pabaon sa Buhay.”

Watch the heart-warming story of Norman King and his mother Warlita on Safeguard’s Facebook and YouTube. Join the conversation and share with us your own “Pabaon sa Buhay” stories online with the hashtags #PabaonSaBuhay and #Safeguard.

Monday, June 18, 2018

If you have recently noticed that your child tends to stutter when speaking, don’t be alarmed. Most often this is a temporary condition which improves naturally with age. Typically, children between the ages of two and five may have a short period of time when they seem to stammer or stutter, but it is usually short-lived because they are simply ‘killing time’ vocally while looking for the right word. Remember, this is the time when kids begin to develop their language skills. If you feel that this is more than a temporary situation and are looking for way to help your child overcome stuttering, here are three ways you can help.

1. Don’t Be Alarmed

The one thing you should do is not be alarmed if you notice your child stammering. It helps to know that more than three million Americans stutter, some mildly and some severely. However, for the most part, kids will outgrow this phase in language development and few will carry stuttering forward into adulthood. It is also important to understand that stress is one of the leading causes of stuttering in adults, so if you are alarmed and your child picks up on it, you could be stressing them to the point of exacerbating the situation. Be calm and patient and only ask them to repeat what they were trying to say if you really can’t understand them. Yes, you can work with them to slow down their speaking patterns but stressing them is never good.

2. Utilize Tools to Help Them Stutter Less

Since we are living in the age of the computer and the Information Highway (Web), why not look for an app that makes you stutter less? Of course, this is not something you would use with younger, pre-school children, but it is a handy tool to use with older kids. For younger kids, try singing with them. Speech therapists often start by singing with kids and then working down to a monotone. Music is controlled in the right hemisphere of the brain and so the brain can learn to reroute speech to new areas, which enable the stutterer to speak almost stutter-free. This type of therapy is usually utilized when there is neurological damage to the left hemisphere, only scientists really don’t know how or why this is.

3. Contact a Speech Therapist If Necessary

As your child grows older and the stuttering doesn’t improve, you may want to consider consulting with a speech therapist. These professionals have been trained in working with kids who stutter and are best able to use proven techniques that help. From working with right-brain activities to helping them focus on what they want to say before opening their mouth to speak, therapists can often accomplish what parents are ill-equipped to deal with.

Remember, above all stay calm! Children pick up on their parents’ emotions and that can trigger a heightened stuttering event. They want to please you and quickly sense your frustration, which can have devastating events on both stuttering and their ability to recover. Most often stuttering in children is temporary, so take heart in this and go slowly when working with your child. As the old adage goes, “Easy does it.”

Sunday, June 17, 2018

What makes you proud to be Pinoy? In my generation, the first that comes to mind are - Pia Wurtzbach, Manny Pacquiao, Liza Soberano, Azkals, and Michael Martinez. They are only a few of the very famous people nowadays in the field of beauty, entertainment, and sports who have brought and are still bringing pride to the Filipino nation in the international scene.

It was such a surprise to me to know that for the first time, a local liquor brand is also making a big scene in the international market and has been ranked the top-selling rum by global spirits think tank Drinks International. Tanduay, a Philippine-made liquor brand has taken over the number one spot from a list of international rum brands that has long been dominated by Bacardi. 

Drinks International has released the “definitive ranking of the world’s million-case rum brands”, citing Tanduay as the new industry leader followed by Bacardi and McDowell’s No. 1 Celebration. 

“Our distinctly Filipino rum is now the world’s number one…We have a great product to offer the world and the world recognized it,” said Lucio “Bong” K. Tan, Jr., president and chief executive officer of Tanduay Distillers, Inc.

Tan Jr., who actively took the helm the as chief operating officer of the company in 2014, has been credited for the disruptive changes within the company that led to explorations of new markets abroad and new market approaches locally to bring the brand closer to younger product consumers.

“Only a visionary like my father, Dr. Lucio Tan, saw this when he acquired Tanduay from the Elizaldes in 1988. At a time considered very volatile for any business investment in the country, my father held on to the belief that someday the world will know Tanduay,” added Tan Jr.

Since the acquisition of the Tanduay brand by the Lucio Tan group 30 years ago, plant modernization and expansion projects tremendously increased the distillery’s production capacity. Today, Tanduay has an unmatched aging capability harvesting only the world’s finest from its aged rum reserve. All facilities operate based on ISO standards ensuring consumers of quality, efficiency, and food safety. Recently, its Cabuyao plant has completed its ISO-9001: 2015 certification.

Through the hands-on leadership of Tan Jr., the company made a historic expansion in the world arena. Tanduay made a strategic alliance with companies in the United States to expand its distribution capacity.

According to Paul Lim, chief marketing officer of Tanduay, the company embarked on a brand refresh since the younger Tan took over.

“We were the first to implement a nationwide music marketing campaign that brought Tanduay to a younger market. We were also the first local liquor brand to sponsor an NBA Team – the Golden State Warriors. We continue to push further as we ride along an ever changing market landscape now dominated by health-conscious, athleisure-loving millennials with the launch of Tanduay Athletics and a sponsorship of the Century Tuna Superbods. Both projects contributing a premium to Tanduay’s brand equity,” he related, citing some of the marketing innovations that led to Tanduay becoming the world’s number one rum.

Tanduay Distillers Inc. is a member of the LT Group of Companies. Tanduay is the Philippines’ top rhum maker, which is also distributed in Asia and the United States, among other countries in the world. Likewise, the company produces spirits, wines, brandies, gins, and vodka. We are a registered company in the Philippine stock exchange as a subsidiary of Tanduay Holdings Inc.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A few decades ago, Father's Day celebration in the country has never been this liberated. As each year passes by, more and more people realize the need to appreciate the role of a father to the family and the society. Indeed, a lot of better and more interesting activities are set each year by institutions and companies to raise awareness and to honor Dads - a son's first hero, a daughter's first love.

Father and Daughter - Ogie and Leila Alcasid grace June 2018's  issue of SM Shopmag, right in time for Father's Day 2018

This month of June marks another exciting season for the whole family as SM Supermalls invites everyone to have a fun DAD-ventures on Dad's Day with a host of awesome and fun-filled activities, deals, and treats in 70 SM malls nationwide.

Kids and Moms can give Dad the coolest gift by the experience of spending Dad's Day at SM. Adventures include Dad-licious Dining deals, such as upsized meals, dining promos, and meal combo on June 13 to 24 at participating restaurant . Dad's passions for speed and motorbikes is indulged at Extreme Wheels, an exhibit of pimped-up cars and bikes on June 13 to 18 or June 19 to 24.

#DadsDayatSM2018 Digital media Launch in Gringo restaurant MAAX

Tech for Dads teaches interested fathers how to pilot a drone or remote-controlled gadgets at the drone demo or RC exhibition on June 15 to 17 of June 22 to 24 in select SM malls.

Dads and their families are welcome to shop at SM's weekend of fun deals and discounts from June 22 to 24 for the #AweSM men's fashion finds, as SM celebrates 60 #AweSM years in its malls accross the country with exciting promos that laud the number 60, such as pay 60% off, pay only P60, pay P60 less, or pay only 60%.

Meanwhile digital fans of SM can get a chance to win exciting prizes by simply joining the #IdolDADS Photo App promo via

Do check out #SMSupermalls social media pages on FB and IG for more updates!

Friday, June 15, 2018

These days there has been an increase in the numbers of motorcycles on the road. Even though riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car, many prefer riding a motorcycle because it is one of the cheapest modes of transportation and due to the convenience that comes with it. If you are just beginning to ride a motorcycle, you should strongly consider about getting the proper motorcycle clothing if you haven’t purchased any yet.

You need not have to have an entire wardrobe of them, but at least you should have a good quality motorcycle riding jacket for a start. Choosing a high quality motorcycle jacket that is durable is of utmost importance for your safety when out riding your motorcycle. It doesn’t matter how long or short the distance, or in what weather condition, wearing a safety jacket will help protect you in case of a crash or accident.

There are many types of motorcycle jackets; both women’s and men’s motorcycle jackets available in the market today. A good quality motorcycle jacket is able to offer the rider protection from the extreme weather condition and from any injury in the event of a fall or crash. Some jackets are equipped with padding in areas such as back, shoulder, elbows, chest, etc. The padding should be able to help protect from abrasions or burns that are commonly experienced by motorcycle riders who have not worn their safety jacket.

Standard motorcycle jackets usually have reflective panels that offer additional safety features for the riders when riding at night or when the vision is low due to weather condition. Wearing an all weather motorcycle jacket also keep the rider comfortable by protecting the rider from cold wind, harsh sun, heat, and even from bugs and dust while out riding on their motorcycle.

Motorcycle jackets come in many different styles, colours, and are made in different materials. The common materials used are leather, synthetic fabrics, or a combination of both leather and synthetic materials. Choosing a motorcycle jacket will depends on the type of rides and the weather condition. Besides choosing for safety reasons, riders can also choose jacket to suit their styles.

These days, manufacturers of motorcycle jackets are releasing safety jackets that are more fashionable and trendy to attract even the non motorcycle riders. There are jackets suitable to be worn while riding your bike, as well as when off your bike as fashion piece, comfort and as well as for safety.

Jeep has been around for a long time and even today, it has been used as a multi-purpose vehicle. It has played a major role in many wars, serving the US Army. After the war, Jeep has been used by farmers, industrial workers, as a recreational vehicle, and many others. The Jeep is still being used to accomplish a whole lot of tough tasks and jobs such as:

  • Moving of heavy equipment
  • Mowing grass in large areas
  • Ploughing of agricultural fields
  • Sowing of seeds over large fields
  • Digging of trenches
  • Fighting fires
  • Drilling all kinds of well e.g. oil wells
  • Smoothing and paving of roads
  • Recreational vehicles

The Jeep is a much sought after vehicle due to its many advantages. It is perfect for off road uses. Jeeps are convertibles and are great for all weather driving. Jeeps are great for those who wants to customize their jeep to meet their needs, style and preferences, and they can add as many parts and accessories as they want.

One of the most noticeable parts of a Jeep is the tires. Tires play a major role for Jeepers, enabling the Jeep to carry out the type of jobs it needs to accomplish. There are many types of Jeep tires, each type specially designed and construction for specific purpose. Jeep tires come in different sizes, different tread designs and patterns. When choosing the right Jeep wheels and tires for your Jeep, you will have to take into consideration the type of terrains and the weather conditions, such as mud, slush, snow, rain, freezing weather.

Since Jeeps are mostly put to heavy tasks and moving across all kinds of off roads condition, the parts that take the most beating are the absorbers. Choosing and installing Bilstein 4600 shocks absorbers and struts that are designed for your Jeep will enable your Jeep to perform in its top performance and providing comfort for the driver. Vehicles installed with these absorbers equipped have better control compared to other alternatives, allowing the vehicle to glide over all types of road surfaces, and at the same time keeping your cargo, kids, and equipment secure.

These absorbers are easy to install onto your Jeep and no modification is required. They are great for improving control, stability, precise handling, great performance and ensuring comfortable rides. Bilstein 4600 series shock absorbers are design to dissipate heat rapidly to increase their durability and extending their life span.
Okay, so yesterday the "nation" yes the Filipino nation went gaga over the news that 100,000 slots for passport application will be opened for June 14, 2018 only. The Department of Foreign affairs started to open slots by 12noon for the first 50,000 and another 50,000 slots at around 9pm.

I was lucky to have booked an appointment at the DFA ASEANA this June. But many Pinoys, got frustrated because they weren't able to find any. 

But do you know there's Courtesy Lane Facility wherein the applicant need not book an appointment online?

If you fall on any of these categories, you may avail the Courtesy Lane Facility at any time without the need for an online appointment. Applicants have the option to choose regular or expedited processing of their passport application. 

Those who are eligible to avail such facility are as follows:

  1. Senior citizens (60 years and over) plus one (1) travel companion (family member)
  2. Minors seven (7) years old and below (with their parents and minor siblings)
  3. People with disabilities (PWDs) with PWD ID or visible disability plus one (1) travel companion (family member)
  4. Parents (with Solo Parent ID) and their minor children
  5. Visibly pregnant women or with a medical certificate
  6. OFW with sufficient proof of status such as iDOLE Card, valid employment contract, work visa.

Additional information:

All Courtesy Lane applications and facilities including through accommodation or referrals will be treated as expedited applications and should pay the expedited fee of Php 1,200.00. 
Please be reminded that all applications filed on a Saturday should be charged with expedited fees.
Senior citizens have the option to choose regular process priced at PHP 950.00.
Courtesy Lane facilities are available in all Consular Offices nationwide.
Please share this to our fellow Pinoys, this will be a big help for those qualified.
Right in time for the celebration of 120th Philippines Independence Day, SM City Sucat is giving us more reasons to celebrate the pride of our country.

Rediscover OPM with Maestro - The Man of Music is an exhibit at the mall's atrium featuring the music and achievements of Mr. Ryan Cayabyab and his group the Ryan Cayabyab Singers, starting June 12 to 17, 2018.

At the exhibit are few of Mr. C's trophies, plaques and awards as a musician, here and abroad. Mall-goers can also have the chance to listen to his music for free through the box installed with a music player and a headset - from the 1978 hit song "Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika" to the award-winning "Paraiso" and many more of his masterpieces.

To let everyone feel the best of being a Filipino, an exhibit of beautiful Filipiniana gowns is also showcased around the exhibit area.

Trivia about The Man of Music of the Philippines

Maestro Ryan Cayabyab is the only Asian Winner i the 2001 Onnasis International Cultural Competitions. He is the epitome of the homegrown Filipino talent in the world arena of music. Cayabyab is a multi-faceted musician who effortlessly glides from one genre to clearly indicating the breadth of his versatility. He is a composer, arranger, producer, music director, conductor, performance artist, television show host, music educator and administrator.

Mr. C has won a total of eleven best movie score awards from the country's various film award-giving bodies; twenty-one awards from the recording industry, plus countless gold record awards for various commercial recordings as well as a lifetime achievement award from the recording industry in 1996.

The job of a dental assistant is one which fulfills a very important role. By working closely with the dentists, the role involves a varied number of different tasks and duties which enable dentists to carry out their procedures and ensure that everything runs smoothly. The primary role of a dental assistant is to help out the dentist before, during and after procedures by preparing the general work area, getting tools ready, providing basic-level patient care and performing specialist tasks such as taking bloods.
Dental assistants do not just work with the dentist and patient, however, and other aspects of the role include the sterilization of tools and processing X-rays. It is a varied job which can be very fulfilling and lead to a long-term career in patient-facing occupation.

#1: What is the Training?

The necessary training to become a dental assistant is generally done through the completion of a Dental Assistant Diploma, but there are other programs which are offered too. These are generally courses offered by community colleges, however, it is important to make sure that a course is accredited before embarking on it.
A dental assistant needs to have some knowledge of the dental-related sciences – e.g. orofacial anatomy – to carry out the job, in addition to radiography, infection control, dental pharmacology and a whole range of other areas. These are all taught on the courses and there are many places you can undertake one, including dental assistant schools in Montana.

#2: Career Progression

After officially passing your course and taking on the role of a dental assistant, there are many directions in which your long-term career can go. The demand for dental assistants is at an all-time high and so you are virtually guaranteed to secure a job should you successfully pass the course.
After being a dental assistant for a while, you may be able to take on extra roles or perform other functions, i.e. as a dental hygienist or a laboratory technician. If you are willing to go back into education, you could even become a dental nurse or dentist.

#3: A Note on Licensing

Some states require dental assistants to hold licenses and certification, but this varies. The best place to look is the Dental Assisting National Board – they have all the information you need and can provide certification, or a license should you need one.
The Certified Dental Assistant certificate is by far the most common one and you need to meet certain eligibility criteria to get one, such as graduating from a course accredited by the Council on Dental Accreditation and the passing of any examinations.

As a dental assistant, you will have a full and varied career. By working in a patient-facing role, you will have a direct impact on the quality of their experience and play a vital role in the operation of a dentist’s day-to-day duties. If you stick around for the long-term, there are many directions in which your career can progress, should you want to.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

With the kids soon out of school for the summer, it’s time to start thinking about what you will be doing this summer and where you will be going on vacation. Many families are hitting the road to see more sights and do more things than they would if they had chosen to rent a room near a resort or theme park. If this is how you plan to spend your vacation time this summer, it’s important to know how to plan the perfect summer vacation road trip with the family. Here are some helpful tips.

Plan Your Route Well in Advance

Even if your kids are older, the one thing you won’t want to do is get sidetracked when missing turns and going off in unexpected directions. Always plan your route well in advance so that you know where you are going on a day’s journey and then leave your itinerary with someone you can trust at home. There have been times when a vehicle broke down in a location without cellphone coverage and a friend or family member not hearing from the traveling family sent help to a disabled vehicle. This should be a top safety priority.

Locate Stops Along the Way Prior to Leaving Home

This is especially important with younger kids who don’t ride for extended periods without getting antsy. Plan to stop every couple of hours so that kids can get some of that pent up energy out of them. What many parents do is plan those stops at locations where there is something of interest for the kids to see or do. This makes for a wonderful educational trip if there are historical mile markers along your route.

Complete a Safety Check on Your Vehicle

It should go without saying that you’d want to ensure that all your mechanical parts are functioning well before embarking on a road trip. You will want to make sure your tires are all in good shape with plenty of tread and that your spare tire is inflated as well. Check all fluids, make sure your brakes are working, and if you experience anything like engine backfire, you may want to have your car serviced at a local garage. Sometimes it’s not dangerous but other times a small spark could ignite a fire if you happen to be on a road or in a parking area with oil or fuel spilled on the road.

Emergency Supplies to Pack

Always bring at least a couple gallons of drinking water in case you should break down somewhere far from a service station. You may want to check with the website for a list of emergency supplies you should have in your kit. Many parenting websites encourage you to have some snacks available as well in case you break down in an area where help won’t arrive for several hours. In the summer heat, you can dehydrate quickly, so make that water a priority!

Remember, it’s all about being prepared for any eventuality. Plan well in advance and you will have the time of your life. Have fun this summer seeing as many sights as you can on your road trip with the family, but always keep safety and comfort a top priority.

Monday, June 11, 2018

With 25 years in the local fashion scene, 219 outlets nationwide and more than a dozen stand-alone specialty boutiques, BUM collaborated with Pepsi to offer more stylish yet casual wears to the growing market of more demanding individuals.

The #BUMXPepsi collection which was launched via a fashion show last June 8, 2018 at the Trinoma Activity Center is a collaborative, limited edition collection between the one of the most iconic global consumer brand—PEPSI and one of the country’s hottest streetwear retail brand—BUM. It promises to be a beautiful collision of adventurous creations that would surely suit the discriminating taste of today’s generation.

The limited-edition line which is all about self-expression and the ‘Live for Now’ moments reflects BUM's core silhouettes and trendy looks with Pepsi youthful appeal.

#BUMXPepsi Limited Collection is based on the iconic color palette and logos of both brands—BUM and Pepsi; fused design elements and street style that can draw that youthful appeal. The line consists of t-shirts, jogger pants and shorts and outerwear, as well as caps and bags.

I just admired how BUM and Pepsi came up with this kind of collection which suits any type of complexion with white, blue and black as dominating hues. The collection is very promising as it offers chic and comfortable apparel and accessories. It can also cater for all types of stylish individuals regardless of generation for its simple yet trendy styles and design.

This collaborative capsule collection is now available on BUM Boutiques and select department stores nationwide.

For more information visit, or follow BUM’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter--@officialbumph.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The internet in today's world is just so powerful that people depend on it for so many reasons - for business, for education, for communications, and as a source of information. In the field of education and information, the world wide web comes in handy at any time and anywhere. This helped a lot of people looking for tutors such as physics tutor or math tutor find their perfect match. With the growing demand for a more convenient way of studying, the internet has also made the online tutorial services prevalent nowadays.

What is an online tutorial? An online tutorial is the process of tutoring in an online, virtual environment or networked environment in which teachers and learners are separated by time and space. Online tutoring, as a reflection of the diversity of the wider Internet, is practiced using many different approaches and is addressed to distinct sets of users. The distinctions are in online content and interface, as well as in tutoring and tutor-training methodologies. 

Now, what are the benefits of the online tutorial?
Most people nowadays still prefer the traditional way of study or education wherein you go to the school or university and you interact with a professor or a teacher daily. They say that going to and fro the school brings a lot of practical life's experiences and even trains a person to be more sociable and improve one's ability on how to deal with people from different races properly.

But the new way of acquiring education, such as the online tutorial and review center has its own benefits or advantages, too.

In contemporary education, you need to go away from home or live in a completely unknown city or place and struggle in an extremely competitive learning environment. But with an online tutorial, you get to learn from the comfort of your home. No need to wake up too early in the morning then dress up and brave the heavy traffic along the way to attend classes. Forget about sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours and suffer back pains at the end of the day. Remember that in education, comfort is a strong advantage.

Aside from the comfortable way of studying, an online tutorial is way cheaper than the traditional campus setting which makes online education being preferred by most parents and students. It also gets you to save time, effort and of course money as you don't need to spend more on travel, food and other daily expenses or buy books and school or office supplies.

This is why when my cousin who's living with me, needed a tutorial for her upcoming college entrance examination, I recommended her to try the online tutorial. So we started searching over the web for the best online review centers in the Philippines and Ahead Review and Tutorial Center is one of those that we find one of the best. Ahead is one of the best for us because of its more than 20 years of excellent service. An institution will not survive that long if it is not trusted and tested by the customers.

Their branches from the following locations are easily accessible - Katipunan, ISO, Robinsons Galleria, Alabang, Antipolo, Makati, Baguio and Tuguegarao. They also offer various programs to choose from, just like in many universities or colleges. You'll always find the right program for you at Ahead.

We already inquired about Ahead services and packages and found out that everything is affordable. We have great hopes that this review center will help my cousin achieve her dreams and get ahead not only in education but at life, as well.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Staycation is defined as a vacation spent at home or nearby. Families usually do this on long weekends to maximize accommodations. Some do this to celebrate milestones in their life or just to relax and unwind. To make the most of your staycation, the place you're staying should cater to all the needs of your every companion from babies and kids, to adults and even seniors.

Our family's latest memorable staycation happened at the newly opened The Bluelane Hotel in Sta. Cruz Manila. You might ask, why I consider it staycation when we came all the way from the province which is more than a hundred kilometers away? Because the staff and the management of the hotel made us feel were just in the comfort of our own home, despite the long travel and heavy traffic we endured.

So how did we enjoy the home-like stay? Let me share you....

Binondo Manila is home to the 17-story building, The Blulane Hotel. The place being known as the oldest Chinatown, is rich in history and culture since its establishment in 1594. It has been the main commercial hub for the Filipino-Chinese community and has been a must0vist tourist spot for those who want to taste a mix of Old Manila and Fil-Chi culture. The place may have been renovated and modernized but the essence of its old-world charm has remained intact. Proofs are the eateries at the sidewalks, the mom-and-pop shops offering products such as lucky trinkets to traditional Chinese medicines. If you want to see some glimpse of Philippines history, it's so easy during your stay at The Bluelane Hotel.

We arrived a bit late at the hotel, but that never made our experience less interesting because the lobby itself speaks of luxury with the grand staircase giving an assurance of a hassle-free, stress-free, enjoyable, satisfactory stay at their place. We were welcomed by lovely smiles and while inside the hotel premise, we were offered with world-class hospitality and state-of-the-art-facilities. We were given a Superior Room (Php7,000 / night) which is 25 sqm big and has 2 twin bed. We were five in the family, so they added another single folding bed near the window to make sure we can all comfortably sleep. The shower room is big enough, right after I put on all our luggage in the proper place, I immediately took a warm bath and it was such a relaxing me-time. There's a TV on the wall adjacent to the twin beds, it's a bit small compared to our TV at home and it contains fewer channels for entertainment but since we brought our own router, laptops, and smartphones, our kids never had a problem of their past-time.

This hotel which has 172 rooms exudes vibrant modern luxury in the middle of an old-world vibe. Established primarily to cater to the needs of local guests, business travelers, international delegates and foreign guests, it was designed and built with a high-class and sophisticated touch. Its place is surrounded by bustling tourist attractions, neighboring recreational hubs and the country's historical landmarks which makes the place an ideal location for business-leisure activities. During our stay at the hotel, I woke up very early one morning, around 5:30am to experience the rich diverse culture that remained untouched for centuries.

Cantonese Dinner with overflowing choices for seafoods and a lot of Chinese cuisine.

Breakfast buffet at the spacious Blulane Ballroom located at the 2nd floor

The Blulane has 2 specialty restaurant that offers wide selection of authentic Cantonese and western menu. Located at the 3rd level, The Blu Dynasty, will let you feel the Cantonese experience magnificently structured in its interior, details and services. The Lauriat menu is intricately handled by the Cantonese Chefs that gives a personal mix of experience and innovation on its dishes. 

The following amenities which provided leisure and laid-back experience completed our one-of-a-kind staycation.

The Blu Café & Lounge is a perfect place to enjoy a delectable dining experience with warm interiors and tasteful Asian-inspired décor. Located on the mezzanine level of The Blulane Hotel, you can choose from an assortment of selections from the breakfast buffet, and a la carte lunch and dinner menus. Open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

Bar Lounge is open from 9:00pm to 1:30am during Fridays and Saturdays.

The Coffee Club at The Blulane Hotel Lobby Lounge is a place for business and leisure. Stay connected to work, friends or family while enjoying coffee or tea paired with homemade pastries. Unwind, unplug or converge here in an intimate but inviting atmosphere

During staycation, you can recharge and retreat into a blissful massage and sauna experience at The Blulane Hotel Spa. Let the friendly staff enhance your senses and recover from a long flight, full week or hectic meeting for a truly re-energizing stay. Spa services are available from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm daily for checked-in and walk-in guest.

We were also treated to a Videoke Night at the Function Room in the 17th floor. Soon, this will surely be a hit to all the guests who would want to cap off the day with some singing, dancing, and laughter. Watch out for its grand opening in the coming months.

A satisfying and convenient hotel stay need not be too extravagant. At The Bluelane Hotel, there's always something for everyone at a much reasonable price to make sure each guest create a great experience while inside the premises.

To know more about their latest offering, please visit on Facebook 

Friday, June 8, 2018

A person who is fond of food will love to cook whenever they find time and a place. As a stay-at-home mom or dad, you can sometime get a lot of time at hand to think, design and make delicious food for your family. However, the passion and creativity to do all the cooking can slowly fade away if you don’t get the required encouragement from the people you love the most, your family. Tough we all love our family but we also need the required encouragement from them as well. There is a lot that you can learn while you are freeing your time for cooking.

If someone loves to cook, they know that their love is not stopping at any place and they want to learn about all the famous cuisines of the world. This way you grow and rise in your love for cooking food. Different cuisines have different method of cooking and hence different ingredients too. For that matter it is best to share your passion and recipes with those who have the same line of interest. Not only the websites or blogs which give information about the recipe are important but those who provide further information about related items like utensils, electronics, and cookware items are also truly important, especially if you are someone who will be starting cooking for the first time. To suit your requirements the best there are many companies who are making cookware using various materials. Mostly used cookware is made of stainless steel and is used widely among all. You can look for the Best Stainless Steel Cookware on the web before you purchase a set for yourself.

Before you purchase a cookware set, it is best to seek advice from someone who has been using it for a long time and can give the best suggestions regarding this. Stainless steel cookware has been used by the professional cooks for several years. It is constructed out of thick gauge metal, which allows the cookware to absorb and distribute heat efficiently. These cookware use aluminum in the base to further assist in the heat distribution procedure so that the food being ready is equally prepared. Stainless steel cookware has been around since 1954 that means it is 62 years old. It is a real name in the world of cookware materials. The best stainless steel cookware cooks food quicker because of its heat distribution characteristic.
Once you have all the utensils, ingredients and the recipe, you can find a way to find the cooking tips in the kitchen which allows a person to cook as well as make use of the organic ingredients as home remedies. You can also find tips to handle the tough ingredients like how to pear a glove of garlic fast, how to remove a flesh off a whole fish quickly, cooking different cuisine like French with toast and cassoulet, Italian pasta with risotto, and several other Italian and Japanese cuisines. If you are looking for good homemade recipes, tips and tricks to be used in the kitchen, and ingredients which can help you enhance your health.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Whether in love, in career and in life in general; we are always on the lookout for our "perfect match." Employers try to find the best fit for their team, employees search for the best fit career for their longtime goals. People search for someone who is compatible with them to spend the rest of their life with; we all keep looking for that one place to suit our lifestyle, for the house that every member could fit in, for the shoes and dress that would complement our personality, for the shades of make-up that would go well with our complexion, for a life that would give us the best experience possible. 

Compatibility test really is the key for things to exist and work without conflict. In today's fast-paced world, we need everything in sync that's why we want our PERFECT MATCH.

In financial planning, there is also a need to find the right one for your venture. We all would want our hard-earned money go into the hands of an institution that will help us understand financial security and proper investing mindset.

So right in time for the Financial Independence Month of June, Sun Life puts the spotlight on the value of meeting a trusted financial partner via the #SunLifePerfectMatch campaign. With the use of digital tools and human connection, the country’s first and #1 life insurer aims to educate Filipinos on choosing the right Financial Advisor to help them with their financial goals.

The Advisor Match tool provides the perfect harmony between digital technology and human interaction for the benefit of the clients. To start with, simply go to Enter your location to generate a list of advisors in your vicinity. Each profile contains a short description of their credentials and how they can extend help – a very nifty way to show you what they have to offer. Such freedom to choose a Financial Advisor is both innovative and relevant, especially for consumers who want personalized service on-demand and at their convenience.

Some of the happenings during the Perfect Match launch held in Shangri-la Makati

More than a handy online tool, Advisor Match is about empowering Filipinos to be more exacting and selective when looking for a financial partner. A series of online videos called “My Dream Advisor” puts a humorous twist on the challenging journey that comes with seeking one’s perfect advisor match. Taking a cue from the 90s dating game shows, the videos feature searchers faced with a rather disappointing line-up of advisor searchees – each embodying undesirable characteristics that have unfairly stereotyped life insurance agents for the longest time.

For its part, Sun Life emphasizes four core values that every financial advisor should possess: (1) professional in doing business; (2) one who cares for your welfare; (3) a desire to win for your dreams; and (4) an inspiring commitment to serve rather than sell. These values define Sun Life’s over 11,000 financial advisors. “We’ve seen a growing interest in personal finance lately with the number of inquiries and requests for advisor referrals doubling the past couple of years. We are happy to share that we are now empowering Filipinos to choose their very own Sun Life Advisor with just the click of a button. With Sun Life’s Advisor Match, they can be assured of finding competent and committed financial advisors to help them achieve their financial goals,” affirmed Sun Life Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Mylene Lopa. After all, finding your #SunLifePerfectMatch should never be difficult.

Real-life search for the Perfect Match with the host extraordinaire - Apollo Abraham

Digital tools may have been a lifestyle nowadays and it has impacted our plans, our decisions and our ways of shaping our future, but please be reminded that human connection remains vital and that's what Sunlife Financial Philippines is trying to offer us to keep the balance and harmony between people and technology in this digitally-driven world.

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