Reasons to love tea, let me count to ten

The tea leaf holds within it many benefits. Tea time brings more than just a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Regular tea drinking will promote an overall healthy lifestyle for anyone.

1. Tea enhances
If you feel sluggishness and physical discomfort, you could just be needing a regular dose of tea. Tea, with its anti-oxidants, boosts the circulatory system, letting the blood flow to all the organs of the body, helping them function properly.

2. Tea detoxifies
Bacteria produces toxins that are harmful to health and they cause different diseases to human. Tea effectively flushes out unwaned waste from the body including toxins.

3. Tea lifts
Downing a cup of tea gets rid of stress during the work day. Theanine, a free amino acid found in tea plants, promotes a stress-free state. Drinking tea rapidly revives, giving the body and mind a gentle lift, to give you focus on your responsibilities.

4. Tea rejuvenates
Do you know why hot tea is served in spa? Tea is aromatic and soothing. It quiets us and gives us sense of well-being.

5. Tea stimulates
Theanine in tea increases mental performance. Tea's astringency wakes up the nerves in the moth, sending signals to the brain to alert the mind. That's a boost in alertness, memory and learning ability.

6. Tea lulls
Is counting sheep doesn't help you? Have a cup of tea. It has a powerful effect on olfactory nerves that transmits smell to the brain. A cup of tea before bedtime will give a soothing, relaxing bedtime.

7. Tea saves you from stroke or heart attack
Stroke creeps up on us unaware. One of the causes of stroke is when blood clots in the arteries. Tea may reduce the risk of stroke because drinking tea helps keeps the arteries smooth and clog-free.
A 6 year study from the Netherlands found a 70% lower risk of fatal heart attacks in people who drank 2 - 3 cups of tea daily compared to non tea drinkers.

8. Tea reduces cholesterol
If you want to kick that cholesterol-laden diet, then make tea a part of your daily routine. Tea has anti-oxidants called polyphenols that help lower cholesterol levels.

9. Tea fights diabetes
Recent studies show that tea can be an effective tool against diabetes because it dramatically boosts insulin activity in the body.

10. Tea is fat-free
Tea is best for people watching on their calorie intake. Tea, in itself has 0 fat, 0 sugar and 0 starch.

Let's make it a habit to drink tea, after meal, during the break or before bedtime. It is a healthy alternative for the usual drinks we intake.

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