Kwikset Roadshow Manila - Why your choice for locks matter

Consumers want access to all the choices possible. We feel disappointed if we missed out on products that might just be better than the one we've chosen. On the other hand, too many choices can paralyze our ability to make a decision and sometimes lead us to choose the easy option or worse not make the decision at all.

When we’re trying to decide on a new footwear or an OOTD, choice paradox isn’t going to affect too much; but when deciding on a new lock for our home or office door, choice paradox can be very dangerous. We don't just grab the first lock we see just to have the decision over and done with because a bad choice could lead to precarious situations.

So, how do we choose the right lock brand and type for our home or business without becoming overwhelmed with the choices? What factors do we have to consider before buying one?

Design and style

Selecting the right design for our locks is a great way to give our home a new look and extend our home's personality. Choose the design and style in the same way that you would approach any other interior design task. Consider what your overall theme is and the design of the room it will be used in.

Quality, durability, and reliability

The durability and strength of locks in harsh, dirty, remote, or infrequently used locations is of great importance. A quality and durable lock does not necessarily mean a strong key or vice versa. The durability of locks is not only tested when exposed to weather or used on a day to day basis. Durability and reliability are primarily about situations in extremely harsh environments and situations and when locks may not be used for very long periods of times.

Safety, security, and technology

This is the most crucial when choosing for locks because safety that locks offer extends from the safety of the general public to the safety of private property. An electronic lock may not always offer the best security because technology also has pitfalls. Whether you are choosing a mechanical or an electronic lock make sure these locks serve a vast range of needs. Choose the one that is innovative and unique in delivering safe and developed locks.

From these factors, I actually find it hard to name a brand to trust to when it comes to locks that we want to use in our home. I am guilty of going after the price merely when looking for locks. Being a "wais" Mom, I have always thought that locks should be affordable and that I should not shed too much Peso in a single lock. It's just a lock, a piece of metal for the door so the cheaper the better. Until I attended the Kwikset Roadshow which entirely changed my perceptions about a lock.

I have realized that locks are something that we should take into priority because it safe keeps the home and the entire property and the lives of everyone inside the premises and the price should be the last thing to consider when buying for a lock.

Kwikset, the leading residential lock manufacturer headquartered in Orange County California USA is making homeowners feel safe since 1946. Its products have been existing in the Philippines for about 3 decades or more, but I have never heard and was not aware of this brand before.

Kwikset offers contemporary design and style to fit any layout of your door - be it interior or exterior.
Their door hardware comes in a variety of decorative finish choices that coordinate with other design elements in the home. Their finishes are sure to bring you design inspirations to make your home uniquely yours.

Kwikset lock's durability, strength, and reliability cannot be questioned. Few known lock brands along with some Kwikset locks were put into a chemical test by submerging them in ammonia. After few minutes, the more popular lock brands (in the Philippines) went under chemical changes. They easily oxidized, they look like they were burned, but the Kwikset locks did not change at all.

Door locks were also put into a stress or strength test. The representative from Kwikset allowed the guests to hit brand X lock and Kwikset lock with a hard mallet. Brand X was easily detached from the door in just a few hits but surprisingly, the Kwikset lock was not even broken or ruined after 2 guests hit the lock several times. It just got some dents and few bruises but it is still firmly attached to the door.

Kwikset's safety, security, and technology are unmatched. It was proven during some series of tests at the event. During one of the tests, picking tools are used to manipulate the components of the lock device, which requires a high level of skill and practice. Guests tried to unlock 2 unknown brands and they easily did it, but when they tried it to Kwikset's lock, they found it hard no matter how much they tried. This is because Kwiset uses the patented side-locking bar technology. It is a recent innovation from Kwikset which is an improvement on the traditional pin and tumbler design, which is vulnerable to lock-bumping attacks.

Kwikset also introduced SmartKey deadbolts and locks which also feature side-locking bar technology. The technology is also central to the SmartKey’s ability to be rapidly and easily re-keyed. With the re-key technology, you will no longer need a locksmith to change your keys. With just your current key, the re-key tool and your new key, you can change the key that will operate your lock.

Kwikset's Kevo, an innovation which combines security with convenience; is a technology used on smart locks which enables keyless entry. Kevo is powered by a smartphone and a Bluetooth to remotely lock or unlock your home anytime, anywhere.

If these features still won't convince you that Kwikset is one of the very few brands that can be trusted when it comes to locks, then let me also share that Kwikset is ANSI/BHMA Certified. This means that their products are tested and audited and provide the buyer with a certain level of quality assurance. The certification leads to higher design specifications and manufacturing procedures, resulting in a higher-quality product. Therefore, all Kwikset products meet ANSI Grade III or above.

For enhanced security, we must not settle for anything less. We should always choose something that will give superior performance. Remember that locks are prevention for future harm and it's the key to our peace of mind, thus your choice for a lock always matters.

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