#GoForThePerfect10 : Is there really a connection between exercise and hair growth?

Eating the right food and exercise are key to a healthy body, mind, and disposition in life. Internal health is very important not just for the skin, muscles, and bones but for the hair as well.
There has been proof that people who exercise regularly notice their hair to be a lot healthier.

So what really is the connection between exercise and hair growth?

Regular exercise increases general health and improves blood circulation in the body. Increased circulation stimulates growth in hair follicles, thus improved overall health facilitates healthy hair growth.

With regular and moderated exercise you strengthen the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of acquiring medical conditions that may affect the growth of hair.

Exercise is proven to help reduce stress. Stress affects the growth of our hair. Have you ever experienced having more hair fall when you are stressed? Our bodies produce a hormone called cortisone when we are stressed. This hormone is responsible for the shedding of hair. On the contrary, serotonin is produced when we exercise and this hormone helps in the reduction of stress. The less stressed out we are, the healthier our hair becomes. Try Yoga to help calm your mind and spirit and give you a stress-free day.

Our hair is mostly made up of proteins, which are needed for cell growth. Our cell grows faster when we have enough sleep. Regular exercise ensures we sleep better, leading to better cell renewal and, of course, improved general health and hair.

Each hair follicle or root has blood vessels that need oxygen for nourishment and growth.  Exercise such as the cardio increases the blood flow/circulation and maintains normal body temperature in the body and scalp. When the blood flows properly, it supplies more nutrients and oxygen to the scalp, which results in hair growth.

Coaches Toni and Jim Saret

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Go for the perfect 10! Nothing to lose!

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