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I remember how we went crazy upon knowing about my child's eye condition. She was diagnosed with astigmatism, a common vision condition that causes blurred vision. She is nearsighted and the physician told us to immediately look for the right eyeglasses for her.

We went around the city and several malls in and outside our area just to find something that fits her well and that looks fashionable as she is already a teener. Truth is, we really find it so hard to provide her the right one. The whole experience was tiring and daunting and of course, it was costly as we have to travel even to the faraway city hoping to find what we need for her.

At last, after almost 3 weeks of searching, we finally found the one for her. That experience left me a realization: that it's not easy to find the right eyeglasses for you, therefore you must really take good care of your eyes and your vision. Thank God at the age of 36 I am still at 20/20 vision.

I know that sooner or later my daughter's current glasses need to be replaced so as early as now, I try to look for another one. Whenever I would pass by a mall or an eyewear store I always try to look for a new one which I think she would love and would look nice on her.

One day, I get to cross Zeelool Prescription Eyeglasses Frames Online. Zeelool is an e-commerce website offering a wide range of high-fashion and high-end eyewear. The platform's homepage is catchy enough to keep me scrolling and clicking for more on the site. They have very chic, unique and trendy eyewear for everyone - men and women.

What caught most of my attention was the cute glasses frames which look so comfy and light-weight. The frames are thin, nothing bulky that's why each looks too neat and clean. The design is nothing complicated but they all look beautiful. I guess this is where I can find the perfect frame for my daughter.

I also enjoyed browsing at the glasses frames for women because most of them come in Pantone color ultraviolet. That is actually my favorite color since I was in elementary and anything in its shade really interests me. These frames for women are so unique in shapes. There are the conventional shapes such as round, oval, square and rectangle and there's also the cateye and the geometric-shaped glasses. It is important that a store offers different shapes of glasses. Different face shapes require different shapes of glasses to enhance someone natural look.

Their products are of different colors, shapes, and designs. Some eyewear looks luxurious for the studs. 

I have actually chosen few frames and consider buying them for my daughter. I saw that they accept different types of payments and that adds up to a hassle-free shopping.

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