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Curing anemia: a healthy & simple dish from camote tops leaves

I am anemic eversince but I hate taking up commercial medicines. So instead I always include iron rich foods in my daily diet. One of my favorite natural cure for anemia is the camote tops leaves.

These green leafy tops have the highest content of total polyphenolic, among other commercial vegetables studied. It has excellent source of anti-oxidative compounds mainly, polyphenolic which protects the human body from oxidative stress associated with many diseases, including cancer and cardio vascular diseases. It is a good source of protein, minerals, dietary fiber and nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous, sulfur, iron and zinc.

Here's a simple recipe that I really enjoy:

Adobong Talbos ng Camote w/ Tofu


200 gms camote tops leaves
1 pc tofu
3 cloves garlic
40ml soy sauce

20ml cane vinegar
vegetable oil


1. Wash the leaves thoroughly. Set aside.
2. Fry the tofu until brown then cut into cubes. Set aside.
3. Saute garlic in 1 tbsp vegetable oil until brown, add soy sauce stir for 5 seconds then add the tofu. Continue stirring for a minute.
4. Add the camote leaves and simmer for 3 to 5 mins or until the leaves are cooked.
5. Lastly add the cane vinegar.

Here's the product:

You may garnish it with fresh tomatoes and onions for a more appetizing dish. I have it for lunch today and I only spend around Php25.00 for all the ingredients.

Come on guys, anemic or not it's a must try!

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Fictitious Fashion said...

sounds yummmyyy

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