Top five unusual jobs

Do you find yourself panicking about finishing High School because all your friends seem to have it all it worked out, knowing exactly what they want do with their life, and what they need to do to achieve it? Don’t worry, because the ideal career for you is out there, the problem may not be that you are indecisive, it could be that you haven’t realised what weird and wonderful jobs are available. Here are five of the most unusual jobs, and who knows, one of them could be your dream career.

Dog food taster
If you didn’t immediately balk at this job title, you could be looking at your new career. A dog food tester is employed by companies that need verbal feedback (a bark doesn’t count) to determine the quality of new and existing products. This can be anything from tinned dog food, to dog bones and biscuits. Testers must note the texture and taste of their employer’s brand against that of rival companies.

The role of a mortician may seem unusual, but as we all die one day it is reasonable to expect that there are many morticians in employment today. If human biology interests you, and you like the idea of providing dignified care to the deceased and their families, you could be the perfect person for the job. To work in any area of the mortuary services you will need specific training, so why not click on Mortuary Science Classes Near Me to find out more?

Train pusher
This job will require a change of address, as official train pushers currently only exist in Japan. The trains are so crowded over there that ‘Oshiyas’ are hired to push people into the carriages before the doors close, getting as many commuters on as possible. If getting paid to push people is tempting, pack your bags and get ready to go to Japan.

Professional sleeper
One Finnish hotel employed someone to test the comfort of their beds by getting them to sleep in a different one of their beds each night. It is not known whether this is a technique used by other establishments, but it could be worth enquiring at your local hotels, and proposing the idea should they not have considered it before.

Odour judge
If strange whiffs and putrid pongs don’t make you feel nauseous, consider becoming an odour judge. Oral hygiene, deodorant, and toiletry companies employ people to test the efficacy of their products, on other people’s bodies. Prepare to sniff, armpits, feet, and open mouths in this unusual occupation. We imagine you would be paid well in this role, otherwise, why on earth would you consider it?

Don’t give up hope, because as you can see, there are several occupations that probably won’t make it onto your career advisor’s list. If you haven’t discovered your perfect career among our list, a little more delving into the realm of unusual jobs could help you find the weird and wonderful career for you.

1 comment:

Jathnielsworld said...

Of all the 5 unusal jobs stated above, I think there is only job i am willing to try and that is to be a Professional Sleeper, i think it is totally relaxing and you have a chance to try different kinds of bed (so cozy diba 😊)

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