Grolier : Over a Hundred Years of Nurturing your Child's Multiple Intelligence

Grolier is one of the largest U.S. publishers of general encyclopedias. It was founded in 1909 and for over a hundred years, it continuously creates educational stuff to support the needs of the kids to further learning and comprehension.

Wayback 2007, I bought my firstborn a pencil-shaped Grolier laptop to enhance her speech and for her to easily memorize letters and numbers. The laptop also teaches shapes, spelling and writing the alphabet. It also features nursery rhymes. That was where my first child got her first dose for children's songs.

My firstborn is now 12 and she is one of the class top students. I can't really say that the Grolier laptop has contributed a lot to her knowledge because I was a hands-on while my kid was growing up especially when she entered school but I am sure it somehow helped in a way or another.

When Grolier Philippines International held The Grolier Carnival Fair in Festival Mall, I got so excited to see what they have in store after more than a decade. They had a lot of fun activities such as a magic show, inflatable fun cube, interactive learning corner, and face painting - all for free. They also offered a free assessment of a child’s multiple intelligences and kids get a free book after plus a chance to win Grolier Interactive Materials in the raffle.

They also introduced one of their newest products the Grolier - Keymatic which is a tool for automatic recall of basic math facts. The Keymatic set is an interactive device, with workbooks and pens to build confidence and proficiency in numbers and basic arithmetic.

It aligns with the very popular Singapore Maths which teaches the kids all about numbers the strategic way and not through memorization.

Grolier aims to continuously power your child's imagination thru innovative educational materials that can be enjoyed at the comfort of the home. I am so happy to be the first few customers to get the Keymatic set. It's a fun learning material that both parents and kids will enjoy. It can be a tool for a nice bonding activity for the family, too.

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This cool learning tool is the key to maths fact automaticity. Keymatic promotes automaticity in a child’s brain. This amazing product holds several features and benefits as listed below

- It utilizes all learning senses (auditory, visual, kinesthetic)
- It provides immediate recall of basic facts
- It has a unique and self-correcting feature
- It increases eye-hand coordination
- It can be used with any curriculum
- It is FUN

This product is a must-have for teachers and parents to engage in fun learning activities in the classroom and at home.

To know more about Grolier and their products please visit

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