Center Stage Productions invites everyone to join the 3rd Brillante Mendoza Film Workshop

Have the passion for acting or directing? Why not join the Brillante Mendoza Film Workshop 3 (BMFW)? Turn your dreams to reality and be renowned just like Director Brillante Mendoza.

Who is Brillante Mendoza?

Brillante Mendoza is an internationally acclaimed Filipino director of Indie films. He started as a production designer in the world of film-making and later on became famous in televisions, commercials and even music videos. His first two films Takaw Tukso (1986) and Private Show (1986), both won Best Production Design in the Gawad Urian Awards. His films Masahista (The Masseur) 2005, Foster Child 2007, Tirador (Slingshot) 2007 and Serbis 2008 were among the films included at the Cannes Film Festivals, one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in the world.

In 2009, he joined Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum with 27 other directors from all around Asia. That same year, Mendoza received the Best Director award from the 62nd Cannes Film Festival for the film Kinatay (The Execution of P), starring Coco Martin. Among his competitors were the world's most famous directors like Quentin Tarantino (Inglorious Basterds) and Ang Lee (Taking Woodstock). Mendoza is the first and only Filipino to win the most coveted Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival.

About the Workshop

The Brillante Mendoza Film Workshop 3 (BMFW) will be a 7- day intensive training from March 28 to April 3, 2016, at Center Stage Productions 947 Busilak St. Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City. Two workshops being offered are the following:

    - A 7-day intensive workshop from 9am-5pm, inclusive of lunch and afternoon snacks
    - participant is expected to act in the short film made by the directing workshopper at the end of
       the workshop

    - with introduction to Cinematography, Production Design, Editing
    - A 7-day intensive workshop from 9am-5pm, inclusive of lunch and afternoon snacks
    - participant is expected to create a short film at the end of the workshop
    - participant is expected to bring his/her own laptop for editing purposes

For more info, see poster above or visit

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