Mang Juan Republic's Da Juan Word Challenge

Many people are afraid of challenges. They don't have enough self-confidence and their personality is weak, which tends to hinder their ability. Some are afraid to fail, hate rejection, afraid of humiliation which is why they chose a safer path. But people who loves challenges are people who loves life and living life to the fullest. They are never afraid of adventures and misadventures. They are the people who easily bounces at life's adversaries. They are fearless individuals who are just enjoying the best that this world can give.

Are you brave enough to take the challenge? Well, this is an easy challenge for you. 

Here's how:

Test and enrich your vocabulary skills, specifically our very own, Filipino language. This game is really cool & fun. I just played it tonight & I realized I have never forgotten yet, some of our native words, plus you get to know some new "terms" being popularized by Mang Juan. You just have to unscramble the letters, guess the word, and proceed to the next word. There are 20-word puzzles. After guessing all the 20 words you have the chance to be one of the 100 players to win exciting prizes. What are you waiting for? Play, enjoy & win now!!!

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About Mang Juan

For fans of Filipino food, Mang Juan offers classic Pinoy favorites that every Juan surely love. Here are the variants available:

Chicharron ni Mang Juan Paombong
Chicharron ni Mang Juan Suka’t Sili
Chicharron ni Mang Juan Sisig
Kropek ni Mang Juan Sugpo
Kropek ni Mang Juan Sinamak
Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan
Krispy Liyempo ni Mang Juan Sarsa
Krispy Liyempo ni Mang Juan Toyo at Sili

Mang Juan is one of the products of Universal Robina Corporation. 

About Universal Robina Corporation

Universal Robina Corporation (URC) traces its beginnings in 1954. At that time, Mr. John Gokongwei, Jr. did well as a trader. He had learned the trade when his father died before the Second World War. Mr. John worked hard during the conflict and postwar years, in order to prosper. However, while he thrived, he carefully examined his company and correctly predicted that trading would remain a low-margin business.

Mr. John decided to construct a corn milling plant to produce glucose and cornstarch. He named it Universal Corn Products (UCP), the first linchpin of the company that became the URC we know today.

Business was good for a time, it’s producing a commodity that consumers could easily access, until similar multinational companies in the country became hurdles. That’s why, Mr. John is continuously working with an eye towards the future. To stay ahead of the game, Mr. John had to diversify by producing and marketing his own branded consumer foods. He wanted to build the first 'local' multinational company (MNC), borne out of best practices.

Thus, Consolidated Food Corporation was born in 1961. Its 'home run' and pioneer product is Blend 45, the first locally-manufactured coffee blend, dubbed as the "Pinoy coffee". Blend 45 became the largest-selling coffee brand in the market, beating market Café Puro and Nescafé Panned chocolate Nips came after coffee. It’s a Filipino childhood staple. In 1963, Robina Farms started its operations of poultry products. This was also the beginning of the vertical integration of the Gokongwei businesses. In the late ‘60s, Robichem Laboratories were built. Its main purpose is to provide veterinary needs to farm businesses. In the latter part of the ‘70s, Robina Farms expanded when it entered the hogs business.

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