How Intensive Weight Loss Affects Female Physiology

Excess body weight can be dangerous to your health. It may put you at risk of acquiring illnesses such as cancer, heart failure, and diabetes. Due to excess weight, cells in your body can become resistant to the insulin hormone. When you are insulin resistant, blood sugar cannot be absorbed by the cells. This is what brings about diabetes. Fat contains cholesterol, which can be dangerous to your body in excess. It is a major cause of heart disease. Fat deposits around your blood vessels can also affect the rate at which your blood flows. At times, they can narrow your vessels, which leads to an increase in blood pressure.

You should do your best to ensure your body is in great shape when it comes to weight management. Exercises like jogging can aid in the burning of extra calories in the body. You can also go for gym sessions and engage in different types of workouts. Gyms have different facilities that you can use to keep your body fit. There are drugs you can use to help improve your performance in that area. An example is anabolisant, which falls in the family of anabolic steroids. They can help boost your muscle growth and enhance performance during a workout.

You should seek advice from your doctor before using any performance-enhancing drug. Research the side effects that can be present with the use of certain supplements. Women are at a higher risk of gaining weight quickly compared to men. This is because of the hormonal differences in their bodies. They are advised to engage in regular exercise to shed the extra pounds and maintain good health. Thorough workouts leading to weight loss can have an impact on some of the normal functions in the bodies of women. Here are some of the effects of intensive weight loss on female physiology.

Menstrual Period

Shedding extra weight can bring about changes in your monthly cycle. This is because of the changes in hormonal levels you experience after shedding some pounds. It can alter the estrogen or testosterone levels in your body. Such alterations can lead to amenorrhea, which is the absence of one or more periods.

Metabolic Rate

Intense workouts leading to weight loss can lead to a rise in the rate of metabolism in women. Excess fat is said to slow down most body processes including different chemical reactions. The surge in metabolic rate will help burn more fat even after engaging in thorough exercise. Engage in high-intensity workouts to boost your rate of metabolism and burn extra fat.

Hormonal Changes

Studies have revealed that intensive weight loss can trigger hormonal changes in women. Research was conducted at Helsinki University where several women were subjected to rigorous weight-reduction activities for three months. After the whole study, it was discovered that their hormonal levels changed. Only a few hormones like the thyroid hormone maintained their normal levels although their concentrations were lower. Some of these changes were said to alter processes like the menstrual cycle.

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