The Charging Backpacks You Never Knew You Needed

One of the most difficult aspects of being glued to our phones in the 21st century is the issue of charging. Even after you purchase a new phone and you get to enjoy the feeling of a crisp, new battery, the luster fades pretty quickly. That’s where charging backpacks come into play.

Getting the best charger backpack means having power no matter where you are, on the go, or on an overnight trip that popped up last minute. Regardless of your lifestyle, having a charging bag can be a useful item in almost any situation.

When Do I Need One?

Whenever you’re out! We may charge our phones at work (if you’re allowed to), but there’s no outlets on the train ride home, there’s no surety that you can hop from work to play, and not have your battery die while you’re out. Cell phones are far more than just emergency devices or ways to text our friends - we’re more connected to them than ever before.

If you’re taking a day trip, if you’re streaming the music that’s fueling the Bluetooth speakers at a party, you need your phone to stay alive. Lithium-ion batteries are found in just about every consumer electronic that we purchase, and over time, they fade out.

It stinks, but it’s true - lithium-ion batteries are our best solution right now, but they’re not able to hold up to our constant needs on a daily basis. After just a few short months, you’ll experience quicker battery usage, dropping to 99% the second you unplug the phone, and other battery-related issues. It’s not your phone - it’s the battery. Keep yourself charged with a battery bag on the go, so you’re never stuck with a dying battery, even when you’re using the same phone for years at a time.

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