Novuhair and Chefy Wifey's Kitchen present nutrition for the hair and the immune system

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 

What you choose to eat has profound effects on your overall health. Disease risks are influenced by your dietary habits. While there are foods that may trigger chronic health conditions, there are also many that offer strong medicinal and protective qualities.

As consumers try to balance scientific advice and marketing trends with their own culinary traditions and local food options, topics on "what to eat – and not to eat – regularly" grabs news headlines around the world.

With so many people falling ill from COVID-19 nowadays, unhealthy diets are contributing to pre-existing conditions that put them more at risk. Illness means loss of income, hence the pandemic has raised the stakes for consumers, producers and policy makers worldwide.

According to health experts and health authorities from around the globe, one of the best ways to fight this current virus is to keep the immune system strong and healthy. Apart from exercise and right mindset, proper nutrition greatly contributes to a sound immunity against different kinds of germs, viruses, and diseases.

In support of the country's effort to highlight the importance of healthy and balanced nutrition amidst the ongoing health crisis, NOVUHAIR®, the country’s leading natural hair loss solution partnered with Chefy Wifey’s Kitchen to literally cook up something healthy and nutritious.

In line with the brand’s advocacy, the “Food for the Hair” mini-program shall offer four (4) video demo episodes on how to prepare practical, nutritious, and easy-to-do meals at home, focusing on ingredients that support healthy hair and prevent hair loss.

The initial episode features VIP Nutrition Coach Michelle Co-Huertas’ Chicken Afritada with Boiled Egg, a Filipino staple recipe loaded with nutrients and vitamins essential in achieving the best hair growth goal and overall nutrition for immunity.

In addition, Chefy Wifey’s Kitchen prepared with TLC, 100 food packs and donated them to the hospital medical staff of the Philippine General Hospital in the city of Manila.

Remember, healthy hair equals healthy body and a healthy body has a strong immune system that fights against any harm from the environment. Always check what you eat, choose healthier options. Let health and nutrition be our top priority at all times.

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