Philippines Heart Association Launches Father's Day Special Webinar

June is Men's Health Month. Apart from celebrating Father's Day as tribute to all the hardworking Dads in the planet, we also raise awareness about the health of all the men in our lives during this month.

Philippine Heart Association, being one of the major health institutions in the country, held a webinar dedicated for the Fathers dubbed "Usapang Puso sa Puso: Father's Day Special, Puso ni Daddy Sinlakas pa ba ng Haligi?"

Here are some of my key take aways from the online event :

Do everything in moderation. Keep the balance.

Moderation means an individual should avoid extremes and instead focus on having a life committed to balance and wholeness. It does not only concern our diet or the food we eat and what we drink, but also the activities that we do, including our feelings and emotions, too. Any extreme feeling or emotion might affect overall heart health. Your blood pressure and heart rate go up if you are under stress. Chronic stress exposes the body to unhealthy, persistently elevated levels of stress hormones like cortisol, and may also change the way blood clots. All of these factors can set the stage for a heart attack or stroke. Meanwhile, Chronic extreme exercise training and competing in endurance events can lead to heart damage and rhythm disorders. People with genetic risk factors are especially vulnerable.

Just like what Richard Gomez, one of the guests said " You can eat good food, you can drink alcohol but everything is always in moderation."

Self Monitoring is important amidst this pandemic.

Self-monitoring or self-tracking is where individuals use intelligent tools like wearable sensors and mobile apps to collect, process and display a wealth of personal data to help them monitor and manage all aspects of their personal health, at the comfort of home - actually anywhere, without the need to go to a clinic or hospital or see a nurse, a doctor or any health professional.

The best time to monitor blood pressure according to the guest doctors, is in the morning before doing anything physical, you can check it again at night. Digital or analog? Digital gadgets or those validated apparatuses are very helpful. Since measurements using digital vary each time, take 2 or 3 measurements with interval of 2 minutes, then get the average. Ideally, when taking measurements, make sure to do it 1 hour after participating in physical activity or at least 30 minutes after drinking coffee. Gadgets worn on the on arm or wrist are better. A lot of factors affect if put on the other parts of the body, which is why on standard guideines wrist is used. Also, use less dominant arm to get the blood pressure. Make sure you're sitting, your feet are well rested and relaxed.

Don't smoke or stop smoking.
This is perhaps the hardest thing to do, especially to men. But we all know the harm of smoking and second hand smoke. If you really care for your health at the safety of the people around you - especially those important to you - it is time to STOP.

Maintenance medicine for high blood does not increase the risk of getting the virus COVID19.

According the health professional from PHA, they are absolutely safe, they are good for the kidney, heart and the blood pressure. If you are taking those meds as prescribed by the physician, continue using it and don't believe in fake news.

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