Ensure your Child's Growth and Development amidst this Challenging time with the Best Ever Nutrition from Promil

Growing up kids are very active. They are not just developing their physical aspects and features but they are starting to explore and invest on social and emotional part of their being. The world seems so big and exciting for them, thus pushing them to conquer more about life in general. They ask a lot of questions, they try a lot of things, they literally would like to do everything that comes their mind. 

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At this stage, parents should be very careful and more nurturing. Apart from providing them with intangible things, it is also very important that they give them the best nutrition everyday, such as what Promil Four and Promil Gold Four can give. 

The new PROMIL® FOUR comes in all-new packaging. With its best ever formulation, it now has the NutriGift System specially formulated with MOS+ to help DOUBLE the IMMUNITY. It also has the highest ever levels of DHA compared to the previous formulation, plus AA, Carotenes, Selenium, and Zinc, along with other brain and immunity nutrients that will surely help nurture your child’s gift. 

The Nutrigift System formulated with MOS+ is super helpful when it comes to making sure our children receive the BEST EVER nutrition. Even if our kids are staying indoors, we still want them to receive the additional protection they need by DOUBLING THEIR IMMUNITY, especially now that they are still in the age of continuous growth and development. 

PROMIL® FOUR is for children aged 3+ and should be given together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. This is not suitable for use as breastmilk substitute.

The most advanced1 PROMIL GOLD® FOUR has a breakthrough, brain-boosting α-lipids (AlphaLipids), to help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster2 . This is proven to help your AlphaKid think fast! 

PROMIL GOLD® FOUR now has HMO that offers four ways to help support immunity. HMO may also play a role in brain development3 PROMIL GOLD® FOUR is a powdered milk drink for Pre-Schoolers over 3 years old. 

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REMINDER : Promil Four and Promil Gold Four are formulated for children aged 3+. They are not suitable for use as a breastmilk substitute. Per DOH-FDA CFRR Permit no. 0392 s. 2021.

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