A long but stress-free hair treatment story at Vivere Salon Festival Mall with Stylist Raymond

I have always wanted to color my hair since I was thirteen. As I see many young girls at my age that time go crazy about coloring their hair, I have also wanted to experience the same. But as my mother told me it might ruin my long, dark shiny hair, I just forgot everything about it and became contented of my hair's natural beauty.

As I grow older, I became more open to changes. I became more reinventive of the way I look and even became more liberated when it comes to fashion and trends and yes, even hairstyles. Until one day when I was offered to try Vivere Salon service, I immediately grab the opportunity. It's a new experience that I must nos pass, I know I will learn from it which I can share to people around me.

So I scheduled a hair color treatment in Vivere Salon Festival Mall Alabang. It was a nice and clean place, and it doesn't smell awful with chemicals, unlike most of the salons I've been to. The friendly staff greeted me warmly and she guided me to my stylist Raymond and his assistant JP.

Raymond asked me of the hair color I want but since it was my first time, I asked him for a suggestion. For my morena complexion, he chose coffee brown with highlights.

First process they did to my hair was the highlights wherein they made strips of few hair strands, applied with the hair color for highlights then covered the strips with foil. The process took more than an hour.

After that, they proceeded with coloring the entire hair with coffee brown.

After around 2 hours, my hair underwent another treatment, something that made it smoother, like a hair conditioner. They washed my hair immediately after massaging it with the gel-like thing.

Then they proceeded with styling my hair by putting another hair treatment first, while I was eating my favorite pizza.

After 30 minutes of setting my hair, they blow it dry and styled.

Here are my before and after photos.



I am glad that under the proper care of my stylist and his assistant, my first experience on hair color treatment has not been a nightmare. I was really scared and skeptical, at first, on coloring my hair but I guess it's about time to go out of my shell and evolve. I really feel more beautiful and confident with my new lively and volumized hair, especially when my friends commended that I look better with it. At Vivere Salon Festival branch, you'll always feel at home. I never felt any pressure during the whole duration of the treatement. I was not expecting the process to be that long but the whole experience was really fun and enjoyable because Vivere Salon will simply treat you and your hair very well.


Sam Aguilar said...

damo ko nga nababasang magagandang comments about that salon! maganda nga tlga dyan!

Passions of a SAHM said...

try mo na din girl one of these days, tamang-tama for the upcoming holidays. Let's try to look fab and beautiful kahit every Christmas lang hehe

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