Parenting Influencers, the powerhouse of influencer marketing

Parents have a biological, psychological, social, and financial role in the lives of their children. These roles are of the maximum importance for the holistic development of the kids. Basic traditional roles of being a parent include: nurture and educate children, discipline the kids, manage home, and support family's financial needs. Among the modern role of parents is the active participation of fathers in children care. Gone are the days when Moms are the only ones who are expected to take care of the babies and kids. Nowadays, even Dads know how to prepare milk for the baby, give them a bath, and even change their diapers. Modern parents are child-centered. They aim at optimal growth and development of their children, to help them have satisfactory biological, social, psychological, and emotional growth.

Parents are the ones responsible for raising a good, responsible, law-abiding citizens of a country. The future of a nation depends on how well parents have nurtured their kids at a young age and how they guide them as they grow old.

The roles of the parents are of great importance in building the society, which is why a lot of parenting influencers are now being recognized in the digital world, and a lot of parents are aspiring to be influencers. Aside from giving inspiration and hope to people from around the globe, parents who aim to influence other people find this a very promising career as businesses and brands are tapping more and more mommy and daddy bloggers and influencers to be their voice and their face on social media and blogs.

Parenting bloggers and influencers are a powerhouse of social media. They raise families with care and style and often share a refreshing dose of honesty on their social media feeds.

Mom influencers possess enormous clout among key buying audiences, who are moms and parents. As such, they are able to incorporate a number of different products into their content - from children’s products (toys, food, books, snacks, clothes, etc) to fashion, health, and beauty products. Of course, being the Queen of the household, she always has a say when it comes to home improvement and products related to it as she uses them first-hand. But apart from all of these, product reviews and features, Mothers are the number supporter of social advocacy. No one does advocacy better but a mother's TLC.

A lot of Mom influencer's messaging perspective is down-to-earth, honest, and endearing which enhances their ability to produce authentic content on behalf of other brands.

Daddy bloggers and influencers may not be as famous as Mommies but they are also paving their way in influencer marketing. They are mostly focused on automotive, technology, gadgets, food, and travel. There are a few who also feature men care, general health, and fashion. They incorporate the stories of their kids or the whole family in their passion and they are called the New King of influencer marketing.

Do you know that while mothers are super active on social media, fathers are also highly active and highly influential in convincing others to buy? 

So it only makes sense to start targeting dads as customers–and harness the power of influencer marketing for business growth.

According to a survey, 91 percent of dads say they use Facebook every week; 60 percent use Twitter weekly and 49 percent use Instagram weekly. That’s not really a surprise, especially when mobile gaming becomes a hit but what’s interesting is that parenthood or parenting drives them to spend much of their time on social media. In fact, more than six in 10 fathers surveyed say they currently use social media more than they did before becoming parents. Sixty-five percent say they use social media to share content about their kids, and 45 percent say they use it to follow what their children are doing on social media.

Communities of moms and parents are often the pickiest when it comes to products and services which is why when parenting influencer recommends a product, audience members are more inclined to buy.

Parents have the best convincing skills because of their ability to think logically, behave authoritatively, communicate confidently, and build rapport with other people. These are the reasons why brands and businesses trust more and more parenting influencers for everything that is related to influencer and social media marketing.

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