Make a fashion statement with these Zeelool spectacles

Eyeglasses nowadays are not just worn for health purposes - to correct vision or to have clearer eyesight or to hide something from the eyes. Most of the times, eyeglasses are worn purely for fashion or aesthetic purposes. Eye-catching glasses are a great way to add visual pop to an ordinary ensemble or make a fashion statement. These spectacles are fashion accessories which can give someone a rocking look and can also provide an opportunity for elegant gesture and display.

At Zeelool, you can find a lot of glasses to accentuate your personal style. Here are some of my recommendations:

Semi Rimless Eyeglasses

Semi-Rimless eyeglasses are half-frame glasses which are classic, lightweight and perfect for personality elements. They are a great alternative to a full rim frame because they can be more durable than a rimless frame due to their added rigidity. Zeelool offers semi-rimless eyeglasses for as low as $16 to as high as $29. The half-rim glasses also come in different shapes - round, rectangle, square, cateye - to match different face shapes, and there's also something to match a sporty look.

Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses sometimes called "cat eyes" or "cat glasses," are women's and sometimes men's eyewear having an upsweep at the outer edges where the temples or arms join the frame front. These type of spectacles were mainly popular in the 1950s and 1960s among women and are often associated with the Beehive hairstyle. Notable wearers of cat eye glasses include Audrey Hepburn, Lisa Loeb, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, to name a few. 

Zeelool features cat eye glasses of different colors and styles that would match any man or woman's outfit to add a fierce fabulous look. If you want to achieve cute personality with a little bit of a wild side or be bold, smart and mysterious; you should check out this line.

Pantone Collection

Who wouldn't love the Pantone color of the year, ultra-violet? Ultraviolet is a blue-based purple that suggests inventiveness and imagination. When you incorporate it into fashion and accessories, it would give a complex, contemplative, mysterious and intriguing look. Zeelool's line of ultraviolet spectacles features a lot of cute prescription glasses that yuppies, millenials and women from all walks of life would love and appreciate.

A hip, chic, stylish eyewear completes an outfit as a finishing touch. Fashionable eyeglasses make a special occasion outfit even more unique. Eyeglasses trend is all over, even at the red carpet, so why not ride the wave? Accentuate your personal style with statement-making glasses for a look that’s bold, original, and unforgettable. Whether you want to add a vintage edge to your everyday style or create a strong silhouette, there’s a pair of glasses perfectly suited for any fashion statement you could make. Do check out Zeelool for frames to match your next statement look.

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