Wear Sweat Blocking T-Shirt To Avoid & Reduce Sweating

Sweating can be a problem for most men and women and it is a source of embarrassment for those concerned. Some people sweat more than others. There are those that easily sweat at the slightest movement. For some, excessive sweating could be a medical condition or a side effect of some drug they may be taking and usually these conditions could be reversed.

Most women who are entering the menopausal stage tend to sweat profusely and it can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing for them. Sweat soaked clothes and wet armpits causes embarrassment for many and these people are looking for ways on how to reduce sweating. Here are some of the ways people have been using to avoid or reduce heavy sweating.

Using higher-strength deodorants and antiperspirants products to blog sweat pores. You can get these over the counter. Some may worry about the long term use to clog the sweat pores that may results in serious side effects.

Wearing lightweight, breathable fabrics like cottons, or athletic clothing that are made from breathable materials. Choose clothes with a looser weave. The closer the weave, the hotter the clothes. Avoid choosing colours that show sweat easily. Always prepare an extra change of clean, dry clothes. Always carry a large cotton handkerchief to wipe off excess sweat.
Some clothing manufacturers have come up with clothes especially for sweaty people such as the “Don’t Sweat It T-Shirts”. This sweat blocking T-shirt here at Kinxteen are designed with panels in the underarms to absorb moisture and kills odour. The material used is exceptionally comfortable against the skin, and can be easily worn under the outer clothing. The T-shirts are designed for flexibility.

Avoid eating hot spicy food that will aggravate sweating. For those who have problem with sweaty smelly feet and shoes, buy breathable shoes. Remember to use feet powder to keep moisture and odour away and keep your feet dry at all times.

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