Tupperware Brands introduces MOM Plus+, your perfect companion to motherhood

Since 1966, Tupperware has become a household name offering world-class products. In 2007, it started offering beauty and lifestyle products and since then, it was known as Tupperware Brands offering better brands and products for the whole family. We are familiar of Baby Care Plus+ and Kids Plus+ which are well-known products for babies and kids' bath-time and skin care, but do you know that they are introducing a new brand for Moms called Mom Plus+? These products are dedicated to care for the carers aka MOMS.


These are not the regular beauty products that cater women of all ages. These revolutionary products aim to make moms feel and look better while they are juggling their duties for the family. 

Stretch Mark Cream

It helps improve elasticity and suppleness of the skin to reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight gain. It has triple-action benefits:
  • reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks 
  • naturally softens the skin 
  • helps repair damaged skin tissues and reduces inflammation
This is a lightly-scented, non-greasy cream for the whole body. I know it would not totally remove the "stripes" motherhood had brought me but I'm sure, with its special ingredients like grapeseed extract, aloe vera oil, avocado fruit extracts, butter extract & mango butter, which are packed with nourishing antioxidants; it would make a big difference on the texture of my damaged skin so it will look better and firmer. Every night, before going to bed, I squeeze a small amount onto palm and I gently massage it in circular motion on my tummy where most of my stretchmarks are. At daytime, after taking a bath, I use it as a regular skin lotion so I get better results.

Mom Plus+ Soothing Relief Balm

Leaves a cooling sensation that soothes muscle pain, skin irritation or any feeling of discomfort. This is also good for pregnant Moms who usually feel stressful. I love using this balm whenever I feel dizzy or I have a headache. It has calming effect and it easily brings me to sleep whenever I don't feel well. I also use it when I have coughs and colds. It effectively relieves any pain and brings me back in shape. It contains eucalyptus oil and peppermint that provides minty aroma and coolness that suppresses the pain when scent is inhaled. It is also made with ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, like the beeswax. It has allantoin that moisturizes the skin and shea butter which has exceptional healing properties for the skin. this balm will definitely keep you feeling better inside and out.

Mom Plus+ Ultra Moisturizing Bar 

This is a gently-scented, dermatologist tested skin-softening and moisturizing bar that gently cleanses and refreshes dry skin, leaving it supple and nourished. It rinses away dull skin and helps replenish skin's natural moisture by ensuring deep skin hydration all day long.It contains coconut oil which has numerous powerful benefits to the skin. Boost your naturally radiant skin for only P119 per 90g pack.

Moms need to be cared too, and thank you because there is Mom Plus+ to boost every Mom's confidence and make them feel beautiful inside and out despite the daunting journey towards motherhood...

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