Food Influencing amidst COVID19

Food touches our lives in every possible way. It provides comfort, brings us together, unlocks new experiences, and has the power to send us miles away into childhood memories with just one bite.

Food provides nutrients, substances that provide energy for all the functions of the body that are essential to growth, repair, and in keeping the immune system strong.

Being healthy is part of our overall lifestyle as it helps prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. Feeling good about yourself and being healthy also depends on the quality of the food we eat.

Food is not just there to sustain our life and provide our body's needs for growth, development, and function. Food has social and emotional relevance as well. Food keeps families and friends together. It's an expression of our cultural identity and a reflection of a community's unique history, lifestyle, values, and beliefs. Food helps you release tension and stress and it can even heal your soul.

With the many roles food plays in our lives, the rise of food influencers is not surprising at all.

According to the study, it was in 2017 when food influencers started to become the biggest food trend. Since then; foodie influencers, vloggers and bloggers proved that chefs and food critics are not the only ones who could shape their lives around the passion for food. Today, social media has made it so easy to dive into the food culture and share it with the rest of the world.

Food influencers center their content around any subject concerning food and drinks. Most of them started their foodie journey as a fun way to share pictures and comments about the food they ate at home, in fast-food chains, and even from luxurious and lavish restaurants. Then it became their enjoyable pastime rather than something to stress out about. These foodie influencers simply turned their passion for food into something educational and informative for their followers.

One of the coolest parts about being a food influencer is being invited to exclusive events and openings of restaurants and other food establishments. They are invited to try a few of the menu items and talk about them on social media. Attending such exclusive events is a great opportunity to get to know the people who have put all of their energy, love, and pride in the food business and hear about their experiences along the way.

Being a foodie influencer is not all about free food. Food establishments and brands nowadays, tap foodies to feature their business on social media, blogs, or vlogs and they either pay the influencers cash or ex-deal for the collaboration. Additionally, brands or businesses don't only give opportunities to accounts with a high-following or reach. Although large accounts can hold more value because they reach a wider audience, local businesses also look for smaller accounts because they typically can engage better with followers.

Being a foodstagrammer is exciting as it forces you outside of your comfort zone. You constantly stay up to date with the latest trends, newest restaurants, and events going on in your city. You look forward to trying to new foods with friends and family and then sharing it on social media. When you post a photo, you are sending a wave of curiosity through your followers who are looking for new places to eat and your opinionated content influences their decisions. By being updated with a lot of food events and openings you become the go-to-source of your followers for specific recommendations about food and dining.

How will 2020 shape the fate of food influencers?

Amidst the virus, expect more food influencers to shine in their craft as this pandemic has taught us to value and be careful of what we eat, what we put inside the body; as the food and drinks determine how strong our body can fight against the invisible enemy. For sure, they will continue to reinvent the digital landscape so they can continue to thrive in the influencer marketing industry. They will stay relevant as food is what makes us alive and kicking.

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