Home 168 Manila is the Millennial’s Dormitory

Being the third city in Asia with the worst traffic, an average Manila resident especially the working class spends 1, 000 hours a year or 28, 000 hours of his economic life in traffic. According to Asian Development Bank report, that results to a 100,000-peso loss of productivity per person each year. More than that, we are losing something more invaluable such as the comfort and well-being from a happy and stressful life and the time we yearn to be spent with family and friends. Thus, Home 168 Manila was established to solve and address the seemingly hopeless urban and economic problem. It seeks to reverse the adverse consequence of living in the busy and traffic congested city by offering an affordable, safe, happy and friendly social community with a maximum of 520 mix of male and female tenants living within its dormitory compound.

Most of the people of Manila have to deal with being doubly tired, stressed and fatigued from their daily work and long commute, barely having any relaxation or sleeping time. They are losing quality time with family and friends and spending more for food, transportation and housing just to buy them more time and convenience. With Home 168 Manila, they can find an affordable, happy and safe place near their work or school which they can call home. Home 168 Manila is the foundation or support they need to make their dreams come true. 

Home 168 Manila is a unique 1, 332 sqm dormitory concept built from recycled container vans. It has a bright and colorful al fresco co-working space at the center where people can gather play games, eat and watch cable TV as they relax after work or school. It is one of the few places in Manila where you can just lay down and view the moon and the night sky. For as low as 2, 000 php per month, it offers a well-guarded, CCTV and RFID-equipped dormitory with 520 beds paces, 56 shower booths, 48 toilet w/ bidet, 8 washing areas, 8 urinals, 100 mbps WiFi, electricity, water, hot and cold mineral water stations and scheduled cleaning, maintenance and pest control.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/manilahome168 for more info and updates.

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Unknown said...

The best bedspace in manila. As low as 2,000p/month

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