Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The new generation of workforce, the Millenials, wants to grow with a company that respects their individuality while being part of a noble cause. Such opportunity is possible when one becomes a Financial Advisor.

This is a door that Sun Life (of Canada) Philippines, Inc. opens wider with a recruitment drive called #LiveBrighter. It aims to present the profession as a career choice for Millennials who wish to have the time and resources to pursue their passions as they advocate financial foresight and planning.

“Millennials are known to be slashers as they juggle a lot of things live travelling, blogging, and other passion projects on top of their regular 8-5 jobs. It sounds very aspirational but how can they sustain this in terms of time and resources?” said Sun life Recruitment Manager Fin Bernardo. “With that in mind, we see that the profession of a Financial Advisor is a perfect fit for their lifestyle,” added Bernardo.

After introducing the Financial Advisor in popular culture thru its engagement with Cinema One’s Single/Single, Sun Life dishes out the #LiveBrighter Sessions. This is a series of meet-ups to show how a Financial Advisor lives up to the demands and rewards of the profession. It aims to reach more Millennials and send them the message that their dream job is just here all along.

Guided by the core values of a Sun Life Financial Advisor- caring, professional, inspiring, and winning - #LiveBrighter Sessions will give a taste of the benefits one can enjoy in choosing this particular career path. More than the chance to earn unlimited income, it also provides perks such as all-expense travel and the freedom to work with an unbridled schedule.

With more Filipinos keen on getting insurance and investment products, the possibilities for new Advisors are endless. “We need more Financial Advisors to educate Filipinos on the importance of preparing for unexpected life’s events and offer them solutions that let them have Money For Life,” explained Bernardo.

Choose to #LiveBrighter now. Register to the next #LiveBrighter Forum by visiting

About Sun Life Financial
Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies, a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of protection and wealth products and services to individuals and corporate customers. Sun Life Financial and its partners have operations in key markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of March 31, 2016, the Sun Life Financial group of companies had total assets under management of $861 billion.

Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippines (PSE) stock exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

“You can learn how to become a Financially World Class Company by making your finances simple and getting your management team focused on the right measures”, said Mr. Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA.

And, this is exactly what he is going to impart in his inaugural seminar-workshop entitled “Make Your Company Financially World Class” happening this September 28-29, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Manila Galleria powered by The Society Events in partnership with ADFIAP and ThinkTank Global Branding.

From his two decades as a financial analyst and business owner, Andrew created a simple, easy-to-understand, comprehensive way to get any management team focused on the financial measures that matter. Using the same system, you can make your company financially world class.

Who should attend this two-day seminar-workshop?

• Entrepreneurs looking for ways to beat large, established competitors

• CEOs, CXOs, CFOs, MDs and Senior Management

• Highly competitive management team members

• New managers who are looking for new ways to be more effective

• Advisors and coaches to senior management

The seminar is broken into four parts and all materials will be provided. Participants will need to provide financial data on their companies prior to the event and will work through their own plan of action to take away from the seminar.

And, the most awesome deal is each participant will get a 30-minute follow up Skype call with Andrew after the seminar to help the participant to continue to implement what they have learned.

Mr. Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA is an award-winning financial analyst with twenty years of experience at various investment banks. He is the CEO of A. Stotz Investment Research, an independent research firm which helps companies improve their financial performance; and individuals and institutions grow their wealth. He has been a university lecturer throughout his career, and earned his PhD (Finance) from the University of Science and Technology of China. Andrew co-founded CoffeeWORKS Co. Ltd., Thailand’s leading specialty coffee roaster and has authored two books: You Won’t Get Rich in the Stock Market… Until You Change the Way You Think about It and Transform your Business with Dr. Deming’s 14 Points. He currently serves as the President of CFA Society Thailand and has been a Chartered Financial Analyst since 2001.

Register now until September 16 to enjoy a Php5,000 discount! To register online, visit For inquiries, please feel free to send an email to or a message to 09178419571.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pizza, a traditional Italian dish is consist of a yeasted flatbread typically topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. Commonly, it is topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments.

Pizza is one of the most popular food in the world and common fast food item in Europe and North America. Many separate or chain restaurant, cafes and fast foods offers pizza. Also pizza is main dish in special pizzerias and even in worldwide chain nets of pizzerias.

In the Filipino society, pizza is a comfort food. After a tiring work in the office, during snacks, during happy hour and family bonding - we Pinoys always look for pizza. Just like what Kevin James, a popular American actor / comedian / producer "There's no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap."

We are all into Italian pizzas, but what if I tell you there's something as good if not better than Italian-inspired pizzas? That there are pizzas imspired by the Canadian Culture?

I am sure you will be more than excited about it. This is as exciting as Justin Bieber, maple syrup, peanut butter, basketball, Ryan Renolds, Drake - that we, Filipinos became extreme fans of. So it's about time that we finally got acquainted with one of the country's best food franchises here in Manila - Steveston Pizza.

The Canuck company we've all been obsessing over in UP Town Center, Tomas Morato and Circuit Lane has just opened its newest branch in the Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse in the populous Quezon City. Packed with high-speed wi-fi and strong mobile connectivity, the restaurant is the perfect place for busy college students or freelancers looking to get their work done without pesky distractions. Not only that, the ideal air conditioning system, convenient parking space, soothing music and relaxing ambience also makes it the best candidate for your next family or barkada hangout.

Steveston Pizza Philippines is the official licensee of Steveston Pizza Canada. Steveston Pizza Canada has been voted Best Pizza in Vancouver consistently from 2007 - 2015, and counting.

"The luckiest people right now are the 600 residents of The Corinthian Gradens who get to walk down the street and have this pizza." Canadian Ambassador Neil Reeder said during the opening of the store.

But if his already trust-worthy word still isn't enough to convince you to give the store a visit, then here are some photos that are guaranteed to change your mind...

The Marguerite Zero - topped with roasted garlic, anchovies, sweet caramelized onions, capers and arugula Php499

It is nearly impossible to choose which pizza to get. They have so many selections of the tomato-based dish to choose from. Let's start with The Marguerite Zero - topped with roasted garlic, anchovies, sweet caramelized onions, capers and arugula. This perfectly seasoned delicacy is lathered in only the freshest tomatoes, giving it a feisty burst of flavor as the anchovies and mozzarella cheese create a mouthwatering contrast of salty and savoury.

The Princess, embellished with the finest crab meat, tiger prawns and shrimp Php1899

In the list of the world's most accurately named platters, The Princess would easily dethrone the current placeholder of the # 1 spot, because this meal is definitely one fit for royalty. Embellished with the finest crab meat, tiger prawns and shrimp, the crustacean combo sparks a seafood explosion at the very tip of the tongue. With its tantalizing salty taste, it's no wonder why everyone's bowing down to this majestic meal.

The Caveman is a "killer pizza," with pepperoni, genoa salmon, back bacon, lean beef and capocolli Php899

In a gourmet pizza store like Steveston's, it's quite hard to retain the proper table manners when all you wanted to do is slam your elbows on the table and devour the dish with your bare hands like the barbarian The Caveman pizza is motivating you to be. With its pepperoni, genoa salmon, back bacon, lean beef and capocolli, it's pretty much impossible not to give in to the animal in you when this meat mania is practically begging to be your next victim. They also call this the "killer pizza."

Japanese pizza loaded with wasabi-scented teriyaki chicken breast, enoki mushrooms and sesame seaweed Php899

If you want a taste that's more Asian, the Japanese pizza is a must-try. It is loaded with wasabi-scented teriyaki chicken breast, enoki mushrooms and sesame seaweed. It has no tomato sauce, nor cheese but the combination of the ingredients will explode in your mouth like a bomb.

Blue pizza with overflowing rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, baby fresh spinach and Stilton blue cheese mousse Php899

I am a cheese lover but I sometimes avoid blue cheese due to its sharp and salty taste and not to mention, it's odor. But when I got a bite of this Blue pizza with overflowing rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, baby fresh spinach and Stilton blue cheese mousse, I started to love blue cheese. It goes well with the ingredients and it even created a different kind of flavor to the pizza. The more I bite, the more I fall for the taste of the Stilton blue cheese.

At Steveston, there are more than just pizza. They also offer beverages and home made desserts. They have Apple Cider which is imported from Canada, smoothies, coffee and home-made ice cream.

Apple Cider  served hot or cold, Steveston's signature drink Php129

Ice cream trio with fresh fruit bits - avocado, langka and strawberry Php139 for 3 scoops

Another ice cream trio - salted caramel, matcha green tea and mocha, Php139 for 3 scoops

Mang Passion smoothie, it's kiddie-approved Php169

Coffee Mocha Php129

Coffee Latte, Php129

Steveston's ingredients are locally sourced and meticulously selected to make sure it will be served fresh. Even the pineapples are fresh and never canned. Steveston Pizza does not only offer dishes boasting with toppings but also a unique kind of crust that's light, chewy and fluffy. They are not your ordinary pizza as most don't have tomato sauce or tomato paste like the conventional pizzas in the market today. Their pizzas are not greasy and tastes better when enjoyed with bare hands. You also need not put or pour in seasonings or flavor add-ons like hot sauce or pepper to make their pizza better tasting because each pizza is already flavourful and delicious in their own special ways.

They take pride and care in the way they individually craft each pizza, one pizza at a time, constantly attentive to the poetry of the pizza. The process takes a little bit longer than usual, but it is definitely worth the wait.

Steveston Pizza is much higher in price than its competitors but the quality of their products is definitely the best. You will be consistently delighted at the generosity in terms of pizza toppings which the guests describe as "abundant", "fully-loaded", or "overflowing." There is nothing humble about Steveston Pizza, which makes every guest's cravings fully satisfied.

Steveston Pizza, not your ordinary pizza...

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Avida Land, one of the leading mid-market real estate developers in the country, has collaborated with bloggers and home family influencer, Martine de Luna of Make it Blissful to inspire starting mothers and self-sufficient singles to create meaningful celebrations at the comfort of their homes, through a workshop on home entertaining held recently at Avida's Showroom in Nuvali.

Titled, Southern Living, the workshop gave styling, tablescapes and hosting tips for parties thrown at home, as well as advice on how to have a more relaxed lifestyle made possible with Make it Blissful Home Gathering workshop.

"Through Martine de Luna's workshop, we are able to inspire homeowners with useful ideas to fully maximize their living space," syas Tess Tatco, Avida Land Marketing Head.

To further give attendees a holistic experience of the southern lifestyle, prior to the workshop, the attendees spent their morning with a relaxing lifestyle crawl around the 2,290-heactare eco-city of Nuvali. They enjoyed the different cuisines at notable Solenad 3, Nuvali restaurants - Early Bird Breakfast Club, House of Bawai, and Craft Coffee Revolution. They then went sightseeing  around the different schools and outdoor recreational facilities that were not only easily accessible, but lso catered to the different needs of the NUVALI homeowners whether they were single millenials or growing families. Some of which were well-known enjoyable destinations for weekend group trips, including Camp N and Repurbl1c Wakepark. All these and the scenic views and open spaces found within NUVALI showcase the laidback and peaceful lifestyle that the south has to offer.

Our first stop, The Early Bird breakfast Club in Solenad 3 Mall, where we were treated to a sumptuous breakfast to kickstart our day.

Second stop, Craft Coffee Revolution where they demonstrated a different way of coffee brewing through Chemex and how to make an art for your coffee. They also explained about the third wave of coffee and the difference between bitter and strong coffee.

Last stop before touring around the Avida Land communities, House of Bawai, a Vietnamese restaurant. A representative from House of Bawai explains the Vietnamese traditions and culture and howVietnamese cuisine differs from other Asian dishes.

De Luna who is currently living in the North, expressed her desire to move down South to scape the tiring hustle and bustle of the Metro. "Being in the city, you're always excited to live at a fast pace. But when you live in the South, you can relax and enjoy life more. Avida gives you that option to have that laidback lifestyle here in Nuvali because of its great environment and how you can easily find the right unit for you, whether you're single or about to start a family."

Workshop proper with the founders of Bouqueria, Steph and Lady Badoy; showing the participants how to make simple and practical yet beautiful tablescapes at home

Anyone can find a suitable house for themselves at Avida's residential communities within the master planned community of Nuvali: Avida Southfield Settings and Hillcrest Estates. The thoughtfully designed units, ranging from 52- to 129 - square meters in floor space, feature efficient layout for maximum use of space and natural ventilation and sunlight, and are surrounded by lush greenery and breath-taking views. The community's amenities, specifically designed to encourage interaction and a healthy lifestyle among homeowners, include swimming pools, a basketball court, a playground, and parks.

Our team's "masterpiece" - a tropical themed tablescape for a merienda scene.

"Avida's thoughtfully designed properties are conducive for creating every day celebrations, and thus lets families fully enjoy their home which can be overlooked when you lead a busy life in the city," Tatco added.

About Avida Land

An Ayala land Inc. (ALI) subsidiary, Avida Land provides thoughtfully-designed yet affordable homes in secure communities that offer value for money and convenience all within reach. With the five pillars of accessibility, unique features and amenities, quality assurance, stress free buying and relaxing living experience integrated in all its condominium and house and lot properties, Avida Land has become the developer of choice among the rising middle-income segment as it continues to expand its product offerings across the country.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The launching of M/V Starlite Saturn happened on Monday, August 8, 2016 at the Batangas City port. This is the fourth brand new RORO (roll-on, roll-off) vessel of the Starlite Ferries Inc. This marks yet another milestone in the company's continuing effort to modernize inter-island travel in the country.

The newest addition to the Starlite fleet - the president of the company, Mr. Francis Cusi, said they have ordered an initial seven ships from Japan, with eight more to be custom-built later for a total of 15 brand-new RORO vessels - follows the customized design of the three earlier ones.

M/V Starlite Saturn has a service speed of 13.5 knots or nautical miles per hour. It has rounded hull that rests deeper in the water fro greater stability, bow thruster for vessel assistive maneuverability and a bulbous bow that allows it to cut through waves more efficiently. The 2,700 gross ton ship can ferry 711 passengers and 20 drivers in bunk comfortable on its upper decks and up to 21 buses in its hold.

Unlike the second-hand ships now plying Philippines seas which were built for sailing in Japan's calm inland seas, Starlite Saturn and other vessels in the Batangas-based shipping company's fleet are designed to navigate the country's open sea routes and seasonal rough waters.

Fact is that most of the 70-odd ROROs now operating in the country were brought from Japan where shipping laws require that after 20 years, they will have to decommissioned or sold abroad. This aging fleet of inter-island ships has caused many maritime accidents over the years.

Now, the Starlite Ferries Inc. is creating world-class standards to their fleet to ensure the safety and convenience of the passengers.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

vOffice (Virtual Office) is a leading provider of Virtual Office service and business services in Philippines and has over 13 years of experience servicing clients from all business segment and countries. All in all vOffice has served over 18,000 clients and you can be assured that they are committed to deliver the best possible customer service experience to the clients always!

vOffice is perfect for today’s fast-moving, mobile business people. vOffice clients save time and money and are able to operate an agile business that suits today's business landscape.

vOffice is committed towards business success in the following manner:
  • Eliminating the costly set up fee of a new office
  • Ensuring that your business overheads are kept minimal
  • Creating a competitive edge for your business to thrive on
  • Affording your business to utilise the services of our team of professionals
  • Empowering the growth of your business

vOffice is expanding faster than ever now.

Businesses choose vOffice for several simple reasons:
01. Lower cost
02. No long-term commitment
03. Zero Risk
04. Flexible

Having served 19,000 the last 13 years, vOffice has played a huge part in providing entrepreneurs endless opportunities in establishing business presence around the world. In their continued effort to serve more people, they are excited to introduce the referral program wherein you and/or your friends can earn extra income while helping your friends achieve their dreams/goals.

How to avail the referral program 
1. Fill out the Business Associate (BA) Referral Form2. Refer someone you believe can benefit from the products/services of vOffice
3. Once your referred individual avails of a Virtual/Serviced Office plan, you will receive 10% commission.

If you sign up for the Brand Ambassador Program you will be given 1 hour FREE usage of thr conference room in any of v Office centers (BGC/Makati). Instructions to redeem the said hour will be given after signing up.

This is at Zero Cost and 100% Free with monthly pay out! Hurry and sign up now!

If you have further questions or clarification, pls visit vOffice website.

Monday, August 15, 2016

This giveaway is sponsored by: Bellema

and hosted by: Love, Mrs. Mommy


​Bellema is committed to providing superior quality breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories to enhance mothers nursing experience. Their designs and development are backed by a dedicated R&D team that includes over 20 experts! By combining years of expertise and reputation, they have gained trust from nursing mothers around the world.

Winner Will Receive:

BELLEMA Professional Care Effective Double Electric Breast Pump - FDA Approved! $199.99 RV 

2-phase pumping: stimulation & expression, 9 adjustable vaccum power up to 320 mbar
Left, right or dual operation with indipendent control, select different vacuum levels independently
Closed system anti-backflow, double-pumping ability, choose from single or double mode
Soft silicone cushions for gentle massage and comfortable pumping. Memory feature remembers preferred settings, easy to assemble, operate and clean
All parts are BPA free. One year limited warranty
What's in the Box:
1 Breastpump Motor Unit
2 Breast Suction Kits with Tubings
2 Storage Bottles
2 Bottle Adapters
2 Bottle Bases
2 Nipple Sets
1 Power Adapter
1 User Manual & Warranty Card

Mommies or not, this giveaway is yours! Join now! Open To US - Must be 18+ to enter
Giveaway Dates ~ 8/15 12:02 AM EST through 8/31 11:59 PM EST Good Luck!

Disclosure: Love, Mrs. Mommy and all participating bloggers are not held responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize obligations. Love, Mrs. Mommy received nominal monetary compensation to host this giveaway. This giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook or any other social media site. The winner will be randomly drawn by Giveaway Tools and will be notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to reply before a new winner will be drawn. If you would like to participate in an event like this please contact LoveMrsMommy (at) gmail (dot) com.
This giveaway is for Baby Blu Organics Baby Formula. There will be 2 winners who will each receive a formula prize pack worth $58. A total giveaway value of $116!

Sponsored By: Baby Blu Organics

Hosted By: Love, Mrs. Mommy

Baby Blu Organics is proud to offer high quality European organic baby formula direct from Holle and Lebenswert. All milk used in Holle formula comes from happy cows raised on strictly biodynamic and natural farms. Established in 1933, the Holle Company produces organic infant formula free from any chemical or production preservatives. Holle products are non-GMO, preservative free, chemical-free and made under the highest European quality control.
Lebenswert bio organic baby formula is a product line made by the Holle Company. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in any of Lebenswert’s raw ingredients. German Bioland certified organic farmers guarantee that only biodynamic or chemical-free products are used in all Holle products. Holle and Lebenswert use milk produced in organic farms in south Germany for their natural baby formula. This ensures the best quality, taste, and nutrition for growing babies.

** 2 Winner's **

1st Winner will receive: Holle Organic 1 and 2 ($58 RV)
2nd Winner will receive: Lebenswert Bio Organic Stage 1 and 2 ($58 RV)

Open To US & Canada entries - Must be 18+ to enter
Giveaway Dates ~ 8/16 9:00 AM EST through 8/31 11:59 PM EST Good Luck!

Disclosure: Love, Mrs. Mommy and all participating bloggers are not held responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize obligations. Love, Mrs. Mommy received nominal monetary compensation to host this giveaway. This giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook or any other social media site. The winner will be randomly drawn by Giveaway Tools and will be notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to reply before a new winner will be drawn. If you would like to participate in an event like this please contact LoveMrsMommy (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Our Story
An SM affiliate established in September 1991 from Infants Accessories Furniture section in SM Department Store to Baby Company.

Baby Company is a one-stop shop for all your baby needs with currently 50 stores nationwide inside SM Department Store, 7 mall boutiques: Power Plant Mall, SM Aura Premier, SM North Edsa, The Block, SM Fairview, SM Cebu, SM City Seaside Cebuand now SM Mega Mall. We also have 17 select stores inside SM Hypermarket outlets.

Baby Company offers a wide range of products from fashion apparels, personal care, toys, nursery furniture to home safety and travel accessories. Sourced from world-class brands, our products include Philips Avent, Graco, Disney, Maclaren, Pigeon, Chicco, Dr. Brown’s, TommeeTippee, Safety 1st, Lamaze and Fisher-Price.

In-house brands: Lulu, Baby Clean, BabyCo, Picolo, Ollin and PlaySmart also form a major part of the product mix.

Store Design Concept
The store design concept of Baby Company Mega Mall is modern-styled and shopper-friendly with a size of 700 square meters. Main focus is the Merchandise thru the artistic application of colors, lighting and systematic merchandise grid.

Brand signages were set for each of the merchandise categories to make it clear for the shopper to find exactly what they are looking for.
The presence of simple architectural elements such as colored cubes and tables were used to add fun and highlight to the featured items.

Baby photo graphics were also used to compliment the overall design concept and strengthen the merchandise category.

Mom Card
The MOM CARD program is Baby Company's loyalty program. It is meant to reward frequent shoppers through rebates, exclusive offers, special events and other privileges. The more the customer shops, the more rebates she will earn.

Baby Registry
The Baby Company Baby Registry makes shopping for babies easier and offers great benefits to both parents and their friends. People who purchase items on your registry will also receive a 10% on all regular items and free gift wrapping. Baby Registry is available in stand alone stores only. For our branches inside The SM Store, they can avail of The Gift Registry service.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Are you looking for stuff that will protect your guitar? I would suggest you to try guitar center gator cases. They offer a wide range of attractive, durable and comfortable cases for guitar and other instruments. The cases are all made from quality materials and has manufacturer’s warranty, meaning they will repair or replace the product with manufacturing defects. Gator also offers gig bag, board bag, drum bag, and the likes. Protect your valuable instruments with Gator from Guitar Center!

Thursday, August 11, 2016


On September, 1991 the Infant’s Accessories and Furniture section in SM Department Store became a corporate entity under the name Nursery Care Corporation also known as Baby Company.  Primarily engaged in and carries on the business of trading all kinds of baby products. Since then, Baby Company has expanded and continues to open branches inside all SM Department Stores.

Baby Company also opened stand-alone specialty stores in Powerplant Mall, SM The Block, SM Fairview, SM Aura, SM Cebu, SM Seaside City Cebu and now in SM Mega Mall.We have also ventured inside some of the SM Hypermarket Stores.


It is the company’s major thrust to provide our customers easy and convenient shopping for quality newborn and infant’s needs at reasonable prices.

Baby Company offers a wide range of merchandise to match a newborn’s checklist – from nursing, feeding and weaning essentials, clothes, toys, diapers and toiletries,  to furniture and carriers even educational media for the enhancement of the baby’s mental development.  We answer the needs of the busy and career oriented parents by providing them a one-stop easy shopping destination.
Baby Company,as the parent’s partner in rearing healthy, active and happy babies, provides tried and tested brand names for all you babies’ needs.

Baby Company, the baby specialist in infant feeding, caring, playing, sleeping and learning.
Ever wondered what it felt like to be in a wonderland for mommies? Well, look no further because Baby Company is truly a mom’s paradise!

Baby Company is a one-stop shop for all of your baby’s needs.
Since 1991, it has continued to provide a variety of quality products to moms and dads as well. They offer a wide selection from fashion apparel, toys, personal care, nursery furniture, to home safety and travel accessories. Their products which include Philips Avent, Graco, Disney, Maclaren, Pigeon, Chicco, Dr. Brown’s, TommeeTippee, Safety 1st, Lamaze and Fisher-Price, are sourced from world-class brands,. They also have in-house brands such as Lulu, Baby Clean, BabyCo, Picolo, Ollin and PlaySmart also form a major part of the product mix.  What more can you ask for?

Last August 6, 2016, Baby Company held its grand opening of their Megamall store.

The event was well attended by celebrity moms, influencers, writers and bloggers alike, as they all came to witness Baby Company’s grand opening of their Megamall branch. Celebrity moms such as IyaVillania – Arellano, Shamcey Sup sup - Lee, Tanya Garcia - Lapid, Nadine Samonte - Chua, Patty Laurel - Filart, Kelly Misa - Fernandez, Nicole Hernandez – Delos Angeles, and Joy Sotto were all excited to shop for their babies’ needs and mommy essentials. They entered the store and got right into it - getting their carts and going through the shelves to raid the selection and variety of products Baby Company has to offer.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was also held with soon-to-be mommy, IyaVillania – Arellano, joining the representatives from Baby Company to do the honors – Ms. Cheryl Justiniano AVP for Marketing, Ms. Lani Del Castillo SAVP for Merchandising and Ms. Theresa Ponce SVP for Operations. After the ribbon cutting, the doors were open for everyone to shop to their heart’s content!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Alam niyo ba na ang Ampalaya ay kabilang sa sampung halamang gamot na itinataguyod ng Philippine Department of Health na mabisa sa pagpapanatili ng lebel ng ating blood sugar?

( Ampalaya/bitter gourd is one of the ten medicinal plants being recognized by the Philippines Department of Health as effective in maintaining the normal level of our blood sugar.)

Ngayong darating na August 11, 2016, makakapanayam natin si Dr.Emil Aligui, Medical Consultant ng Natural Quality Corporation sa programang Baranggay Simbayanan ng 9:40-9:50 ng umaga sa Veritas 846.

(This Aug. 11, 2016, we will be having an interview with Dr. Emil Aligui, Medical Consultant of Natural Quality Corporation; on our program Baranggay Simbayanan in Veritas 846 at around 9:40 - 9:50 in the morning.)

Ang Natural Quality Corporation ay ang kumpanyang gumagawa at nagtitinda ng Ampalaya Plus. Isang natural dietary food supplement na tumutulong sa pagpapanatili ng ating blood sugar level.

(Natural Quality Corporation is the maker and seller of Ampalaya Plus, a natural dietary food that aids in the maintenance of normal blood sugar level.)

Ibabahagi sa atin ni Dr.Emil Aligui, Medical Consultant of Natural Quality, ang mga benepisyo ng pagsasama ng ampalaya sa ating pang araw-araw na diyeta.

( Dr. Aligui, Medical Consultant of Natural Quality; will share the benefits of including ampalaya to our daily diet.  )

Para po sa mga karagdagang impormasyon tungkol sa mga benepisyo ng Ampalaya plus, panoorin niyo po ang video testimonial na kabilang sa post na ito.

( For more information about the benefits of Ampalaya Plus, please watch the video testimonial on this FB post ) 

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