Joy and toy for better family bonding moments

I grew up in a family where meal times and food were very sacred things. We were taught that it was bad to play while eating and vice-versa.

We weren't allowed to eat in front of the television, or to laugh and play while eating. Back then, I would always ask, "Why can't we play and eat at the same time? It would be a lot of fun!"

As I go through motherhood, I learned that eating should be fun, a bonding moment that every member of the family can enjoy. I also learned that play is important to growing kids - it allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and strength.

So, at times, I encourage them to play while eating or to eat while playing. To keep a check on their behavior, we supervise them and we join them, creating better bonding moments and happier memories for our whole family.

Being busy parents, my husband and I can't always prepare something for our eat-and-play bonding time. So I buy Kinder Joy for my family.

Kinder Joy is an egg-shaped product designed for kids aged 3 years and above - perfect for us since the youngest is already four. Each package contains a surprise toy and two delicious creams (milky cream and cocoa cream) with two crispy wafer balls made with high-quality ingredients. After all, who doesn't like milk and chocolate?

Why Kinder Joy? Because everybody loves surprises, at any age. Unexpected things bring pleasure to anyone. Opening a Kinder Joy is like opening a special gift – even parents get excited and curious about what kind of toy might be inside. We even make a guessing game of what's inside, and the one who guesses it right gets an extra Kinder Joy as a reward.

Once we get tired of playing and assembling the toys, we eat the wafer balls, which easily refuel and energize us because of their chocolate and milk content.

As a parent, being with the kids gives that feeling of being carefree, being in the moment, not thinking about tomorrow, and escaping from reality even for a while.

Our bonding moments with Kinder Joy go beyond playtime; they're also a great experience to know our kids better. Those toys help improve their creativity, mental alertness, and imagination. They also promote teamwork in our family, as we help each other assemble the toys and play with them once they're done.

And toys aside, everyone in the family loves milk and chocolate!

Food is such an effective bonding tool for the whole family, as every member learns the value of sharing. Toys, on the other hand, improve our kids’ mental, emotional, psychological, physical and social skills. Eating and playing combined make for great bonding moments for the whole family, and with Kinder Joy, parents can get both!

So Mommies and Daddies, you should also discover why kids are into Kinder Joy. Let's remember that if we, parents, put ourselves into our kids' shoes, we can better understand and support their passions in life. Let's start meaningful play with Kinder Joy toys, which now come in 90 new and exciting variants for kids.

Kinder Joy is now available in all leading retailers and supermarkets in the Philippines. For more details, follow them on Facebook, or check out the hashtags #kinderjoyphilippines and #worldofkj on social media!

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