Enjoy your independence at work or at play with JBL's most affordable headphones from Shopee

Audio devices such as headphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. They are one of our must-haves, whether for entertainment, sports, work, education and more. They help us escape from the outside world. With these devices, we can concentrate a quiet and private sound, eliminate the noise around or just loose ourself in music.

Life is too short to listen to bad headphones. 

Headphones that enable us to enjoy listening to music or audiobooks, binge-watch movies or series, work or study and perform a lot of activities handsfree. It may seem selfish not to share our kind of music to others using speakers - a radical departure from music's social purpose - but we value privacy more than anything else nowadays. Also, in a world where noise is no longer just a sound but a pollution, we no longer want to add to this enviroment problem, thus the purpose of headphones.

Professionally, we use headphones in editing videos and incorporating sound, or for recording purposes. In communications, there are headsets which combine the functionalities of a microphone, a telephone, and a headphone.

Not only for music and entertainment, are headphones incredibly beneficial. They make your hands free while you are busy working and have an important call to attend. They freely allows us to work or take notes, and do a myriad of other things like playing sport or working out, while you're on the phone. They simply let us multitask - an activity that the world requires us to perform as usual as possible for us to survive in a fast-pace environment.

Looking for affordable yet quality headphones for work or leisure? Check this JBL by Harman audio solutions worth P2,000 and below from Shopee:

Before : P1199 
Now : P699

Your music will motivate you with sound that stays put with JBL Focus. Twistlock® Technology and Flexsoft® Comfort Fit guarantee these sweat-proof behind-the-ear sport headphones will never hurt or fall out. JBL® Focus™ 100 allows ambient sound to ensure you hear everything you need to stay safe. Made to move, just like you. Developed for training in any conditions, the JBL® Focus™ 100 endures through rain, water, and sweat. The patented TwistLock™ technology provides a secure fit, ensuring these headphones never fall out even during the most rigorous physical activities. Guaranteed never to hurt, these headphones are made with ultra-soft flexible silicone for long-lasting ergonomic comfort.

JBL Focus 100 is ergonomically designed to allow in ambient noise so you’re aware of your surroundings during active use. JBL Signature Sound with Pure Bass performance For over 70 years, JBL has engineered precise, naturally articulated sound found in high-end cinemas, arenas and recording studios around the world.

Before : P1999 
Now : P1459

Featuring JBL Pure Bass Sound, the JBL T110BT headphones offer a grab 'n' go, wireless solution for your everyday usage along with the ability to make or take hands free calls and 6 hours of battery life. Imagine headphones that quickly charge in 2 hours, come in 6 distinctive colors, feature a flat tangle free cable and are lightweight enough to comfortably wear for hours on end. 

And when you combine magnets that ensure the headphones are not dangling when not in use, the tangle-free cable and the comfort of the ergonomic ear-tips and neckband design, it’s easy to see how the JBL T110BT headphones can become an essential part of your day-to-day music loving life. 

Micro USB charging built-in battery provides 6 hours of playing time, with quick recharge in just 2 hours. Magnetic cable management ensures that the headphones remain comfortably secure and tangle-free around your neck when not in use. With the 3-button remote with microphone, you can enjoy wireless calls and manage your music hands free.

Before : P1999  
Now : P1499

Pick up. Plug in. Play. 
The JBL TUNE500 delivers quality, powerful sound to spark up your day. Equipped with JBL Pure Bass sound, 32mm JBL drivers, and a one-button universal remote that is compatible with most smartphones, these headphones provide quick access to great sound every time. 

It's lightweight and comfortable, thanks to the soft ear cushions and padded headband. The JBL TUNE500 headphones also allow you to connect to Siri or Google Now without using your mobile device. 

Available in 4 fresh colors that feature a tangle-free flat cable and foldable for easy portability, the JBL TUNE500 headphones are a plug ‘n go solution that enable you to inject music into every aspect of your busy life. 

It also features the renowned JBL Pure Bass sound, which can be found in the most famous venues all around the world. Its 1-button remote/mic alets you easily control your music, calls access to Siri/Google Now at the touch of a single button. The lightweight materials and foldable design make it convenient for you to carry your headphones anywhere and anytime you want music. 

The durable and flat cable keeps the cable hassle and tangle free while on the go. Siri or Google Now are just a button away: activate the voice assistant by pushing the remote button.
Before : P2490
Now : P1999

Sweat proof and sporting a unique reflective design, the lightweight JBL Reflect Mini in-ear sport headphones were designed to stay put even during the most intense workouts. Legendary JBL sound can be comfortably enjoyed through the premium 5.8mm dynamic drivers while actively participating in everything from running to cross-fit for hours on end. 

Offering the smallest sport design from JBL, the JBL Reflect Mini may make you forget you’re wearing headphones at all. Featuring a one button remote and mic, adjustable Y-Split cables and the angled connector, the JBL Reflect Mini is the perfect training partner. 

JBL Reflect Mini is lightweight design. As the lightest JBL in-ear sport headphones, the Mini provides long lasting comfort during a variety of athletic activities. Premium 5.8mm dynamic drivers Delivers the legendary JBL sound that was created by some of the finest sound engineers in the world. Its Highly Reflective Cable is designed for ultimate visibility at night.

In a crowded world, headphones are small invisible fence around our minds. They make space, create separation, help us listen to ourselves and enable us to enjoy our independence. Let your solitude, privacy and independence matter with JBL by Harman's most affordable headphones that are available in Shopee.

Conveniently browse more of JBL's audio solutions for daily life by downloading Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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