Do Air Purifiers Remove The Smoke Smell

Air purifiers are heralded around the world as a great way to remove contaminants from the home. They are a great addition to any home and can make your home healthier. What kinds of contaminants do air purifiers remove?

Well, that is a difficult question to answer because there are different levels of air purification that you can get. The most basic of air purifiers will remove things like smoke, pollutants, smoke, and the like. Just because it removes the actual contaminant from the air, many people are curious as to whether or not it removes the smell from the air?

Whether you move into a home that has that noticeable cigarette smoke or you are a smoker yourself, you will want to get rid of that smell. That smell will ruin the retail value and also the atmosphere of your home. Many tricks don’t work. The good news is that an air purifier will remove most of the smell and smoke from cigarettes.

The bad news? You can’t remove all of the smell with an air purifier alone, especially if the home has been smoked in for years. It takes a combination of methods to remove that smell. However, essential in that combination is an air purifier.

Certain types of air purifiers will work for removing cigarette and cigar smoke smell from a room.HEPA air filters work great, they are one of the most powerful filters on the market. You can filter particles down to the .3 micron diameter at up to 99.97%. That is a lot of filtration. A HEPA filter won’t remove all of the dangerous gasses produced by tobacco from a room.

Another type of air filters, PECO air filters will also work to remove the smell. In addition to the smell, you can remove the harmful gasses from tobacco with a PECO air filter. Make sure that you get a PECO filter and not a PCO filter. PCO filters are older versions of the same technology but lack some of the benefits. Not only that, they work much slower than PECO filters. Too slow to do anything about remove tobacco smoke.
Even PECO filters, with their high tech powers, will not completely remove the cigarette smell by themselves.

Some air purifiers have multiple different types of filters and are specifically designed to combat threats such as smoke. If you are interested in one of these be aware that they are typically more expensive and will only work for the contaminant(s) they are designed for.
The following type of air freshers typically do not work well:
  • Single Gas Filters
  • UV Based Filters
  • Ozone Air Filters
  • Ionizers
Natural air is one of the best ways to help an air filter work. Start by filtering the room or home with your air filter. This will remove a majority of the gasses and smell from the room. Then open up windows to ventilate the area. It is best if you can get a cross breeze so that the air circulates around.

If one round is not enough to completely remove the smell, repeat several times.
You will also need to clean thoroughly. No air filtration or ventilation will completely remove the smell if it continues to cling to the surfaces of your home. Wipe everything down thoroughly with a good cleaner. Vinegar is a good natural cleaner to remove cigarette smells, diluted bleach-based cleaners will also work.
Anything that you can throw through the washer, do that too.
It is important to remember that if the home continues to get exposed to the smell of smoke, you will need to continue to use filtration if you want to keep the smell from lingering. For this reason, and for the fact that it is safer, we always recommend that you and your guests smoke outside.

Without an air purifier, you will find it extremely difficult to remove the smoke smell from your home. Despite it being a multiple method approach, not all methods work the same as the others. Make sure to select an air purifier that will work to remove smoke.

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