A Beach Wedding to Remember : Starting a New Chapter to Forever (Special Feature)

Beach weddings are endearing for many reasons- it’s the idea of being out in the open, surrounded by nature in a surreal ocean scene with the waves and sea wind stand as witnesses to a jubilant union of hearts. And this is when Ron and Loren exchanges vow in a commitment to love and cherish one another amidst the romantic natural atmosphere and surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Loren loves Ron.

For Loren, Ron has all the good qualities of a gentleman. She describes him as kindhearted, sensitive and caring. He is the best man for her and he is being loved by many because of his good character. Loren has found her forever true love with Ron!

Ron loves Loren.

Loren being a person with a well-rounded personality, she is a happy person with a positive disposition. Ron immediately fell in love with Loren for being sweet and caring but most of all genuine with lots of people loving her too. Ron has all the right reasons to find his forever with Loren at his side! 

Then Ron and Loren decided to tie the knot on a beach…

Both love the idea of having a memorable exchange of vows by the beach. They both dream of having a ‘romantic sunset wedding’ that would provide wonderful memories that will last for a lifetime. They wanted it to be super special, going the extra mile along the shore where happy memories are built. 

Prince Charming and his Princess!!

How about a unique “Prince and Princess’ theme wedding on beach? Why not! For Loren and Ron, the idea came in to conception during the daily video chats and calls when Ron mentioned that when he was a kid he had wish to be born as a royalty and be a prince. Loren, chuckled and slightly grinned then ask him “so you are dreaming to be a prince?” then Ron quickly replied “yes!”.  Loren pondered and realized that Ron told her “having you is a dream come true and if not with you I do not intend to remarry anymore and will remain single for the rest of my life”.  This is Loren’s realization that she wanted to fulfill Ron’s dreams. Now, these dreams are a reality having Loren as his wife and Ron as her prince! 

The dream of becoming a prince is a fulfilled childhood dream of Ron and now a husband “king” to a loving Pinay wifey princess perhaps “queen”, queen of Ron’s heart!

Loren was a 6-year widow and have notion of having a foreign husband who is loving, sensitive and much understanding. Though age difference may seem to be a factor for others, but for the lovebirds it was never an issue. 

Loren loves Ron with all her heart and soul could give which Ron will never find a reason to regret marrying her. It is the best life changing decision for both lovers and their wedding stands testament that true love exist! 

So why have purple as the wedding theme color? No need to explain, it’s Loren’s favorite color! And did you know that the color purple in psychology means whimsical, magical and cheerful? Indeed, a good color motif choice for a dreamlike beach wedding!

The Exchange of Vows

Loren: I am beyond blessed and thankful to God Almighty- He surprised me in His perfect time. This is really an answered prayer!

The moment I met you, I know in my heart you are going to stay forever. Now that we are here, I promise that you will always be my priority in life, before myself. I will try my best everyday to become the woman of your dreams. 

I vow to work with you in all things, I promise you a perfect love, a perfect trust for one lifetime with you and is never enough!

You are my MAN, my LOVE and my LIFE- today and always I love you until the end of time. 

Ron:Pinaka maganda kong asawa, mahal na mahal kita. Mamahalin kita habang buhay..” (Googled by Ron in Tagalog and the audience and together with the ‘ninongs’ applauded and cheered) in English- To my most beautiful wife, I love you very much! I will love you until my last breath! 


Ron & Loren

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