How Belo SunExpert After Sun Gel saved my day?

What's a great summer adventure without the sun, the sand and of course the SUNBURN?

Everyone's hittin' the beach this summer and so did we. It was a long drive from the metro to my hometown but the journey was never boring despite the scorching heat because I was worry-free for I have my favorite sunscreen with me. Along the way, I chose to turn off the aircon and busied myself watching the greens and the nature around. I was excited because I was about to see my old friends and classmates whom I haven't seen for almost 20 years. My heart was pounding with a lot of expectations as we were nearing my beloved hometown where all the most precious memories of my youth were created.

We hit the beach for our reunion. We rode the waves, we played the sands and we danced under the sun. The pristine blue water was inviting so we stayed on the beach from sun up to sun down. There was never a dull moment with my family and friends, I just chose to enjoy and be happy the whole day long, with the thought I was protected with my sunscreen.

I never expected that problems will get in the way after a day of fun under the sun - skin problems: inflammation and sunburn. Good thing I brought my Belo SunExpert After Sun Gel (courtesy of Sample Room) with me. I immediately applied ample amount on my face and on the parts that were affected. I instantly felt the soothing effect of Belo After Sun Gel on my skin. After some hours, my skin started to soften and the blemishes were almost gone. Because of Belo SunExpert After Sun Gel, my summer vacation 2017 is really an amazing one.

For my next summer adventure, I will never settle for anything less. I will make sure I have the whole line of Belo SunExpert products with me so my skin will always be protected anytime, anywhere. I ditched my old favorite sunscreen and I switched to Belo SunExpert because I am now convinced only Belo knows the best way to protect the skin and save my day!

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1 comment:

Sam Aguilar said...

I love Belo! Happy Summer!

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