Tupperware Brands Philippines supports playtime , introduces new sets for moms and kids

Who doesn't love to watch kids play – learn new sports and activities for the very first time? Kids get so excited when they play. They are energetic and engaged as they build their muscles along with their imagination and confidence. Active play is so much more enjoyable for kids and parents alike than parking them in front of the TV or letting them play with gadgets.

Parents should encourage kids to learn new skills and enjoy the pure act of a physical play.  Through physical activity, children are given the chance to try new things, conquer their fears and build their confidence. 

Play also develops key motor and athletic skills. When children touch their toes, they learn about coordination, balance and spatial relationships. When they play with a ball, they strengthen their fine-motor skills. When they dance, they learn about rhythm and move to the beat.

Playing with others teaches kids teamwork and good sportsmanship. Children get to interact with each other in a social, non-competitive environment. It doesn't matter if they win or lose – it's about working together and trying their best.

Play also build strong bonds between parents and children. When parents or caregivers demonstrate activities to the kids, not only are kids learning crucial physical skills, they're also clocking more quality time interacting with those adults.

Playtime makes kids happy. Play is like children's work so we must allow children to play to socialize, develop, and learn new skills–while learning about themselves and others. Thru playtime, kids are able to develop a daily routine that doubles as the perfect start to a healthy, active lifestyle; all without even realizing it.

Because of these benefits that the parents and children would get from playing, Tupperware Brands Philippines' Baby Care Plus+ and Kids Plus+ launched their new line of products to support babies and kids at play. Each set of products comes with a very nice box packaging and is specially combined to match the needs of babies, kids, and moms. Each box is worth Php249.00, perfect for gifting this holiday season.

To make mommy and baby's bonding moment a lot more unforgettable, they have this Mom and Baby Bonding Set which contains Baby Care Plus+ Milk baby lotion (50ml), baby bath (50ml), and baby powder (50g).

For baby's delicate skin, Baby Care Plus offers the Newborn Starter Set which contains baby lotion (50ml), baby bath (50ml), and baby powder (50g).

To keep baby protected all day and to keep them always smelling fresh, there's the Baby Care Plus+ Happy Baby Set which includes baby lotion (50ml), baby bath (50ml), and baby powder (50g).

To help baby achieve longer hours of sleep, Baby Care Plus+ Calming offers the Baby Spa Set which contains baby lotion (50ml), baby bath (50ml), and baby powder (50g).

They also have new products from the Kids Plus+ line which help kids stay fresh and comfortable while playing with other kids such as lotion, powder, and shampoo.

With Mommy's TLC partnered with the protection from Baby Care Plus+ and Kids Plus+ , kids will surely have the best playtime of their life and parents will surely have a peace-of-mind while letting their kids explore and enjoy the big world around them through play.

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