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The ring is one of the most important jewelries, especially for women. The ring, just like the other precious pieces of jewelry, serves as a status symbol nowadays. The ring which is believed to have evolved in ancient Egypt; aside from being a symbol of wealth, also symbolizes a never-ending devotion, an eternal love for a person. This is why whenever a man wants to be with someone for the rest of his life, he offers a ring to the woman to be his fiancee. During a wedding ceremony, the ring is the only piece of jewelry that is present as a symbol of faith and love life afterlife.

Oftentimes we hear or see, that what is essential cannot be seen or touch, it is felt by the heart. So we may ask, why spend too much on a ring? Well, it is not the price of the ring that matters, it is the effort that was put into it.

Nowadays, we may be finding it hard to find the right ring to give our loved ones. The current pieces that is most accessible in the market today seem so similar to each other. Of course, we would want our loved one to have a ring that is unique in design, at least, if not the most expensive. There are also people who look for beautiful antique rings to give as gifts for their loved ones, as antique or vintage rings have higher values and their value appreciate over time. 

Let me share to you this interesting pieces of rings I found online. There are antique and vintage jewelry perfect for engagement, wedding or simply as a gift. 

This one is an antique fancy pink sapphire solitaire ring. Its center is an oval old cut natural unenhanced Ceylon pink sapphire with an approximate weight of 2.00 carats.

A solitaire ring is a popular style of engagement rings featuring a single diamond or gemstone.

As Sapphire is the gemstone of harmony, friendship and loyalty, this simple yet lovely piece of jewelry is truly perfect for someone who's planning for a proposal or an engagement. Since blue is the best-known color of Sapphire, this pink colored one is unique and is the right one for that one woman whom a man wants to be with him for the rest of his life.

Here is another elegant antique ring with an oval diamond cluster. a cluster is a group of gemstones formed into a certain shape or design. Its set is composed of twenty-one cushion shape old mine diamonds in open back grain and claw settings with a combined approximate weight of 1.60 carats.

Diamonds have been prized for their unique physical attributes for millennia that is why among the precious stones, it is the most expensive, well-loved and most desired, especially by women.  As diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, it is being said to be forever and every woman's best friend. This kind of ring is the one perfect for a wedding because diamonds symbolize strength, invincibility and eternal love. 

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