Nutri10Plus Syrup Vitamin Blog Campaign, Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Way of Helping Kids in Marawi

A mother's devotion to providing quality nutrition to their children is incomparable. It is one of their outstanding qualities as a homemaker and caregiver of the family. This is primarily done by preparing healthy foods and giving effective supplements to sustain and nourish their growing family needs. Nutri10Plus Syrup, multivitamins packed with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Taurine, Lysine, Zinc and Vitamins C, A, D3 B1 and more, had been assisting mothers all around the Philippines in developing children with strong bodies, active brains, and a healthy appetite. 

Military officers helped in distributing the Nutri10Plus Syrup and DayCee pouches to the kids

In the effort to help our co-mommies and their children in the war-stricken village in Marawi, 100 Mommy bloggers from Mommy Bloggers Philippines community had collaborated to bring boxes of Nutri10Plus Syrup, DayCee Vitamin C Syrup and several toys, to a hundred kids in Marawi through SinagTala, a non-profit organization headed by Ms. Kaye Koo. SinagTala had been sending help to villages in Marawi since the war erupted and it had sheltered hundreds of children inside the Playroom which served as the mini-school and play area for the children.

Through the Nutri10Plus Syrup, DAYZINC vitamins and toys, we wish to help uplift the children’s spirits and restore their health as they start on picking up the pieces of their lives as families.

With Kaye Koo of SinagTala Foundation during turnover of vitamins and toys.

We all thank WERT for this campaign, Kaye Koo of SinagTala and all the staff who have helped in sending the vitamins to Marawi.

To learn more about the benefits of Nutri10Plus Syrup, check through their Facebook page

Inside the box that was sent for the kids of Marawi are assorted toys and pouches which contains 2 bottles of Nutri10Plus Syrup, 2 bottles of DayCee Vitamin C and Daycee chewables each.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines is grateful to the mommy bloggers who participated in campaign using their blogs to bring hundreds of pouches of Nutri10Plus Vitamins full of nutrition for the children in Marawi. Find out more about the lovely mommy bloggers and their experiences as they document their life journeys in their mommy blogs.

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Burgess said...

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Leo Daniel Ravidhandran said...
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