Best Features of OPPO F1s

A great smartphone for me should have both very good rear and front cams, a fast processor and at least one feature that is original. Cameras of great specs and a processor with great performance will always let me capture the moment with clarity whenever and wherever I want to so I can instantly share beauty for the world to see. Originality among a smartphone's features is important. It's a proof of creativity, it embodies power and strength of a product.

Oppo F1s being the flagship of the brand is boasting with features for showing your inner and outer beauty, for sharing your passions and creativity. The 16MP front cam and the 13MP rear cam, the customizable fingerprint-activated app launch and the 3GB RAM are the features that sets F1s apart from the other smartphones in the market today and are the best among its laudable features.

You can find a lot of smartphones in the market with great rear camera spec but very few smartphones offer a high front cam resolution like the 16MP cam of Oppo F1s. The Oppo F1s uses a front beauty camera with a 1/3.1 inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture which allow for more light to enter the camera and enhance its sensitivity. With this feature, F1s is an excellent companion for taking natural looking selfies even in low light condition.

Day light photo (front cam)

Low light photo (front cam)

Selfies with superior quality for me is positive. Unlike how others see selfie as a sign of "narcissism," beautiful and clear selfies for me remind us to always admire beauty and to always keep ourselves beautiful. Those great shots of selfies would inspire others to always take good care of themselves, to love themselves more so they can confidently love others more.

Back light photo (front cam)

The F1s's front cam is also essential for video calls to effectively communicate. You can see the person you're calling to more clearly and you can see his or her emotions better. You can understand and feel him or her much better because you can clearly see the reality in his or in her eyes.

What about Oppo F1s's 13 MP rear camera? It is not just good at shooting distant or moving objects during the day. With its industry- imaging chip, a 1/3.06-inch sensor allows F1s to maximize light sensitivity making for wonderful nighttime performance. It is essential for me as a blogger who stays on the road from sun up to sun down so I never miss any happening even when the dawn starts to fell. I can shoot wonderful pictures at night and show the world how breath-taking nighttime can be and that there are a lot of positivity amidst darkness of the night. Great nighttime photos taken with F1s will make everyone appreciate more about life, it can make us realize that there is undying beauty on earth, it's always there during the day and even in the middle of the night.

 Nighttime shot (rear cam)

Oppo F1s is not just a phone to show beautiful things around us. It is also a very innovative phone. The customizable fingerprint-activated app launch will let you find the app in one touch. You can set different applications to launch when you touch the sensor with different fingers. It's lightning fast and flexible with up to five customizable fingerprint commands. Now, that's a lot of comfort and convenience that you can operate your phone in just a touch. This feature shows how strong this brand is; that it is a state of the art and that it has a cutting-edge technology which will make any owner proud of it.

As a blogger and promo joiner at the same time, the F1s's 3GB RAM and octa-core 64-bit processor make it possible for me to multitask. I can seamlessly switch apps I need for my task as a blogger or as a promo joiner. Then, when everything starts to feel daunting, I can switch to a relaxing music or videos, to rest my weary mind. F1 is not just a property, it is like a friend you can count on when you want to take things slower and a lot lighter.

If those words are not convincing enough and you're looking for more about the Oppo F1s Selfie Expert, take a look:

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