Safeguard Pure White Liquid Soap - a refreshing handwashing experience

I remember bringing a small piece of bar soap to school which I used for hand washing before and after eating or when the hands gets dirty. The same thing I did, whenever I attend encampments in school during elementary and high school days. The downside of having a bar soap for hand washing is the mess it brings. When you are in a hurry, you just can't put it inside the bag after using, else, you will have all your things messed up for being wet.

When I became a Mom, I still do the same for the kids. I let them bring a small bar soap for grooming, but my kids usually complain that their soap gets dirty because it spills off their hands and drops on the floor. When that happens, it's no longer hygienic, so I let them use alcogel instead, but handwashing with soap and running water is very much different as it is more effective in removing germs and bacteria.

Then, Procter and Gamble released this Safeguard Pure White Liquid Soap in their site EverydayMe. I was able to received free samples from them and I am so happy with the new product.

This liquid soap has an easy-to-pump bottle, which excited my kids to give it a try. It is a lot more convenient than soap. You just have to squeeze a little amount on the palm and wash with water. I immediately replaced the bar soap that my kids are using in school with it.

Its packaging encourages the kids more to wash their hands as often as they should. You know children want to always try something new and different. With the pump bottle, they wouldn't feel like they are doing a task, they would feel like they are only playing. This is what I have observed from my kids since we used the product. Now, hand washing is a lot more exciting and enjoyable for the kids.

About Safeguard Pure White Liquid Soap

Safeguard Pure White Liquid Soap is a classic, with a lovely clean fragrance you will love. Its rich and soft effective white lather indulges you in a refreshing washing experience! Safeguard Pure White Antibacterial liquid hand soap that is 100% recommended by global health experts helps protect your family and removes up to 99% of germs!

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