Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Have you just purchased your first home or moving into a new flat? Striking out on your own is exciting enough, but getting to put your own stamp on the place is just as exciting. Your home isn't just your castle, it's your haven, your escape from a busy world – and decorating it is an important step in creating that safe space. Luckily, we have plenty of home decorating ideas for you.

  1. Out With The Old
This is a process that you can begin before you have even completed the purchase or rental agreement of a new place and it's an important step. We are all guilty of accumulating stuff and moving it from place to place. Take this opportunity to cull your material items and get rid of what you don't need. If it's been sitting in the garage or loft for years, you don't need it. Look at what furniture you have that you can repurpose and consider what you can do to display any keepsakes you have held onto.

You can donate or sell off what you don't want to keep.

  1. Start In The Bedroom
You spend a lot of time in the bedroom and as it's the room where you sleep, it should be comfortable and relaxing. Your bedding is key, so invest well here. There's nothing better than slipping between high thread count sheets. Choose your bedding first and then choose a paint colour that complements it (you can invest in more bedding sets later). The colour is up to you, but don't be afraid to look at the psychology of colours to help you create the perfect feel in your bedroom.

  1. Create Art
There are plenty of ways you can create your own art, so why not try to experiment with your imagination and save yourself some money on new décor while you're at it. You can paint your own canvases or try your hand at pottery, too.

  1. A Piece At A Time
Decorating a new home is expensive, but don't jump into buying everything all at once. You should let yourself get used to the house before you decide how to decorate. This will give you a good idea of what area needs the most investment. You may have earmarked some remodelling money for the bathroom, only to find that the bathroom is just fine whereas the kitchen needs a few upgrades. Just don't jump into big purchases too soon.

  1. A Gallery
You know all your favourite photos that you dot all over the place? Why not buy a stash of identical frames and place your favourite pictures in them. Now, choose the perfect spot in your home to hang them in a gallery. You can hang them in a whimsical pattern or stick to a grid.

  1. Matching Isn't Everything
Now, if it is in your personality to match then go for it – but you don't have to buy sets and sets of everything for every room of your home. There's nothing wrong with a bit of mixing and matching to shake up a space and avoid a showroom look. You don't want guests walking in and thinking they've seen this entire room in a catalogue, do you?

  1. Candle Clusters
Candles add a touch of warmth to any room, so why not create a cluster of candles. Not only will it keep you warm at night, potentially preventing the need for heating, but it adds a touch of class and it's a bit arty, too. Buy large candles (different heights, but the same colour) and place them in glass containers. The coffee table or a sideboard is the perfect spot for this creation.

  1. Tie It In With Colour
Not everything needs to match, but the easiest way to pull your entire look together and create a cohesive look is through colour. Find the colour that is in every single thing in a room and use that colour for throw pillows, area rugs, curtains, and other accessories to tie everything together.

  1. Outdoors In
This is a major trend right now, but it isn't one that is going away. We struggle to spend enough time outside, so bringing the outdoors in is great. It's the perfect way to decorate an entryway and you don't have to go over the top. You can simply invest in some English Ivy, a coatrack using recycled materials and rustic wooden furniture to finish the look. There are some really popular shades of green that will complete the look, too.

  1. Inexpensive Solutions
You don't need to replace your kitchen cabinets if they are in good condition – instead paint them to create a fresh look. Cabinetry is one of the most expensive remodel jobs and should only be done when absolutely necessary. Your bathroom can be transformed by upgrading the lighting. There are plenty of inexpensive home décor solutions that will provide your home with a new look.

Make your way to to take advantage of the incredible discount codes - then shop till you drop and pay less for more. Cheap home décor doesn't have to look cheap so bear that in mind as you peruse home décor stores. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The race tracks at the Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City turned to yellow as the Sunlife Resolution Run, an obstacle course with pit stops inspired by diabetes prevention thru a Fit and Well lifestyle; kicked off last January 20, 2018. The race included 500 meter dash for kids and 500 meter walk, 3k, 5k, 10k run for adults. It was joined by running enthusiasts and many Star Magic artists led by none other than Piolo Pascual. 

It was the second race I joined since I promised to myself that being healthy should always be on top of my priorities. I have always enjoyed running eversince I was young. Being a "probinsyana," I never had a problem thinking of where to run because there were hills, mountain, seashore and the plain just seemed never ending in the province.

Here in the metro, organized races is one avenue I saw to pursue my passion in running and at the same time pursue my dreams of staying healthy as I age. There are a lot of "run" being offered but why Sunlife Resolution Run?

I ran with the stars.
Isn't it fun and amazing to see your favorite stars gather into an event and take selfies with them? I may not have had a photo opp with Piolo but I did with a lot of other Star Magic artists. I have had a very nice selfie with Papa P last year anyway and I'm so content with it, no regrets if I didn't have any this time. It was a great feeling to see the stars share the same passion and cause as yours. It was overwhelming how these very busy stars bonded and shared special moments with simple people like I am.

I was with my friends.
A lot of my friends from the media and the blogging community joined the race, so I joined too. The race is never tiring if you're running with friends. We were able to create more fun and exciting memories as we run and as we enjoyed the different activities prepared for the participants especially the 360 video.

The race was for a good cause.
Aside from the the main purpose of every race which is to promote a healthier lifestyle; the Resolution Run aimed at helping fund the education of Piolo Pascual's Hebreo 12:1 Foundation Scholars and the Star Magic Scholars. Other beneficiaries include Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, a non-profit organization for the accessible treatment of cleft lips and cleft palates and the Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation, Inc.

The race was perfect as every people set their resolutions to start the year right. I hope more and more people will realize the value of health even at their young age. Running and joining races is one of the best and the most interesting ways to get that fit and fab body we all have been wanting for. It feels good to run with other people and the nature. Most of all it is nice to run for advocacy and a good cause; that at the end of every race every running enthusiasts will have that feeling of accomplishment that they have done something good for others in their own way. Let's remember that the purpose of every race is not to see who is the fastest, but who has the most guts. 

"In the end it's your run and yours alone. Others can run it with you but they can't run it for you. Embrace it. Be strong. Keep moving forward."

Monday, January 29, 2018

The SBR EXPO, a retailers event showcasing items all geared to the needs of a tri-athlete, is happening to a near side-by-side with the Award’s Night. New retailers will join in the event showing their wares that are health-related in nature that both athletes and non-sport minded individuals may be interested in. This is an open to all event, regulars of the mall can also enjoy the items offered on those days.

AQUAMAN (Aquathlon), the first of all the races will take place in April which will be followed by the DUAMAN (Duathlon) in May and capping it all off with the TRIMAN (Triathlon) in June; registration for all SBR events is now open to all interested individual and enjoy an early bird discount.

Part of SBR’s plan for this year is to launch a race event for kids and PWD’s – a group that shows promise in terms of growth, recognition and possible fair market locally and abroad. Mr. De Guzman believes that the sport should be made open to all ages, sex and physical condition and still maintains the element of simple enjoyment without the normal pressure of a very dynamic and demanding sport. He aims to bring the sport nationwide and have it set on the natural terrain of the province that he goes to.

What started as a simply desire by a tri-athlete is now a growing e-commerce and triathlon event group serving the growing local fans and enthusiasts of the sports, thus is born in 2011. ( is the brainchild of a Carlos de Guzman, a tri-athlete with a passion for the sports. With the fire burning strong, a community is now formed that is continuously growing and inspiring lives. is an online store that caters to the gear needs of tri-athletes and/or those that are simply into running, swimming and cycling. He has shirts, socks, caps, drinking bottles, monitor watches, goggles, support straps and such made available on his site. He can also give support to some cyclist needs such as wheels.

Carlos de Guzman conceptualized a whole tri-series event designed for beginners and come-backers. This locally produced event is set to have the participants beat their own time in their own pace, letting them enjoy the whole experience of being part of this sport. The logic behind this is to help the participant develop their own confidence and needed strength without the pressure of an outside time meter. They build their strength and stamina and when they are ready, then they can fully try-out the other triathlon events in the country. That is why he developed the whole sports event in a segmented pattern – the Aquaman (Aquathlon), the Duaman (Duathlon) and the Triman (Triathlon). These allowed interested individuals to try out a segment first, build his confidence and strength, move to the next, and rebuild his strength again, till he is ready for the whole thing. It also became a retraining ground for those who were out of the circuit for a time, making it a place for beginners and elites to meet and know one another and have their stories shared – flowing freely within the growing community.

After cultivating the soil for interaction, what better way to make it prosper by having a recognition activity and an expo thus the Award’s Night and SBR Expo was born. This became a much attended event by the growing community of Enthusiast of the sports gets to be truly interactive by nominating their favorites and voting for those who qualified the nomination stage. Winner gets to get the accolade that they deserve from the community that they are part of. With the expo, runners, cyclist and swimmers get to see, choose and purchase sport’s items in one location. It also became a meet and greeting ground for tri-athletes, community member or enthusiast they may be. Expo retailers get to show their latest ware and enjoy a day or two of greeting, friendly haggling and seeing familiar and new faces in the sports.

From e-commerce to events maker to recognition and a growing home grown community, is truly making it strong and will push the envelope, opening new venues this 2018.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sometimes, you will meet someone and it works. Sometimes, you will meet someone and it will feel like God intervened and made you meet. Most of the time though, you meet someone and they break your heart into a million pieces and you start to wonder, "why me?"

With Valentines just around the corner, we decided to ask Dr. Paolo Bellosillo who is known for advocating living a quality life to share his thoughts on how you can protect your heart from the greatest stressor in life, a heartbreak. 

What are the qualities that a woman should look for in a guy?

A woman needs to look for someone who's God-fearing because if a man fears God, he will be loyal, faithful, committed, responsible, and honest. These are traits that any woman should want for in a man. A man like this will never make you worry or fear that he will go astray.

What are the qualities that a man should look for in their future partners?

A man needs to look for a woman who is capable of being their partner in life, not just in the bedroom. They need to find someone with a humble heart and someone who prioritizes their relationship over their pride.

How can you have a relationship that is good for both parties?

A relationship that preserves the dignity of the other person is always a good indication. When there is mutual trust and mutual respect, when a relationship is rooted in prayer and kindness then reinforced by communication, you know that it is beneficial to both parties.

What are your 5 tips for a healthy, smooth sailing relationship?

Pray together. When God is at the center of everything, everything will fall into place.

Communicate. As they said, almost everything can be sorted through an open and honest communication.

Be kind. If you can't be anything, if there is no more love, then at least be kind.

Be open. The two of you are not the same person which means that you will not have the same beliefs, the same principles, and the same ideologies. In fact, chances are big that you will have different ones so be open to understanding how the other person works.

Let go of fear. Most of the time, we react negatively because of fear.

Any tips to our readers for this upcoming Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day is primarily focused on the heart, on love but everyday should always take that into account as love is a journey and a decision which both souls builds on. While the whole world celebrates it, do so in a manner where it focuses not on consumerism or material things because they fade. Be original: play a song, sing a song, cook with love for your shared favorite dish, go to the first place where it all began with your special someone, or go to church and why delay it, say I DO, tie the knot. Just make sure the other is ready and fits in the qualities and attributes of those listed above After All when you Look Through The Eyes Of Love You Should Be Bringing Out The Best Of Me/You, Here There and Everywhere.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Eggs can be used in improving skin texture, be it dry or oily. Egg yolks are rich in fatty acids which can lend moisture to the skin while the egg whites contain albumin, a simple form of protein that helps tighten pores and also remove excessive oil.

Egg has a lot of benefits to the skin so to achieve the best results for the skin, do not just eat egg but also use a product that is made from eggs. 

Bellissima is one of the very few brands that uses egg as an ingredient in the soap. Bellissima Egg White is a skin whitening beauty soap that helps lighten the skin, tighten the face, soften the face and smoothen the skin.

I have been using the soap for 3 weeks now and it really is effective in softening my skin. That was the immediate result I get from using the soap day and night.

Along with the egg soap, I am using Elbow & Knee Collagen + Whitening body lotion. Elbow & Knee has Microwhyte Moisture that helps whiten, peel and smoothen stubborn dark areas safely.

The best thing that I noticed from using these two products is that they helped moisturize my skin. Before, I experienced dryness of the skin because of the cold weather plus the windy environment; but with the continued use dryness was gone.

What I love about these two new products I discovered is that they don't contain too much perfume. Maybe that is the reason why the soap and the lotion did not cause irritation on the skin.

I know with continued use, I will discover more of its benefits. For now, I am happy with the results - soft and moisturized skin everyday.

Friday, January 26, 2018

This is quite common that you are brushing your teeth and suddenly notice a bit of pink at the time of spitting out your toothpaste. At the time of flossing, too, you may notice some amount of bleeding.

It is true that a small amount of blood does not seem like a big deal but if your gums are bleeding constantly, then you should not ignore it. Bleeding gums can result from a number of reasons. They can range from being the side effect of pregnancy to Gingivitis. 

Changing your oral care routine can also lead to the bleeding of your gums at least, initially. Here are a few things that you should do if you find that your gums are bleeding.

Take a Look at the Tools That You Use – The tools that you use for your oral hygiene care can be the culprit in making your gums bleed. Although you may feel that a medium and firm bristled toothbrush can clean the gums and teeth more thoroughly and deeply, the harder bristles can usually cause the irritation. This can be the reason why your gums may start to bleed in the first place.

It is recommended by the experts to use a toothbrush with soft bristles that cleans the teeth and the gums thoroughly without irritation. In certain cases, it may not be the tools that are causing the bleeding but rather the way you are using them. If you are out of the flossing habit for quite a while then you can notice a bit of blood in the gum line. In that case, you should use a gentle hand and avoid pressing against the teeth and gums just too hard.

Improve Your Oral Care – Plaque build-up along the gum line is the biggest cause of bleeding gums. If you do not remove the plaque on a timely manner then it hardens into tartar that happens to be a material which is calcified that the plaque adheres to. This continues to irritate the gums that causes them to bleed. This can progress to serious forms of gum disease. The simplest way to reduce the gum bleeding is by decreasing plaque which can be achieved by enhancing your gum care.

You should never miss to brush twice daily and floss at least once as well. With regular flossing, your gums can sometimes stop bleeding. Apart from that, in order to keep our mouth in the best place you also have to visit your dentist on the right time and not just when you need it.

Maintain a Healthy Diet – When you eat and what eat also play a part in keeping the gums from bleeding. Foods that contain simple carbohydrates and lots of sugar enhance the risk of tooth and gum issues. This happens because sugar forms an ideal environment for plaque to form. Commit to the diet that is very high in the necessary nutrients found in the food materials like vegetables and is low in sugar. This does not mean that you have to ban sweets altogether. You should just eat them in moderation and also brush after the snacks so that the sugar does not have time to stick around.

The above are some of the ways by which you can take care of your gums if they are bleeding. But still if you face trouble with your gums you should not delay seeing your dentist at the earliest. Just like at the most reputed dental clinic you can get to retain your smile at the best dental filling cost similarly you can also retrieve your healthy gums affordably with the help of a proficient and experienced dentist.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

2 years ago, POS!BLE.NET an aggregator of digital services and an upgrade to small businesses was established. Currently, it offers more than 300 digital services to over a million Filipino consumers and has already generated close to P2 billion worth of transactions.

With over 1,600 retailers nationwide to date, POS!IBLE.NET looked ahead to a year full of possibilities, going with the theme "Empowering the Filipino MSMEs of Today."

POS!BLE Media Launch - January 24, 2018, Holiday Inn & Suites Makati

"We have been hitting milestones since we started operating in 2016," said JG Puzon, President and CEO of POS!IBLE.NET. "And we are excited for what 2018 has to offer to our growing number of retailers, consumers, and partners; and I believe that now is the perfect time to tell everyone about how we are empowering the Filipino MSMEs.

In the media launch held on the 24th of January, 2018 at the Holiday Inn & Suites Makati; two Ka-Posible Retailers were invited to share testimonials. Mary Ann from Cabuyao City Laguna was a previous OFW who added POS!BLE.NET to their existing businesses and now they are enjoying the benefits of working in the comfort of their own home. Michelle from Pasay City, grabbed the opportunity she saw to offer more services to the growing needs of their community. Now her business is the one-stop shop for bills payments. reloading and domestic remittance in their area.

President and CEO of POS!BLE, JG Puzon and Ms. Jenny A. Romero from the BSP

Ms. Jenny A. Romero, a Bank Officer Inclusive Finance Advocacy Office of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, shared some statistics about MSMEs and how going digital and the current online opportunities might help business owners succeed.

DTI Usec. Zenaida Maglaya, Regional Operations Group was also present in the said event to share how the department is helping Filipinos set-up a business without the need for a very big capital. She also shared the 5M's to consider before going into a business - Mindset, Mastery, Mentoring, Machines, and Model.

From bricks to clicks
POS!BLE.NET is a digital transactions platform that is designed to help small and medium entrepreneurs in the country, making it the preferred partner of sari-sari stores, laundromats, bakeries, barber shops, and other community-based businesses.

Accessed via the user-friendly POS!BLE device, its comprehensive services include utility bills payment, select government fees, money services, micro-insurance, mobile loading, online gaming credits, and ticketing. Each transaction also comes with a confirmation receipt, gaining the trust of consumers.

“I am very happy about the change that it brought to my store,” said Venus Santos, a sari-sari store owner. “Now I can offer digital services that bring convenience to my customers.” Santos has been a retailer in Paco, Manila for the past two years.

QnA portion with (left to right) DTI Usec. Zenaida Maglaya, Ms. Jenny A. Romero, kaPOS!BLE partners - Mary Ann and Michelle, JG Puzon and Jerwin Lim.

Empowering the MSMEs

The POS!BLE team has been together for the last decade and is responsible for several pioneering innovations in the field of telecommunications and mobile commerce.

“The platforms we built over the years brought financial technology to many communities, but still, only the big businesses were able to realize the advantages,” said Puzon. “Our goal is to bring the innovations to the broader base of Filipinos, a type of inclusion wherein every Filipino enjoys the convenience and benefits of emerging technology.”

Making financial inclusion happen

According to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), up to 36 percent of towns and cities in the Philippines still do not have access to banks and it takes 21 minutes on average for a consumer to go to the nearest financial access point. Given this, Puzon believes POS!BLE.NET plays an important role in attaining financial inclusion in the Philippines by bringing digital transactions closer to all communities.

“We are working to make the technology readily available to all barangays and community stores so that they would be able to do digital transactions and spur economic growth,” he said. “Our objective is to penetrate more areas, especially those where banks and payment centers are minimal or nonexistent.”

As a result, POS!BLE.NET was recognized as one of the Top 15 ventures in Asia at the DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge held in Singapore last September 2017, an annual competition to determine the most innovative ideas and enterprises. It was the sole Philippine entry in the Enterprise category.


POS!BLE.NET is a fintech and digital services provider based in Makati City that offers bills payment, money services, and mobile loading among others. It is one of the biggest Business-to-business-to-Consumer (B2b2C) networks in the country. To learn more about POS!BLE.NET, visit their website at

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

In observance of the 17th Anniversary of RA 9003 and the 4th Zero Waste Month, the Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources holds the Ecological Waste Management Summit: “Strengthening Cooperation And Partnerships On Ecological Solid Waste Management For The Present And Future Generations” on January 25 - 27, 2018 at the ABS-CBN Vertis Tent, Quezon City.

The event aims to further boost the DENR’s continuous efforts in enhancing public awareness and understanding of environmental issues and concerns, focusing on practical knowledge for effective solid waste management at source, which includes waste segregation, composting, and recycling.

This government initiative enjoins a stronger partnership with all stakeholders, local governments, communities, private businesses, and the public. An increased awareness and commitment to effective waste management creates a future where citizens enjoy an unpolluted environment, sustainable, and secure from natural calamities. To achieve this, the summit presents an interactive program that will inform, instruct, and inspire participants to take the lead towards a cleaner and greener world.

Summit activities include seminars and talks on Current Environmental Situation, Laws and Regulations, Technological Innovations, and Sustainable Goals; workshops on Practical Ways of Saving the Planet; and exhibitions of environmental products, technologies, and services from various Local Government Units, Non-Governmental Organizations, government agencies, and the private sector.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Whether you're preparing for a special birthday celebration, an upscale dinner party, or company centenary, cupcakes are exceptionally the favorite treat.

Cupcakes are inexplicably a guilty pleasure for most of us. Even the lead characters from Sex and the City had a few bites of indulgence when they ate some at Manhattan's upscale Magnolia Bakery. Traditionally, cupcakes were consumed by kids for their birthday parties, but nowadays, cupcakes are becoming mainstream. The on-the-go snacks sell like hotcakes that apparently solidifies their spot in the limelight. At present, they are rife with exotic flavors, and are designed in a myriad of creative ways making them fun seasonal-themed items, yet still relatively inexpensive.

Well, aside from referring to some delicious cupcake recipes from Bobby Flay's secret to his rum raisin cupcakes or the champion recipes of other popular Food Network stars like Alton Brown, Sandra Lee, Rachael Ray and Paula Deen, I want to share with you my secret.

As one of those few people who are into baking, I can say that investing in an excellent mixer is a must! My favorite at the moment is my PHILIPS MIXER HR1559, which I got from a local online shop called This pretty much does the job well in mixing the ingredients I’m using for my baking goods.

It has an automatic driven bowl for thorough mixing and has a strong motor power delivering around 250W, plus it’s equipped with suction feet for stable mixing. What's precisely appealing about this mixer is its matching shape of conic beater and automatic driven bowl that enables maximum incorporation of air, thus resulting in a smoother cake batter. It’s also efficient for me as it allows shorter whipping/mixing time as it’s up to 30% faster with its unique conic shaped beaters.

The bottom line? The PHILIPS MIXER HR1559 is a highly recommended mixer with features that can help anyone become a better baker. You may refer below for the specifications:

► General specifications

•Number of speed settings: 5

► Technical specifications

•Capacity bowl: 2 L

•Cord length: 1.2 m

•Frequency: 50-60 Hz

•Power: 170 W

•Voltage: 220-240 V

► Design

•Color: Star white/Vapor dusk

► Finishing

•Material accessories: Stainless steel

•Material of the main body: ABS

Visit and follow Takatack social media pages and website for more stuff to help you level up your passions in life!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

For 70 years, Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital, more popularly known as the Delgado Clinic, has been championing mother care with more than a hundred thousand babies being delivered to date. From normal births to high-risk complications, the Delgado Clinic has taken an extra measure of love and personalized care as all mothers do to make sure their child not only lives but flourishes.

Dr. Rolando Balburias, President and General Manager of Delgado Clinic

Apart from having effective and trusted professionals such as obstetricians and gynecologists who help us understand women issues, explain how pregnancy wheel works, give us valuable information about health and nutrition for both mom and her baby and a lot more about being a woman and a mother; they are also introducing the Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) program, a free three-day workshop that serves as the ultimate care, support and education system for moms-to-be designed to minimize or even eliminate the congenital defect, premature birth, new-born infections, and other chronic complications for both mothers and children.

An Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) is achieved when there is zero or reduced complications. The OBO program does this by providing added-value services in support of the foundational needs of every individual mother. No matter what level of physical or emotional health they mother comes in with, the goal of the program is to provide the best possible childbearing outcome for each mother and child.

The OBO program focuses on five aspects of health that are scientifically proven to have wide-ranging effects for every pregnancy.

•    Nutrition and Wellness- Delgado Clinic has localized the latest scientific nutrition information to support reduced negative birth outcomes, achieve optimum growth and development of the baby and provide a stable environment from which both mother and child may spring from.

•    Biotransformation & Elimination of Toxicants- The advent of urbanization has surrounded mothers with multiple toxic elements that are often missed and unassessed. Pulling from the latest scientific evidence the OBO program equips mothers with the practical knowledge of avoiding and substituting today’s most commonly used harmful chemicals.

•    Stress Management- Stress during pregnancy affects a child’s developing brain, metabolic system and body. Through the OBO stress management workshop, mothers are taught the multiple ways of managing stress and its link to long-term maternal and childhood diseases.

•    Exercise in Pregnancy - Physical exercise is an activity that improves or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. Exercise during pregnancy is important and can help with some common discomforts of pregnancy and support the body for labor, delivery, and life after delivery.

• Sleep Management- Establishing good sleep patterns during pregnancy is physically, psychologically and emotionally important. A good sleep pattern plays an important role in the preparation for birth, and protects the baby from the psychological stresses and strains of pregnancy.

First Time MOM Unit of the Delgado Clinic

Dr. Rolando “Oyie” Balburias, President and General Manager of Delgado Clinic once stated that , “We at Delgado Clinic would like to continue the legacy of our late founder, Dr. Jesus Delgado, his VISION and MISSION, and on being the pioneer advocate of CHAMPION OF MOTHER CARE for the past 70 years.”

Empowered by Johnson & Johnson, the First Time Mom Unit (FTMU) facility that caters to first time moms in their medical and hospital needs, and the Delgado Clinic’s Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) program aims to deliver enriching workshops for the mother not only to give birth to a healthy baby, but also to be holistically healthy before, during, and after the pregnancy. 

By signing onto the First Time Mom Unit (FTMU) and Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) workshops, moms-to-be also become eligible to join on the “Bet on Your D-Day.” The exclusive contest created by the Delgado Clinic to give OBO participants more than just an educational reward but a chance to win discounts on their maternity packages and other amazing prizes.

The OBO program is scheduled to launch on January 20 followed by the succeeding workshops on January 27 and February 3, 2018 at the Delgado Clinic.

For more information on the OBO program, please visit the First Time Mom Unit of Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital located at 7 Kamuning Road, Diliman, Quezon City, or visit their website, and follow them on Facebook: Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital and Instagram: @delgadoclinicph

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Philippines was a Spanish colony from 1521 to 1898. Our country cannot be a colony for over three hundred years and not imbibe the culture of the colonizer. 

Spain not only brought the Catholic religion to the Philippine islands, it also brought with it its culture and its cuisine.

The impact of the Spanish influence on local cuisine is very much evident not only in the households but also in different food businesses around the country.

I am one of the many Filipinos who also embraced the Spanish cuisine, which is why upon discovering a new Spanish-inspired food house somewhere in Marikina, I immediately packed up all my things and visit the place, not even wondering the distance I have to travel.

The food house, "La Barra" is located in a food park called "Tableria" in San Roque Marikina City. La Barra is a small store but it looks clean and inviting. The Spanish-inspired theme of the store - from the tiles to the decorations is really nice, you will feel that the owner is really passionate about Spanish cuisine.

So what did we feast on?

Of course my most favorite among the Spanish dishes - Paella Negra, a Valencian and Catalan dish made with seafood and rice with squid ink. We also had their Pork Adobar, a fried marinated pork topped with their special sauce - Lalaland and also the Chicken Skillet which is the chicken version of the Pork Adobar. For dessert, we had Crema Catalan, a custard dessert very similar to creme brulee.

Paella Negra 
Solo - P190  
Medio - P370
Grupo - P560

This Paella Negra is medium sized which is good for 3 persons, but if you are not really an eater with a very big appetite, this can be good for up to 5 persons. We were 3 girls, but we only ate around 70% of it and we're already full. Their negra tastes really good. The seafood was fresh and there was a generous amount of it on top. I enjoyed their negra because the rice was perfectly cooked with just the right blend of the taste of seafood and spices. Don't be afraid to try this black dish, peeps because it doesn't smell and taste "fishy."

Pork Adobar - P150

Chicken Skillet - P140

Pork Adobar and Chicken Skillet are both served with steaming hot rice. The meats are topped with their original salsa, Lalaland sauce which is blended by their in-house chef. Both are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and also savory and flavorful because of the different herbs used to marinate the meat.

The Crema Catalan is different from the usual creme brulee many restaurants and hotels offer. It is not sweet, but it is topped with burnt sugar and that's what makes it really enjoyable to eat. You can have it for only P75. Pls watch the video to see how La Barra makes their Crema Catalan.

So here is my overall rating:

► Place is clean, organized and friendly.
► Taste of the food is above average because they don't shortcut the process of cooking and especially the ingredients.
► Price is reasonable, won't hurt your budget.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

United Bloggers Philippines is one of the many blogger's groups online that I have joined in. I love this group because the members are a mixture of different personalities sharing the same goal of uniting bloggers thru their passion in writing.

Last January 7, 2018, UBP's thanksgiving party was held in Romulo Cafe' Makati, our venue sponsor. It was one lavish and extravagant celebration as every member prepared their best to comply with the Gatsby theme. The venue which depicts sophistication in every corner, was also perfect for this year's theme as it is adorned with memorabilia printed in black and white from the early 1900s.

La Familia Sofisticada de Unidos Bloggers Filipinas
Family Portrait

This was the first time I attended UBP's party and it was really a memorable one because I witnessed three different kinds of families graced the said event.

The first kind of family that surprised me was a "REAL family," - a family by blood. The Ang family, Mr. Sherwin Ang, Mrs. Adae Ang, the founder of UBP and the head organizer of the event and their lovely daughter, Abby has shown all-out support to the event. They warmly welcomed the guests; gamely photographed us and raffled off and gave away prizes.

Mother & Son tandem, Rissa and Justin (top-left)
Team "Ang-babait Ninyo" Sherwin, Adae & daughter Abby (top-right)
Mother & Daughter Look-a-like, Millete & Daniela (bottom-left)
Berlin Domingo of, and her baby (bottom-right)

I was also happy to see Mommy blogger Berlin Domingo, with her cute son who is only 5 months old. I was right of my first impression to her as a very hands-on Mom. I admire Berlin for showing such dedication to her passion for blogging and her passion for parenting. Rizza "Summer" Reyes was also present with her son Justin. They look like they are only siblings. Emiliana "Milette" Sison, author of blog and daughter Daniela also came in an "almost" twinning OOTD.

The second kind of family that made me really grateful for was a "GENEROUS family" of entrepreneurs. They were the blogger's partners who further fuel up the things bloggers love doing. They are the ones giving us projects, events, and first-hand experiences.

Some of this year's partners and sponsors, thank you and hoping for more fruitful collaborations ahead!

Lola Deling's Tradition gave each guest a jar of their special Achara which is distinct for its use of the natural ingredient. The owners of Shakedown St Cafeteria, the two beautiful ladies; were also present to hand us a sweet treat. Ralph Huertas of Trendspotting, took time to pitch in to the event despite his busy schedule so he could give some surprises, special thanks to his wifey, Michelle who is as supportive. Ms. Charmaine Pahate of Eggshell, did not forget to visit and join us to give out some token. Other sponsors who willingly supported to make the event a success were Restaurant Depot, Tanduay, Allianz, Adae's Kitchen and HerbaLife.

The last kind of family that really marked my memories of the day was the "ONE big happy family," celebrating friendship, sportsmanship, gratefulness, and unity in their own simple way - and that is everyone who went to the party physically and spiritually. I see the UBP group together with its partners as a family who appreciates each and everyone's contribution, whether big or small.

The United Bloggers Group with its partners/sponsors

As our group starts a new year full of hopes and big dreams, I wish everyone the best of everything. I hope we continue to enjoy and savor each and everyone's company. Let's keep on inspiring, liberating and uplifting the life of each member so no one of us gets left behind and so that our next thanksgiving would be a bigger, brighter and more meaningful celebration.

Cheers to us all!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Achara is one of the most famous side dishes in the Philippines. It is a pickle made from grated unripe papaya seasoned with bell peppers, carrots, ginger, onions, garlic, and raisins. Some Achara makers made variations using the ubod, labong and ampalaya as the main ingredient instead of papaya. But whatever the ingredient Achara is made of, it surely enhances the taste buds of every foodie.

This dish from an Indian cuisine is widely popular in the Philippines during fiestas and other regular celebrations such as Christmas and the New Year.

I personally love Achara because my mother used to always prepare it for us, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. It is not only used as "appetizer" but also to remove any aftertaste of the food we eat, to clear the taste buds.

Growing up, I have always wanted to do what my mother did with her homemade Achara but because of the very busy schedule, I always end up buying from a restaurant or from the supermarket. Those being sold in the market somehow, ease my craving for my late Inay's Achara, but they don't really satisfy my very delicate palate. 

Not until I discovered, Lola Deling's Traditions Atchara. My first reason for loving this Atchara is because it really tastes like the homemade dish of my late Inay. It has the right blend of sweet-sour taste with a twist of pineapple. Every ingredient tastes fresh and natural and this is the only Achara I have tried that uses organic coconut vinegar. 

The coconut vinegar reminds me of my early days in our province when we use to make our own coconut vinegar from fresh coconut juice which we use for adobo, paksiw and any dish that require the use of vinegar. The advantage of using coconut vinegar is that it is less acidic and it contains more minerals and amino acids that the regular ones on the market today. This vinegar which is similar to apple cider and balsamic, also has a low glycemic index which makes it appropriate for diabetic patients. 

I love to partner Lola Deling's Atchara to anything fried - tinapang bangus, daing na bangus, lechon kawali, fried pork chop, fried chicken and more. Also, I use it as "panghimagas" or dessert especially when I ate too much meat and also to remove the aftertaste of beef and seafoods. It adds a distinct taste to every dishes at home even to veggies especially those cooked with coconut milk or gata.

From now on, Lola Deling's Atchara will always be part of our everyday meal. With the taste of this Achara which is similar to the one my Inay prepared for us back then, it will always let me feel that my Inay is with us sharing in our every meal of the day. For every time there's Lola Deling's Traditions Atchara on my plate, it will always let me feel the love and care my Inay used to share with us... 
"Only children believe they are capable of everything..."

Kids already display natural abilities at an early age, especially when they go through their daily activities. Some children have a knack for drawing or music, while others show physical strength or a unique capacity to learn things fast.

According to Dr. Leticia Ho, president and founder of the Philippine Center for Gifted Education, these abilities can turn into special talents and gifts when we nurture and encourage their development.

“As parents, our role is to help our children develop their gifts to reach their full potential,” Dr. Ho pointed out during the recent PROMIL® Four’s “Shaping the Gift of Tomorrow’s Greats” learning workshop, which gathered celebrity and blogger parents. “It is important to discover and nurture them early so that they will not be left untapped and undiscovered.”

To help you shape your child’s gift, here is a list of some advice as well as other smart ways as shared by PROMIL® Four’s Key Opinion Leaders, composed of experts in the field of Developmental Pediatrics, Clinical Psychology, Obstetrics, Health & Wellness and Nutrition.

Build a strong foundation for learning abilities

The future of your child lies on the foundation of his or her learning abilities. Dr. Christina Padolina, an Ob-Gyne and associate professor at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay, underlined that the best period to set up a strong groundwork for learning should start from the crucial first 1,000 days of the child, starting from the mother’s pregnancy.

This period is critical since it is at this stage when the child exhibits adaptability and responsiveness to interventions. Thus, external interventions, such as health and nutrition and other activities, during this time build a strong groundwork for your child’s ability to grow, learn, and gain a productive future.

Advance your child’s multi-dimensional development

According to Tippy Tanchanco, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, your child’s growth results from an on-going, reiterating, and cumulative external factors. So, it is important to expose your child to activities that support multi-dimensional or overall development.

There are three building blocks to advancing multi-dimensional development. These areas include physical, mental, and socio-emotional development. As a parent, you can engage your child in different activities to nurture his or her gift to its full potential.

For instance, drawing or painting can help your child develop his or her mental growth as it encourages recognition and memory. You may also engage your child in Yoga to stimulate body movement and sensory experiences. As a meditation activity, it also encourages balance and coordination, focus and concentration, mind and body connection, as well as self-awareness and mindfulness. Other imaginative and group games, however, can also promote strong leadership qualities in children through imagination, communication, and collaboration.

Ensure that your child gets proper nutrition

Aside from these activities, you must also make sure that your child gets the proper nutrition that they need. Without the right nutrients during the younger years, it may result in irreversible physical and cognitive impairments that prevent children from achieving their full potential.

PROMIL® Four has long been known for nurturing the young Filipino’s gift. It is specially formulated for children above three years old and is the only brand that has NUTRISSENTIALS — the combination of the unique and important nutrients. These can support mental and physical development to help Nurture the Gift, together with balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Promil Four has been my youngest kid's milk since he turned 3 last year. It helps him stay active during the day and it gives him a good night sleep at night. He enjoys a lot of activities with other children in the neighborhood, without getting easily tired and I believe that's all because of the proper nutrition I am giving him partnered with the right milk.

To know more about PROMIL® and its other variants, visit its website at

Friday, January 12, 2018

Fifteen young designers are having an exhibit of their showpieces at the DTI - Design Center of the Philippines CCP Complex Pasay City, Philippines. This is in compliance with their training as graduates, as they move on to the next phase of the New Design Graduates Training (NDGT) Program; a track under the Design Center Competency Program which is developed by Design Center of the Philippines, an agency attached to the Department of Trade and Industry.

The exhibit dubbed as "EDIT : Objects Redesigned" features reimagined designs of handpicked bestsellers brewed from the fresh minds of the 15 newly graduates from different colleges and universities in the country. The exhibit is a synthesis of the training undergone and the learning acquired during the first phase of the 3-part training program. The exhibit is made possible in collaboration with the partner manufacturers - Calfurn Manufacturing Phils. Inc., CSM Philippines Inc., Industria Edition, MZE Manufacturing Co., Inc., and P&B Valises ET Compagnie Inc.

The NDGT is a year and four months-long program that serves as an avenue where emerging and practicing professionals can enhance their individual competencies through intensive training by an industry recognized Design Mentor and Program Advisors. It also aims to improve the quality, competitiveness, and branding of Filipino products in the global market.

The NDGT has three phases with the first phase being – The Incubation, which specifically focuses on strengthening the participants’ philosophy and orientation towards design fundamentals to build their own voice. Activities in the incubation phase include Design Talks to gain further knowledge on creative thinking, design management and design business from several resource persons including the Design Mentor and Program Advisors; Learning Crafts to acquire or increase knowledge of participants on six crafts like pottery, metalworks, handmade paper-making, embroidery, sculpting, molding & casting, and carpentry; Anatomy of Product Design to further understand the design practice and process by dissecting and restructuring the product to learn its materials, processes, labor and skills requirement and price point.

The second phase is Apprenticeship, which is geared towards a deeper appreciation of craftsmanship, cultural sensitivity, and application of studies from the incubation phase. Still under the guidance of the design mentors, participants will apprentice with select companies in the Philippines, with whom they will provide design assistance to as they also learn about the trade and business. At the same time, designers will also be exposed to various international exhibitions and trade fairs where they can understand and gain insight into the needs of the global market.

The final phase is Atelier where participants will undergo actual design practice in a design firm, applying everything they have learned without the guidance of the Design Mentors. Each phase will have a performance assessment to determine who will proceed with the program.
“The Design Center aims to cultivate a culture that thrives on creativity, value creation and innovation,” says Design Center of the Philippines executive director Rhea Matute. “At the heart of this program is a design and creative mindset, honing craftsmanship and bringing design back to making things and making them well.”

With the intensive training, the participants were given the opportunity to be closely guided by experienced Design Mentors, Program Advisors and Resource Persons who are highly influential in the international and local design and sourcing communities. Leading the roster are Tony Gonzales and Josef Crisanto, who serve as the Design Mentors of the NDGT. Crisanto is a production designer whose clients include, DTI’s Center for International Trade, Expositions and Missions (CITEM), Dedon, Swarovski, and APY Cane to name a few. He has trained extensively in Europe where he also earned a French Master’s Degree in Design under the mentorship of world-renowned industrial designer Tom Dixon. His work products have been featured in several international exhibits alongside other international designers notably at the “Worldwide” exhibit curated by the French designer Christophe Pillet at the Salon du Meuble and the Swarovski showroom in Paris.

Meanwhile, Gonzales is an internationally-renowned designer who has been one of the preferred merchandising consultants of CITEM for its most major trade exhibit, Manila FAME. He is also the founder of A Greeting Card Company where several European investors were captured by his cutting-edge card concepts and calendars, thus tapping him to do commissioned works for product design as well as running international design workshops. Since the 90’s, he has consistently won the KATHA Award, an award given to designers and companies who show excellence in arts and design achievements.

For his part, Crisanto says of the graduates, “We are extremely proud to see our first batch of young designers move on to the next phase of the NDGT. Our mission is to groom emerging designers to become the future influencers of the Philippine design industry and we are confident that this will be good bearers of our mission.”

And among the list of NDGT Participants are Rey Mark Aragon, Julyn Astillero, Gerbert Balaoro, Todd Wyatt Paul Benedicto, Pauline Kimberly Co, Adam Dominiq Domingo, Mark Joecil Escame, Joseph Raphael Espinosa, Louisa Veronica Ilustre, Alexandra Daphne Legaspi, Angel Kris Mayor, Clark Adrian Mendoza, Razel Mari Sta. Rita, Hannah Grace Tusi, and Joseph Yap. The DCDP is also made possible with the support of its partners who have been vital in making the program an immersive experience for the participants.

“The Philippines has plenty of young talented designers who have the power to share the country’s beautiful culture to the world,” says Department of Trade Industry Assistant Secretary Rosario Gaetos. “By producing globally competitive products, they are not only promoting our rich cultural heritage but also helping us achieve sustainable economic growth.”

Without a doubt, the Design Center Competency Program is proof that the Philippines can elevate the quality, competitiveness, and branding of Filipino products in the global market by giving young designers an avenue to enhance their skills and inspire them to showcase their talents locally and internationally.

The Design Center of the Philippines was established in 1970 by founding Executive Director and National Artist for Visual Arts Arturo Luz. Its main mission is to promote the use and appreciation of good design by strengthening the Philippine design industry and improving the range, quality, and thus the competitiveness of Philippine services and products. For more information, visit Design Center of the Philippines website and Facebook page

Watch via my youtube page for more of the exhibit

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