Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It’s understandable to feel nervous or concerned about the idea of traveling while pregnant. However, a babymoon, as this type of trip has become known, has plenty of benefits and could be a real highlight of your pregnancy if you plan it properly. Here are five reasons why traveling while pregnant is so rewarding.

Reason for traveling
1. It’s an opportunity to get away from everyday life
Let’s face it, we all need a break from time to time, and chances are you’re even more tired than usual now you’re carrying a little one. Travel gives you the chance to sit back, take a breather from your daily responsibilities, and spend some time doing something you’re really interested in. Reducing stress is incredibly important when you’re pregnant, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that travel is beneficial for your health.

2. You control what you want to do
Being away from your usual responsibilities means you can call the shots, and do what you want, when you want. Looking to wander around your destination and take in all the sights? You can (just remember to listen to your body and take regularly breaks). Need nothing more than a poolside sunlounger and a good book? Lay back and enjoy. Pregnancy is hard work and you deserve to rest.
3. You can still visit somewhere new
While it’s true that you can’t travel as far when you’re pregnant, you can still explore a new destination — you just need to do your research beforehand. Spa hotels, country retreats, and chilled-out beach breaks all make ideal holiday ideas for pregnant women.

Some countries require vaccinations before travel, but there are risks involved with live vaccines, which can have an impact on the unborn baby. Always speak to a doctor, who will be able to explain the effects of individual vaccinations, and try to visit a country where no vaccinations are required if you can.

Read Holidaysafe’s guide to pregnant travel for more tips on travel planning, plus learn how to make the most of your holiday with a baby on the way.

4. It’s ideal for pre-baby bonding
Your lives will change forever once your bundle of joy arrives — travel gives you and your partner uninterrupted time to spend together to talk about how you feel about parenthood and enjoy those last moments of peace and quiet. (Verily has some ideas for ways to bond with your partner and help them feel involved during pregnancy.)
5. You’ll come home with a new sense of perspective
There’s nothing like some time away to help you focus on what really matters, and this is especially true when you’re pregnant. Travelling will give you time to rest and reflect on what’s ahead for you and your expanding family, and you’ll return feeling refreshed and ready.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Mober Technology PTE (Mober), the first-ever tech startup that offers an on-demand platform for same-day delivery service in the Philippines, has partnered with 2GO Group Inc.

Mober Founder and CEO Dennis Ng said aside from the latest capital infusion, they will now also get to service SM's businesses providing them same-day delivery capabilities. Mober, the platform chosen by brands like Dunlop, Betterdogs, Fujidenzo, Adidas, Mandaue Foam, and Dimensione, will be adding SM Appliance, Our Home, SM Department Stores, and other SM affiliates to its roster of clients.

Mober's same-day cargo delivery service connects small and medium enterprises (SMEs), shoppers, and all families with a cost-effective, safe and fast logistical service with a dedicated customer support.

"We saw a problem that SME’s usually encounter - they have to buy their own delivery van, increased CapEx. So we realized why not build a company which provides a solution to this problem," Ng said. "From individual to businesses, Mober helps you move forward in just a few taps using our Mober app. It's a click, load, deliver scheme. We offer pick-up and delivery services that’s tailored to your specific needs."

Founded in December 2015, Mober has changed the buying behavior of the Filipino market as they now expect a same-day delivery when shopping for bulky items.

Mober intends to use the investment proceeds to expand its business in key cities in the Philippines, to further enhance the Mober app (available on Google Play and App Store) for better scalability, and to add more van partners to better serve affiliates’ requirements.

2GO Group President Frederic DyBuncio said: "Mober fills in the gap for 2GO being a technology platform that allows on-demand delivery service for big items."

Meanwhile, 2GO Logistics Chief Operating Officer Ricardo Aguas said with the new partnership, the Philippines is actually witnessing a synergy of tech and business innovations in the local logistics scene.

"This is also a strategic partnership for 2GO as we are also embracing the multiple opportunities the digital world brings," Aguas said.

Other on-demand services Mober offers include booking of home and store deliveries on the same day or advance, pet shuttle, among others that assure worry-free logistic support and service.

"We in Mober prioritize our customers all the time. We make sure our van partners are trained enough to provide convenience in delivering big items and to handle our customers' valuable items with utmost care," Ng added.

Aside from a dedicated customer support, Mober also features Transparent Pricing, GPS Tracking, SMS or Call Contact, Real-time Driver Spot, and Cargo Insurance.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

One of the most difficult aspects of being glued to our phones in the 21st century is the issue of charging. Even after you purchase a new phone and you get to enjoy the feeling of a crisp, new battery, the luster fades pretty quickly. That’s where charging backpacks come into play.

Getting the best charger backpack means having power no matter where you are, on the go, or on an overnight trip that popped up last minute. Regardless of your lifestyle, having a charging bag can be a useful item in almost any situation.

When Do I Need One?

Whenever you’re out! We may charge our phones at work (if you’re allowed to), but there’s no outlets on the train ride home, there’s no surety that you can hop from work to play, and not have your battery die while you’re out. Cell phones are far more than just emergency devices or ways to text our friends - we’re more connected to them than ever before.

If you’re taking a day trip, if you’re streaming the music that’s fueling the Bluetooth speakers at a party, you need your phone to stay alive. Lithium-ion batteries are found in just about every consumer electronic that we purchase, and over time, they fade out.

It stinks, but it’s true - lithium-ion batteries are our best solution right now, but they’re not able to hold up to our constant needs on a daily basis. After just a few short months, you’ll experience quicker battery usage, dropping to 99% the second you unplug the phone, and other battery-related issues. It’s not your phone - it’s the battery. Keep yourself charged with a battery bag on the go, so you’re never stuck with a dying battery, even when you’re using the same phone for years at a time.

How do we secure the things that are important to us? Some hire security guards, some have dogs inside the house, some have cctv's for protection. But we should never forget the basic security we need - locks and keys.

When I was in college, I remember this one incident where our boarding house was robbed so early in the morning. Around 5am, when everybody else inside the house was still sleeping tightly, Somebody was able to tamper and break the door lock. Still thankful,though, because nobody among my housemates were harmed. The thief only got away with some small appliances like the dvd player, radio player and the television.

When I bought my own house, I still have in mind that one incident I would never want to happen again. Safety has always been my number concern for all my possessions. Looking for locks and keys that I can use for our home, I saw a lot of different types and kinds. There are a lot of cheap locks and keys in the market but I am doubtful if they can provide me the safety I need. I tried some of the cheap ones, thinking I could save some but I was wrong. They easily broke and I was able to use them only for less than a year. With that experience, I thought of replacing all the locks and keys inside the house because they really don't provide any security at all.

Our house is one of our biggest investments and it definitely needs ultimate safety at all times - inside and outside

Whenever I would want to buy something, I always research the internet first for reliable ideas and suggestions. Then I came along with Fast Keys UK. I got interested with the range of products they offer for security. It really seems that they are a true lock and key specialist because of the wide variety and quality of products and services they offer. Their products are suitable for both home and business use. They also offer key replacement which is much convenient and cheaper than replacing the entire locks and keys; all they need from you is to provide the numbers from your keys and they will do the rest.

We should never settle for anything less when it comes to the security and safety of our possessions and investments. Fast Keys UK is really a reliable partner and I would love to avail of their services one of these days. I also recommended it to friends and families around the globe because I also care for their safety.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Having a well-designed and planned corporate space or office is essential to leave a positive impression on the minds of customers and clients. As you probably know it, you do not get a second chance to give a first impression and having a shabby corporate space is not going to leave a perfect impression on prospective and new clients. However, with the help of the lush green, vibrant and captivating faux landscaping products, it is now possible for you to innovatively give your office a makeover. Here’s everything you need to know about the artificial trees and plants:

Top Quality Landscaping Products That Are Long Lasting

One excellent benefit of the artificial landscaping products and external privacy screens is that these products are made from top quality raw materials. High-grade color pigments are used to ensure that the leaves of the trees and plants don’t fade or lose their color. Further, the plants are very sturdy and durable and can pretty much be termed as damage proof. These landscaping products can be placed in both indoors and outdoors settings without any hassles.

Fire Retardant Landscaping Products For The Safety Of Your Corporate Space

A special technology called the ThermaLeaf technology is used as the time of manufacturing these faux plants and trees to ensure that the finished products are fire retardant. A lot of artificial landscaping products available in the market are known to be susceptible to fires. Installing such landscaping products in your corporate space can turn out to be an absolute disaster. The last thing you want is your office or office building going up in flames. In the case of these ThermaLeaf treated faux plants and trees, you need not worry about such hassles. You can go right head and install the landscape in your corporate space with a worry-free mind.

Can Withstand All Kinds Of Weather Conditions

Another excellent benefit of installing the fake boxwoods, fake ivy wall coverings and other landscaping products in your corporate space are that these plant, trees, and flowers can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Whether you arrange them in an outdoor area of your corporate space or indoor area, these plants will not spoil or deteriorate. Special UV stabilizers are injected into the raw materials of the landscaping products that prevent the finished product from fading or losing its color when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Further, these faux plants and trees can also withstand excessive rainfall, snowfall or even be placed in a 24-hour air-conditioned facility without getting ruined or spoilt.

Easy To Install The Landscaping Products In Your Corporate Space

The artificial landscaping products are very lightweight, unlike the real plants and trees that can be massive in size and weight. These faux trees and topiaries can be lifted up and moved around with the greatest of ease. No need to hire a team of laborers to complete the installation of your landscape. One or two people are more than enough to get the job done. Further, for those of you looking to get professionals to complete the landscape on your behalf, there is a team of skilled installers and landscape artists provided by the sellers of these landscaping products. This team will complete the entire landscape for you at your corporate space.

Easy To Maintain And Provide Care To

Another excellent benefit of the artificial landscaping products is that they are very easy to maintain. Unlike real plants and trees, the faux plants and trees do not require regular watering, pruning, cutting, trimming and fertilizing. Further, the faux plants and trees also do not shed their leaves seasonally leaving behind a mess for you to clean. In the case of the artificial landscaping, you will not require to hire a professional gardener who will come on a daily basis to provide the necessary care to the plants. A simple spray of water over the plants is enough to keep them looking fresh and new.

Unbelievably Realistic And Lifelike Plants And Topiaries

The beauty of the faux landscaping products is that these plants and trees are manufactured to resemble their real counterparts identically. The leaves, stems, branches, flowers, and colors of the artificial boxwood hedges are made to look exactly like the real plants. Anyone get fooled into believing that these faux plants are real. Decorating with these silk plants is worth it, and you need not worry about your landscape looking artificial and fake.

Very Affordable Way To Decorate Your Corporate Space

Revamping your corporate space or giving the area an absolute makeover can prove to be a costly ordeal. Especially hiring interior decorators, landscaping artists or even spending money on interiors, wall paintings and other decorative items can burn a hole through your pocket. The simplest, quickest and most inexpensive way to give your corporate space a whole new vibe is by installing a landscape with artificial landscaping products. Not only are these landscaping products very affordably priced, but their low maintenance also will turn the project into a cost-effective one. Thus, you can give your entire corporate space the makeover you have always dreamed of giving it at a reasonable price and within a reasonable budget. You don’t need to worry about creating a dent in your savings with the installation of the faux landscaping products.

So, if you wish to give your corporate space a beautiful, vibrant and visually pleasing makeover, the artificial landscaping products are just what you require. Don’t wait another minute and place your order for the plants, trees, flowers, and topiaries. Decorate your office or corporate building in a unique, mesmerizing and breathtaking way. We guarantee that the gorgeous landscapes that you will be able to install with the help of the artificial plants and trees will leave your customers amazed and impressed!

Install a gorgeous landscape in your office or corporate space to leave an everlasting impression on customers, clients and visitors. If you want to make the outside of your office looks green too but you can't do it yourself, you can check a landscape maintenance service near you. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Our house is not just a structure where we eat, rest and store all our belongings. The house is our haven for the security, peace, and harmony of life. But what happens when the people we trusted to take care of the house turned into intruders and traitors that would ruin our beloved sanctuary?

Many of us have our own horror stories to tell when it comes to hiring nannies, housemaids, drivers and other house helpers. It is very seldom that we get to employ people in the household that will be our real ally in making our house a home - someone that is trustworthy, efficient and hardworking enough to make our place a better place to live in.

Good thing that technology now plays a role even in hiring people to do the household for us. A new app just recently launched called Wanderhand Inc. is making it easier for families to look for helpers that they need - much more convenient, safe and affordable.


Wanderhand Inc. is a location-based mobile application that can provide competent service provider and skilled service providers at a very competitive and reasonable service costs.

Wanderhand Inc. also provides an easy to use app that customers will find easy to use and find the right service providers for their needs.

Wanderhand Inc. app is downloadable thru Google Play and App Store.

To get started with, you have to sign up an account by providing personal information, a valid email address and a password.

Then you may now choose the service / services you want to avail - Aircon Technician, Electrician, House Cleaning, Laundry and Pressing or Plumbing.

Accomplish the easy-to-follow instruction on the app and you're good to go.


Launching of the Wandehand Inc App, in Rhapsody Residences Muntinlupa City

With Wanderhand, you need not employ a househelp in your household. You just have to book them when you need them. That makes it easier and safer to get a help from the outside source. 

Wanderhand app offers you a lot of choices. They have numerous service providers that are carefully selected and screened. You also have a choice when it comes to pricing because the cost of each service provider varies with each other. You can always check customer's feedback or rating to help you decide which provider to choose.

A chat feature is also included in the app for easy and real-time communications with the service provider.

Wanderhand is very flexible. You can set your own time availability through the app and you can even set an alarm through the app for your upcoming service. 

When your service provider fails to give you a fair service, you can always report it by giving a feedback or by rating them on the Wandehand Inc app. Rest assured that every feedback is valuable. Wanderhand, thru the Wandehand Assist is keeping those feedback as room for improvement and better service to the community.


At this moment, the Wanderhand Inc App services the southern part of Metro Manila which includes Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Paranaque, and Taguig. But within the year, they are very positive and they are moving heaven and earth to reach out more families and customers in need for househelp as they are planning to expand the service to Quezon City, Makati, Pasay, and all over Metro Manila. They are also very optimistic that they will also be able to reach the people in South Luzon from Laguna, Cavite, Rizal and more.

Some of the Wahderhand service providers who were present during the launch

The team is so eager in helping the growing needs of every household when it comes to home cleaning and management. Also, they are passionate in giving Pinoy skilled workers an avenue to earn more and maximize their skills. They are helping those freelancers, work-at-homes, parents, students and jobless but skilled people in finding a decent job without the need to leave their place and family for a long time.

This kind of app is the first and only in the Philippines and I must say, this is something to be proud of. Wanderhand is not just an income-generating business but it is an opportunity-builder for those who want to somehow provide for their family. I actually see this app someday as one of the major contributors in providing more jobs to the common Pinoys.

The wonderful Wanderhand Team - the beauty and the brains behind the venture

From now on, everytime you would see the laundry piling up like a mountain, faucet leaking like a fountain, aircon that is useless and broken and many other sights inside the house that keep us from having a comfortable and peaceful living - you will no longer wonder how to fix them all and put back the house in order. The solution to our usual day-to-day problem in the household is just a click away. Just bear in mind, there's Wanderhand!

More of what happened during the launch on my Youtube channel :

Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Love, Mrs. Mommy 

Many families with babies and young children will be wanting to ensure they have the best possible home environment for health and happiness. Humidifiers are one of the items that can really help to make sure that the cold, dry air of the winter months doesn't irritate little noses or sensitive skin. Whether you just need a small humidifier for that inevitable cold, or a more advanced device for winter-long running, you'll find it here. With this in mind, TopTenUSA have picked the best humidifier for baby bundles that you can buy right now, carefully selecting them for functionality, quality, design, and in the interests of saving energy. We've also made sure that every one of the products we've chosen has been rated by the Energy Star program.

1 Lucky Winner Will Receive: 

A Radiate Your Love Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, 7 Color Changing Mood Enhancing LED Lights, Aromatherapy Diffuser, and 4 Timer Options with Auto Shut Off which costs $37.77 RV

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The biggest Weekend Market in the South is now open in SM SouthMall Las PiƱas.

The weekend market is set indoor and outdoor. The indoor setting is located near the main entrance of the mall and it features store offering products for love month - bouquets, stuffed toys, watches, chocolates, cakes, personalized items and other gift items.

Indoor Weekend Market, SM Southmall

Anything best for gifting this Love month is being sold indoors

The outdoor market is located in the adjacent parking of the main entrance. It features a wide variety of products from fashion to food, to household and hobbies such as gardening.

A vast assortment of food finds can be eaten outdoor picnic style during the day, with acoustic performances at 7PM each night.

You may also shop for quirky gifts, accessories, and personal items from over 50 unique concepts at the Food Street Parking.

Some of the must-try food stalls are - Chicago Pizza, DX Special Street Foods, Bagnet Patong and the stalls below.

 Dada's Grill, for barbecue dishes

Mr. Yu Taiwanese Cuisine, for dimsum

King Shawarma, for Middle Eastern dishes

The Weekend market is a great way to bond with family and friends at an affordable cost. Whether you want to shop, dine or just chill, the place is just right for you. 

The Weekend market is open starting Feb. 17, 2018 every Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 9pm.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Were you once an avid fan of Chinese movies, such as those of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Lucy Liu and more? Chinese movies gave us different spices of stories before with its exciting settings and interesting effects. Good news is, they are coming back for another new genre that movie lovers will surely enjoy.

Never Say Die movie from China is showing on February 28, 2018, in the Philippines

Before KPOP domination here in the Philippines, Chinese movies were considered crowd favorites in the foreign film entertainment scene especially with themes leaning toward romcom, action, and supernatural. Another instance was during the height of the Mexican telenovela in the country in the early 2000s, Chinese series Meteor Garden starring F4 was such a big hit on Television. 

Chinese movie followers or even those who crave for fresh films are in for a hilarious treat as the recent blockbuster top grosser in China and Hong Kong over the recent months will now be shown in the country. Never Say Die will leave you excited all throughout the film and will have you laughing your heart out as Ai Lun (Edison) and Ma Li (Xiao Xiao) bring you a mixture of all the elements you love in a Chinese film; Action, RomCom and Supernatural all in one movie. The film is the highest-grossing in China in 2017 with a whopping US$334 million recorded in the box office.

Never Say Die surpassed the US$250 million earned by Jackie Chan’s film Kung Fu Yoga last year, to become the biggest single-territory grosser among all live-action comedies ever released.

Never Say Die is a movie about a has-been Ultimate Fighting King (UFK) boxer who can’t seem to get a good fight and a celebrity Journalist who is caught it in a bad romance and how destiny allowed them to straighten their acts as they switch bodies and embark on a series of misadventures to fix their intertwined predicament.

Directed by Yang Song & Chiyu Zhang, the film is an adaptation from a stage play produced by Happy Mahua Pictures, a popular comedy troupes following the success of Goodbye Mr. Loser which incidentally also starred the two.

This feel-good film will definitely awaken the Chinese movie aficionado in you. Distributed in the country by Creative Products Corporation and released by Star Cinema. Never Say Die is showing in cinemas nationwide starting February 28, 2018.

Watch the trailer here:

Monday, February 19, 2018

Does a pregnant or a breastfeeding Mom really need to have a diet? 

Actually, a breastfeeding or a pregnant Mom's diet is not limited to healthy foods only. She actually can drink caffeinated or carbonated beverages, have a drink, eat sweets and salty foods suck as cakes, ice cream and even junk foods, but these should be in moderation. and only if she has no complications. Anything that will go overboard might affect the health of the mother and eventually the baby.

But isn't it great if a breastfeeding or pregnant Moms would only intake those that are nutritious for both the Mom and the baby so they can have a worry-free, stress-free breastfeeding or pregnancy journey?

Breastfeeding with M2 Tea Drink

Breastfeeding can be beneficial and rewarding for both mothers and babies, but at the same time entails a lot of hard work and can be a bit tedious. In order to keep quality breast milk supply sufficient, it is essential to always stay hydrated because breastfeeding can make the nursing mother really thirsty. This means that nursing mothers need to be sipping liquids most of the day. But most important of all, the health and nutritional state of the mom must always be at the optimum to make sure quality milk is being produced for her baby.

Although water is good, it can get a bit dull as well as lacking nutritional value and content. 

In 2011, NatureEarth has introduced M2 concentrate tea drink. With malunggay, okra and ginger as its main ingredients, it is packed with powerful nutrients, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium and has been proven to significantly improve the amount of milk of nursing mothers. It is, by far, the best and most convenient diet for breastfeeding mothers, which are important for a baby’s growth. 

Malunggay, okra and ginger are also low calorie vegetables that are excellent sources of calcium and healthy antioxidants, important for both mothers and theirs babies. It is a known fact that malunggay is a good enhancer of breastmilk. And to further support this claim, a case study research was conducted by NatureEarth wherein twelve moms ages 18 to 33 years old with babies ages 2 weeks to 2 months old were asked to participate. 

Half of them were asked to drink one glass of M2 concentrate tea drink daily, while the other half were asked to drink 2 glasses. After a month of regularly drinking M2 concentrate drink, the 6 mothers who drank 2 glasses daily claimed they produced more breast milk. While the other 6 who drank only a glass did not notice any changes on the quantity of their breast milk. 

On the second month, all mothers claimed to have an increased amount of milk being produced, including the ones who only drank a glass daily. Then on the third month of continuously drinking M2 concentrate drink, everyone noticed that they felt better because no one got sick during the three-month period and there was an ease in bowel movement. Some mothers even claimed that their skin became smoother. 

For more information about the product and other updates, please follow their Facebook page, M2LactationClub. This cool and refreshing tea is available in all Robinsons Supermarkets, select SM Markets and Andoks Litson Manok stalls.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Panasonic, 100 years of Adapting to Changing Times

Panasonic Philippines’ golden years in the country has proven the stability of the brand that Filipinos have continually embraced, much to the pride of its Japanese principal - Panasonic Corporation, which was founded a century ago, living up to its global slogan “A Better Life, A Better World”.
Through its company’s diversity and innovations, Panasonic Corporation is relishing its global status and engaging all curves of oncoming disruptions in the industry. This very reason is what elevated the company to a position that the admired the world over.
From its humble beginnings that started from the desire to help which fueled the fire of inspiration, Panasonic has since made housework easier, kept food fresh and delicious, allowed us to live well in comfortable spaces, let us bring home the thrill of entertainment, kept our family home truly clean, let us simplify everyday beauty, make delicious meals happen and paved the way to preserve beautiful memories.
Panasonic has constantly invested in research and development to make the best even better. Thus, the reason they are enjoying a resounding success.

Panasonic Philippines and the Philippine Market
Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC) bearing the torch from Panasonic Corporation has since moved forward stronger from its previous year.
PMPC has continually helped boost the Philippine economy by producing outstanding Japan quality refrigerators, electric fans, washing machines, and air-conditioners in the provinces of Rizal and Laguna which provides hundreds of employment opportunities to Filipinos.

Japan Quality Air-Conditioners
In continuing its 100 years of reliability, Panasonic recently launched new models of Air Conditioners that provide total air solutions to its consumers.
Panasonic’s new window-type Air Conditioners boast of Pure Energy savings Inverter and practical features such as sleep mode, powerful mode, and anti-bacterial filter.
The new Panasonic Sky Series split-type Air Conditioner models, on the other hand, combines powerful innovations inside every unit. It features Panasonic’s most advanced purification system with the Nanoe technology, which deodorizes, inhibits bacteria and viruses, removes dust and purifies a room even cooling operation is turned-off.
Adapting to changing times, Panasonic reiterates that the intentions founded 100 years ago, will continue to stay on as a second century dawns.

About Panasonic
Panasonic was founded in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita. Taking to heart people’s desires to live life ever more comfortably, he worked day and night to develop a wide variety of innovative new products. That year, Panasonic introduced an improved attachment plug, which allowed people to power an electrical appliance from a light socket.
Next was a double cluster socket that made it possible to power lights and appliances from a single source. The ideas were small, but the quality and value of the products were excellent, and their reputation spread.
By offering better products at reasonable prices, the company began making its contribution to society. Since then, the world has greatly changed, but Panasonic’s principles have not. Today, we express those principles with the words, “A Better Life, A Better World.”
Panasonic began exporting its products in 1931 and was proactive in establishing a presence overseas. Today, Panasonic consumer electronics are offered through 172 locations in 37 countries and territories. Listening to the voice of the customer in each market, Panasonic has worked constantly to create products that make life better for all people, no matter where they live.
And now, Panasonic is celebrating its 100 years. To address the changing times, Panasonic continues to develop the products of the future worldwide.

Filipinos are food lovers in nature. We love to experiment and try new things when it comes to food and cooking. Whether American, European, Mediterranean - once it appeals our senses, we can not let them just pass by.

I myself is a self-confessed foodie. Every now and then I try to discover new and interesting dishes available in the metro. This time I tried few restaurants offering Asian dishes and here they are.

If you're craving for some Thai dishes with a kick, Sen Lek Thai Noodle is the place to go.

Thai dishes are lightly prepared with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge. Thai food demonstrates intricacy, attention to detail, texture, color, taste, and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as good flavor.

LIKE Sen Lek Thai Noodle at Sea on FB

At Sen Lek, they prepared their dishes to suit the taste of every customer. While most Thai foods are known to be spicy, Sen Lek gives their customer the option to customize their order - spicy or non-spicy. They have prepared condiments such as spicy vinegar, chili powder and chili oil for those who prefer spicy meals.

Some of their dishes include Pad Thai, Mixed Thai noodles and rice meals with Pinoy touch.

Watch the video taken in Sen Lek Thai Noodles - Sea Residences

For people who are looking for Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, Mister Kabab is for you.

Mediterranean foods are mainly related to olives, pasta, bread, and feta, while the Middle Eastern cuisine is closely related to stuff like hummus, baklava, and falafel.

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Mister Kabab is offering a lot of choices for customers - meats, carbs, spices - a lot of good food and healthy drinks such as the yogurt shake. Mister Kabab in Wave Residences is a cozy, spacious and clean place. The interior is really nice, hanging lamps are adorable.

My favorites are the vegetable platter, the Basmati rice, and the yogurt shake.

Watch what we feasted on during the trip to Mister Kabab.

Ryu Ramen & Curry in Jazz Mall is another must-try Asian restaurant. It serves Japanese dishes in really large bowls. Their ramen is very different from the usual ramen I have tried in the metro. Each Ramen has a kick of curry and authentic Japanese spices. Their servings are generous and each meal is flavorful to the last bite. The restaurant will truly give you a satisfying Japanese dishes.

Ryu Ramen, SM Jazz Mall Makati / FB -

Few of my favorite dishes from RYU

Ryu Ramen Curry

Katsu Cheese Curry

Last but not the least, is a dimsum restaurant called Darwin Dimsum HongKong Special. I am sure all Pinoy could relate to siopao and siomai, but Darwin is giving us an upgraded version of those. Their dimsums are uniquely crafted, some are too good to stare at but you'll surely be surprised that they are better when eaten.

Darwin's interior will give you a feel of HongKong for its wall is adorned by large paintings of the skyline and skyscrapers taken in HongKong.

Darwin's in SM Jazz Mall / FB -

Hakaw, bun, dumplings, cake - authentic HongKong dimsum taste

How about you? What are your most favorite Asian restaurants in the metro? What sets their dishes apart from the many other Asian dishes that are on the market today?

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