7 Folds Laundry proves that "Choice is not only for the rich"

Among the many household chores, doing the laundry is the most daunting which is why I have high admiration for people who can do the laundry by their bare hands. The manual labor they do to wash and clean the clothes while making sure the fabric is still protected and in good shape, is a proof of love and devotion that deserves recognition.

Handwashing is no joke, it drains the energy

But in this modern day world where people lean towards automation, doing the laundry without any help from a machine is a thing of the past. It's energy-draining, it's not practical, and  manually washing the clothes will not give you a productive day.

Let us all accept it, the detergent, the bleach, the fabric conditioners we use nowadays are full of chemicals that may harm our skin or even our health if we get in contact with them every day or more often. Although some companies promote products that are less harsh, some they brag eco-friendly, environment-friendly, natural, organic and the likes, still they have chemicals that are not needed by the body, chemicals that are not suitable for the human skin and might cause serious harm in the long run.

With all these cons that we might encounter by manually washing the clothes, we shifted to washing machines which enable us to multi-task. But then, in our ever demanding world; we sometimes can not even shoot the laundry inside the washing machines and let them do the task. Every second is so precious that we either spend each to either generate income or to take some rest.

Front load washers and driers that are space-savers and energy efficient

That's when laundry shop come into the scene. With laundry shops, we can just bring our dirty clothes and other stuff to them and let them do everything or we can also ask them to pick up the clothes and deliver them back to our place once they're already clean.

That is exactly what 7 Folds Laundy can do for you. They will provide you with convenience and ease of doing the laundry by offering you services that suit your time and your budget.

I remember, in the movie Hello Love Goodbye starring Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards, there was a line there saying "Choice is only for the rich." I used to believe it until I met 7 Folds Laundry. 7 Folds Laundry proved that you will not feel less fortunate once you do business with them because you always have a CHOICE, for less.

Your service, your choice at 7 Folds Laundry

Speaking of CHOICES FOR LESS, let me name a few.

Self-service, full service, wash-dry-press, press only - choose whatever service you need or you want for as low as P30.00 per kilo, minimum of 5 kilos.  Some people avail self service out of curiosity. They want to experience or learn something new. Others do it because they are very meticulous when it comes to the clothes they wear. Whatever type of customer you are, they will welcome you with a smile at 7 Folds Laundry.

Customers who are always on the go and who would aways want to meet their productivity goals choose full-service feature wherein the staff of the shop would take care of everything and you only have to pick up the clothes or have them delivered right to your doorstep.

YOU DO NOTE, 7 Folds Laundry strictly implements one machine, one customer rule; meaning no mixing up of clothes from 2 or more different customers. That's a very good feature of the shop, an excellent service, thinking of hygienic practices for the good of their customers.

Convenience and comfort, apart from quality service

They also follow one-day service policy, so you wouldn't run out of OOTDs. This policy ensures that no matter how many work loads come in, you can expect your thing to be cleaned, dried and nicely wrapped when you are going to pick it up the next day. It is very helpful to people who only buy a few types and kinds of clothing maybe due to limited space or they are just being minimalistic.

7 Folds Laundry prices are very competitive. They offer services at a lesser cost than any other shops in the metro but they don't sacrifice the quality.

While waiting for your clothes to be done, you may also choose to eat, to go online or just sit back and relax. The shop has enough space for you to eat. They can provide you with a table so you won't get hungry while waiting. Sit back and relax - yes relax because they have comfortable chairs and a nice green interior which will relax your sight and mind and take way all the stress brought to you by your pile of laundry. Wi-Fi is provided for free, bring your own coffee if you want.

Systematic labelling and storage

They offer other services for customer's convenience sometimes with no extra cost. To know more about this you may call or text us at 573-0566 / 0936-8823613.

Can't get enough of these choices? Please read on.

Self-Service options :

Wash.            - ₱65
Dry               - ₱65
Fold              - ₱30 (per load)
Extend Dry   - ₱15 (10 minutes)

Full Service options :

Regular         - ₱30 (5 kilos minimum)
Bedsheets.     - ₱45 (2 kilos minimum)
Comforters.   - ₱85 (2 kilos minimum)
Curtains.        - ₱75 (2 kilos minimum)

Other services offered :

Wash, Dry & Press    - ₱90 (3 kilos minimum)
Press Only                 - ₱70 (3 kilos minimum)
Extra Hanger             - ₱10 (per piece)
Shoe cleaning            - starts at ₱200 (per pair)

Rushed items are charged double.

Innovative, user-friendly washers and driers

Your branch of choice, below:

La Salle
78 Noli St. cor. Fidel Reyes St., Zone 78, Brgy. 708, Malate, Manila
(Behind SMDC Green Residences Taft Ave., beside De La Salle University Campus)
Tel. No: 526-7288
Mobile No: 0926-340-8663

2202 Chua Bldg. Leveriza st. near cor. Quirino Ave., Malate, Manila
(Behind Assumption Parish Church near cor. Quirino Ave.)
Tel. No: 247-3480
Mobile No: 0917-727-4522

7 Folds Malate branch is just 5 minutes walk from the nearest MRT station

Roosevelt Quezon City
313D VillaAzor Bldg. Roosevelt Ave., Brgy. San Antonio, Muñoz, Quezon City
(Across BPI Family Savings Bank and beside Robinsons Bank)
Tel. No: 573-0566
Mobile No: 0936-822-3613

Have you tried laundry shops too? How was the experience? Can you say it is more convenient and cost-efficient?

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