Let's Spread the Power of Hugs this Christmas and Everyday

Most people underestimate the power of a hug. A hug has the ability to affect us all, and facts attest to their incredible power on how it can make us feel warm and special. Renowned family therapist Virginia Satir famously stated, "We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth."

A study from Pennsylvania State University showed increased happiness among students who were asked to give or receive genuine, warm hugs at least five times a day over the course of four weeks. Similarly, a study from Carnegie Mellon University showed that adults who hugged more often were less likely to come down with a cold.

To let people discover the undeniable power of hugs, Downy, the leading global fabric softener launched their #Spread100Hugs campaign with Miss Universe 2015 and hug ambassadress, Pia Wurtzbach in the first ever hug-activated, Downy Scented Christmas Tree, which stands majestically at Eastwood Mall’s open park in Quezon City. Decked with red LED lights, the sea of red roses inside the 50 feet Scented Christmas Tree lights up when people inside hug each other inside the perfume-scented chamber.

The main inspiration of this Christmas tree takes from the luxurious fragrance of Downy. It takes essence from the smell of an endless field of flowers, to which is exactly what this tree is made of and something we recreated in a mirror room that’s right in the heart of this beautiful structure, and the opulent feel of velvet, a fabric which embodies softness, both wonderful elements to inspire a loving, hugging emotion.

To further show how hugs can bring about a spirit of positivity and make people happier, Downy has also released a video diary at Downy Philippines’ Facebook that showcased a variety of heart-warming stories of appreciation, reconciliation and reunion. It featured Pia Wurtzbach in a hugging tour around the Metro, showing her affection and appreciation to friends who have stood by her throughout the years, including her glam team, former classmates, fans, and her mentor, Tito Nad Bronce. And of course, her last hug, a special and meaningful embrace for her boyfriend, Marlon Stockinger.

The culmination of Pia’s hugging tour was joined by other celebrities such as Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, Melissa Ricks, Say Alonzo, Helga Krapf, and Princess Velasco.

Just like Pia, every hug comes with a story to tell, and each story has a powerful meaning behind it. Here are some of the heartwarming stories of meaningful hugs which aim to inspire you to discover the power of your own hug.

1. The Silent Hug – Diane is a deaf and mute mother of two who works at the LINK Center for the Deaf. She tutors the deaf and teaches sign language to hearing people. Apart from teaching, since her husband is unemployed, she would bake and sell her goodies online to be able to provide for the family. They say actions speak louder than words, and true enough, a hug for mommy Diane shows care, love and gratuity, even without a word uttered.

2. The Once a Year Hug – Dhorie Pineda is a Sales Agent in Dubai. She and her husband works overseas to be able to provide their 4 children with the sustenance they need in order to be able to live a more comfortable life. This coming December, she will be leaving with a heavy heart, her 4 children once again with her relatives. Saying goodbye isn’t easy for Dhorie, which is why, if you’re going to give a hug once a year, though bittersweet, make it last (even up to 45 seconds or more!).

3. The Brave Hug – Kenjie and JJ are a same sex couple who are about to get married soon, and they know that their lives are about to change. And Catherine and Robi, are also a same sex couple, who has been together for 7 years and are business partners. No matter what the situation, good or bad, a hug can have the power to comfort the people that matter. With a brave hug, Kenjie and JJ, and Catherine and Robi, are able to express to each other that they can overcome anything, and you can too!

4. The Long-lasting Hug – Fernanda and David Baky are both retired and will be celebrating their 51st anniversary soon. Fernanda is a retired teacher, and David is a retired police and Head of Security for the US World Relief Corporation (funded by the United States government). They have 6 children and 10 grandchildren. People whose love flourishes for years should be treasured, and for Fernanda and David, the long-lasting hug signifies their love for one another even as they grow old.

What’s the hug you’ll give this Yuletide season? Whatever hug that may be, make sure you give them to the people that matter the most to you. Get into the spirit of hugging and make your holidays extra special this Christmas with the Downy Parfum Collection™.

Visit the hug-activated Downy Scented Christmas Tree located in Eastwood Mall’s open park (near the fountain area) from November 20, 2018 to December 19, 2018, and #Spread100Hugs starting today, and every day, to experience a hug’s undeniable power.

Learn more about #Spread100Hugs and watch Downy’s heart-warming #Spread100Hugs video on Downy Philippines’ Facebook.

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