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The Cookies Factory (TCF) is a premier biscuits and cookies manufacturer based in Johor, Malaysia. It has more than 22 years experience in the confectionery manufacturing business.

The company has crafted its own niche in Malaysia and abroad with its exquisite range of premium cookies. All products are carefully formulated to give one of a kind flavors, distinct textures and great taste to satisfy the expectations of the discerning customers. TCF is obsessed in the selection of only the best and the finest ingredients sourced locally and imported around the world.

The Company is holding on to simple guiding principle, that is “Crafting only the best cookies for all”. It is the passed-down value from its founder, Madam Lee.


The Cookies Factory all started in 1989 - Madam Lee has been baking cookies for her friends and loved ones from her little home kitchen. Gradually, through word of mouth, her homemade specialties spread around and orders for her cookies came rolling in from places as far away as Singapore, Johor, Bahur, and Kuala Lumpur.

Incorporated in 1991, Madam Lee set up her company as Ling’s Homemade Cookies to meet the growing demand of her cookies. With the opportunity given, the company had gradually transformed into a business that focuses on providing contract manufacturing (OEM) services to confectioneries in the region.

Rebranding in 2006, their unwavering faith and whole-hearted dedication to the production and marketing of quality and finest confectionery has prompted them to move on from a manually-handled manufacturing facility to a professionally-run and technology driven facilities. In line with their marketing and expansion plan to overseas market, they have undertaken a rebranding excise. A brand new corporate identity were formed with the name of The Cookies Factory Sdn Bhd.

Relocation in 2008, meeting the growing demands of clients, TCF relocated from a small shophouse unit to a new state-of-the-art plant. At the same time, semi-automation facilities was introduced into the new
factory to scale up the production capabilities.

Accreditation in 2009, TCF successfully obtained HALAL certificate from Malaysia Halal Development Corporation. In the same year, HACCP and GMP certification were also awarded to the company by renowned certification body, Moody International.

Export in 2011, under Private label trade, their products were exported to Australia, Hong Kong, Korean, and Taiwan, and New Zealand.

Diversification in 2013, the company has undertaken a corporate strategy. From being a pure OEM manufacturing business, the company took a new challenge to reach out to the FMCG market by introducing 3 new brand portfolios, Skinnie, Jaree, and Town 82K.

Products Information

The Cookies Factory's regular SKU's include - Skinnie, Jaree and Town 82K.

The Skinnie Biscotti is a unique thinly-sliced biscotti (light & crispy texture). It is a no-oil added recipe and contains premium Californian almonds. It is best compliment to coffee or tea.

The Skinnie Biscotti Original Almond is a specially crafted thinly sliced almond biscotti. It has a light and crispy texture of a biscotti coupled with the divine aroma of roasted almonds. Simply dunk it in a cup of hot coffee or tea to enjoy the fullness!

The Skinnie Biscotti Double Chocolate is a crunchy, wholesome, thinly sliced biscotti. The generous amount of cocoa powder, chocolate chip and roasted almond nuts leaves a luxurious feel when you have a slice of it in your mouth. 

Treat yourself with this thinly sliced Apricot & Pumpkin seed Biscotti, baked with specially selected apricots and almond nuts. The taste of the biscotti is blended so well with the natural sweetness of dried apricots that no one could forget its taste at the first bite!

Jaree Biscuits are fun and delicious snack which comes in convenient packs. It's a good source of dietary fiber.

Baked from almond nuts imported from USA, the Roasted Almond fingers literally melt in the mouth at first bite. This biscuit is an everyday snack that appeals to both the young and the old.

This Butter & Milk fingers definitely deserve the spotlight! It is so yummy where it gives you a rich buttery and milky flavours at a crumbly texture. It is simply heavenly.

These are delicious and healthy multi grain snacks which comes in convenient packs.It's a good source of dietary fiber and is suitable  for vegetarian.

The Town 82K Wheat Biscuits Original Wheat is simply classic. The perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness at a crunchy texture is exactly what you want in a wheat biscuit. Be it enjoying it on its own, or going with any dips or spreads, this wheat biscuit tastes just as delicious.

Town 82K Wheat Biscuits Oat Tea is baked from freshly brewed premium tea. This wheat biscuit is so scrumptious that it gives you a rich yet delicate tea flavour. All tea lovers will agree that this is the best tea biscuit ever created!

Black is elegant, black is classic and black is delicious! TheTown 82K Wheat Biscuits Oat Tea is blended so well with edible natural bamboo charcoal powder. Natural bamboo charcoal helps to detoxify your body. So it is the best of both world!

The Cookies Factory new SKU's

The Cookies Factory REGULAR SKUs:

These are all delicious and healthy multi grain snacks in convenient packs (individual sachets). It is a good source of dietary fiber and is suitable for vegetarian.

Vegetarian Cookies are 100% vegetarian because it has no egg added. It comes in convenient fresh packs, free from trans fat and cholesterol.

The Cookies Factory's great tasting cookies and biscuits are now available in SM Stores (SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket), Robinsons Supermarket, Puregold Stores (Jaree Biscuits), Rustans Supermarket, The Landmark, Metro Gaisano (Market! Market!, Ayala Cebu, Alabang), Mercury Drugstores, Waltermart and Shopwise.

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