Golden Crisps - treasure inside Chrisha's Kitchen

I have heard and read a lot about "salted egg potato chips" since last year but it was only last month that I get to taste it for real. Thanks to the bazaar that Solenad Mall in Sta. Rosa organized, I get to buy some packs at last.

By the way, before I share with you my first-time experience of eating this season's hottest and most in-demand snack; let me share first some facts about salted egg potato chips. This popular snack actually came from one of the famous brands in Singapore. This brand is perhaps the inspiration of all the local brands of salted egg potato chips that are circulating in bazaars and weekend markets all over the country. One of the main ingredients of this wildly inventive snack is the curry leaf. I think the curry leaf is the reason why the chips are tangy.

So, what was the brand that I bought? I don't know if you are already familiar but it's called "Golden Crisps" a product of Chrisha's Kitchen. Chrisha's gourmet salted egg potato chips has two variants - plain and spicy. Both smell really good and tempting. From the moment I opened the pack of the spicy flavored chips, it really made me drool. The chips were thin and so crispy, evenly flavored with the salted egg. The plain one is as mouthwatering as the spicy flavored chips. It is also a bit spicy but not as strong as the spicy labeled chips. It is also perfectly seasoned that you just can't stop munching for more.

I share some to my neighbors and friends from the media to taste it and they told me that the chips were bursting with flavors. They were surprised because each chip has a hint of sweetness but it did not overpower the real taste of a salted egg potato chip. They told me that the one who made it must really be good in the kitchen that he/she knows how to capture the curious and delicate palates of the Pinoys.

Chrisha's Kitchen also offers the gourmet salted egg fish skin. It was also my first time to eat the fish skin and I really ate fish! It's a bit salty and spicy yet as delicious as the potato chips.

Golden Crisps is enclosed in a very nice golden packaging with a double seal. It is resealable so you can retain its freshness and crispiness if in case you won't be able to finish the whole pack. But I'm sure you won't stop till the last drop of it.

Chrisha's Kitchen will definitely change the way our family does the snacking. The products are extremely good and highly addictive. We actually have it on any time of the day - snacking in the morning, in the afternoon and at midnight; after lunch as a replacement to desserts or to wash away the oversatiated taste in our mouth.

I highly recommend Golden Crisps, it's value for money. You'll never regret buying for a snack as satisfying as Chrisha's Kitchen's gourmet salted egg products.

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