Satisfying my cravings for Japanese dishes at Kimukatsu BHS

I am a big fan of anything Japanese, especially food. Whenever I would explore the metro, I search first for Japanese restos online where I can dine to before going out. I found out about Kimukatsu in Metrodeal while browsing for dining places somewhere in Bonifacio High Street. I am not into fried dishes but since it is Japanese, I availed one voucher which is discounted at 40% off.

What is Kimukatsu?
Kimukatsu is the most famous pork cutlet restaurant in Japan, with multiple locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Sendai, and now in the Philippines. Kimukatsu is one of the hottest restaurants to dine at due to its recent features to Japanese media including popular magazines and TV shows.

The secret to its popularity is the combination of a crispy, texture-rich batter surrounding a juicy flavorful 25-layered select pork cutlet. They select only the highest quality pork, which is sliced thin and stacked into 25 layers. This layered cutlet is covered with fresh breadcrumbs and fried slowly in low temperature for 8 minutes. It is then set vertically for two minutes to steam, allowing the heat to spread evenly inside. This is all a part of their original recipe and process, which helps to bring forth the maximum taste.

All the natural juices are kept inside between the layers and crispy batter – making Kimukatsu light and fluffy, yet extremely juicy and flavorful. Bite into 25 thin, juicy layers of tender pork wrapped in crisp panko breadcrumbs and cooked slowly to perfection. Kimukatsu's signature premium katsu comes in 7 varied flavors which include plain, garlic, black pepper, cheese, negi shio, yuzu kosho, and ume shiso.

Kimukatsu is definitely the most delicate Katsu in town!

Always in demand, this raved-about favorite from Japan has been in the Philippines offering a sensoral spectacle of Katsu for 4 years now. Not few people say Kimukatsu is reminiscent of their katsu experiences in Japan.

My dining experience
We arrived the place at around 11am, when there were just 2 to3 customers inside. The place is decked out in sleek black interiors, lighted by overhead lamps that bring about a modern and elegant ambiance. We were welcomed warmly by the staff and they patiently explained to me each of the dishes I inquired, since this is a new dining experience for me.

I requested for Menchi and Chicken Katsu ala carte and a Rice Set which includes unlimited miso soup, Japanese rice served in an insulated container, fresh shredded cabbage, and pickles.

A simple yet hearty meal
Steaming hot Japanese rice served in an insulated container

Kimukatsu also has seafood katsu sets with choices such as salmon, cream dory, and scallops. You, too, can indulge with a subtly sweet matcha parfait, or a sesame-inspired dessert such as the sesame seed ice cream and kurogoma pudding. The restaurant also has refreshing drinks such as fruit shakes, juice, sodas, and more.

Deep-fried, mouthwateringly tender Chicken Katsu

The dishes are simple yet sophisticated. This simplicity reflects in almost every aspect of Kimukatsu cuisine by highlighting every ingredient's unique flavor and using it in harmony with others.

Menchi, a combination of ground pork and beef (ala carte)
Dip your katsu in your choice of sauce like the sweet Kimukatsu sauce, tangy ponzu, or Himalayan salt and savor the rich flavors as it lingers in your mouth.

Dressing for the freshly shredded cabbage - wasabi mayo, roasted sesame, sweet chili and yuzu.
Kimukatsu's signature katsu comes in 7 different flavors with the cheese, garlic, and black pepper flavors as bestsellers. More complex katsu flavors are also available such as the yuzu kosho, which packs a hot punch as it is filled with finely minced green chili; negi shio, which is filled with marinated spring onions; and the ume shiso, which combines the sweet and sour taste of plums with the savory taste of pork.

 A japanese dining experience is not complete without the miso soup

 Pickles - carrots, cucumber and cabbage in special sweet, sour sauce

More and more customers are coming for lunch, line piling up outside

At around 12noon, the place is already crowded by customers mostly working around BHS. Kimukatsu is definitely one of the most loved Japanese fine dining, as customers patiently wait for their turn outside despite the of the long line.

Place - interior is nice and ambience is good but for parents like me who dine with kids, it is not a perfect one. I suggest they provide a separate place that is kid friendly, with more lightings.

Food - I am not actually impressed with the katsu but I am delighted with the sauces I paired with the dishes. I love the sesame seeds which went well with the steamed rice and shredded cabbage.

Price - Mid-range

Service - Good. Not all staff are excellent but there are around 3 or 4 staff who are very friendly.

Would I come back? Yes, because I want to try more of their dishes, like the seafood sets and I want more of their miso soup.

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