What made me fall head over heels with the G5?

The LG G5 is definitely the best and the most ambitious phone in the market today. Physically, the G5 doesn't look and feel premium, at first glance, as compared to its competitors. It is not as charming, not as eye catching as the previous LG models but it is boasting with great specs and features - excellent camera - 16mp main & 8mp secondary, 32 gb internal RAM & microSD slot up to 256gb, fast battery charging at 80% in 30 minutes, LTE capable, sensors, etc - what more can we ask for? If you think that is all the LG G5 has, wait till you know about the LG G5 friends.

Those amazing specs and features are not the reason I fall head over heels with the G5.What sets it apart from the rest of the smartphones nowadays is its modular design that allows user to swap 3rd party modules to extend the functionality of the phone. That's the feature I love the best on the LG G5. This unique and innovative feature makes mobile experience a lot more interesting. The modules called the LG G5 friends are powerhouse, they give smartphone a new definition and definitely the flagship of the brand.

Hi-fi Plus with B&O Play

"B&O" stands for Bang & Olufsen, a Danish consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures audio products,television sets, and telephones.
Once the LG G5's bottom module along with the battery is pulled out, it can be exchanged for a different one - a hi-fi module.  The LG G5 already has great speakers out of the box but the hi-fi module will add superior quality and will deliver audio with less background noise and less interference from environmental factors.  I can enjoy more music, that are not just amplified but quality enhanced and optimized for my listening pleasure. That would be entertainment to a higher level.

LG Cam Plus

Another one is the camera module which does not only serve as physical shutter and zoom control buttons, but a better grip on the back as well. Taking pictures or selfies made a lot easier, more convenient and safer. Now, you've got a smartphone and a digital camera in one.

360 VR Headset

Unlike the usual VR's in the market today, the LG 360 VR has a built-in display, with unit plugging directly into the G5 for power. It is controlled by tapping and swiping on the handset’s screen. The 360 VR has a great resolution that lets you feel like you are into the real world, plus you no longer need to put up a phone in front of you, which makes you more movable and makes your experience a lot more realistic.

LG Rolling Bot

photo credit : www.androidheadlines.com
This rolling bot is a ball-shaped robot with 8MP camera that can move up and down, has loudspeaker, a microphone, infra-red sensor, a couple of LEDs, and it has the ability to move around the house all by itself. It can fully monitor the house and live stream everything that happens real-time, with sound. You can even record video and pictures, because it has micro SD slot. If your appliances can be controlled via an IR remote, then the LG Rolling Bot should be able to operate it even if you're far away from home. You give a command, and the Bot relays it to your chosen appliance. It can even help you interact with your pets even when you are not home, with its camera, speaker and mic. I can't imagine how it would secure everything inside the house. This is not just fun but for me, it has practical use and is beneficial.

LG 360 cam

photo credit www.lg.com

It is a tiny 360-degree camera that grabs both photos and videos. It has no screen; it is connected to the phone via Bluetooth to see what the camera sees. It has two 200-degree, 13-megapixel cameras, and allows for easy uploading to Google Street View and YouTube 360. See the world at different angle with the LG 360 cam.

LG Tone Platinum

                                                                                         photo credit www.lg.com

It is a slim bluetooth headset that offers high fidelity sound. Conveniently listen to the soundtrack of your life with no strings attached. Literally.

The reinvention/restructuring of the LG G5 is indeed amazing. They say the modules are not that important because the phone itself will function greatly but in the eye of a Mommy Blogger like me, the modules have practical use and that they are not just accessories but important part of the handset. They are a bit pricey but it is not the accessories that you are paying for; it is the experience plus the benefits are just a lot compared to the amount of money you'll spend for the LG G5 friends.

Because of the LG G5's modular design, it is not just a smartphone, it is a superphone! G5 stands out from the crowd because of the concept. LG G5 is an OA phone because it offers the user a different way of living thru the modules. LG is indeed pushing boundaries and by doing so, we the consumers are the ones who benefit from it. We are able to experience things that are beyond our imaginations. Experiences that help our lives to be better and be more meaningful...

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Here's a quick review of the LG G5 from Yugatech:


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