How and Where to Buy Gadgets in the Philippines

Buying gadgets can be tricky even for experienced buyers. If you’re not careful, you might end up buying a faulty or defective item that’s being passed off as brand new. Worse, you might get something that’s completely different from what you paid for, or even nothing at all if you get to be especially unlucky. This obviously results in you losing your hard-earned money, with nothing to show for it except a whole lot of disappointment. You might even lose interest in the gadget that you were hoping to get.

In order to protect yourself from such a worst-case scenario, you need to make sure that how and where you buy your gadgets from are legitimate and scam-proof. To help you with this, we’ve assembled the following list of methods and places that are guaranteed to be 100% legitimate, and present the lowest risk when it comes to being tricked or scammed.

Buy from reputable online shopping websites
If you’re not in the mood to go out of the house for the specific reason of buying your gadgets, or you find yourself being much too busy to do so, then you can always just buy them online. Thanks to the widespread acceptance of e-commerce, online shopping has become less of a risky affair, and is now one of the more convenient and secure ways to purchase goods. Even more so when you buy from a local dealer’s website, as not only will your gadget end up cheaper, you will also enjoy certain perks such as discounts, free shipping, after-sales customer support and cash-on-delivery.
Of course, just how secure it is depends on which online website you’re doing the shopping. If you buy from a website that’s clearly new, has little to no reviews online, and looks rather sketchy even at second glance, then there’s a good chance that it’s a scam. However, if you buy gadgets from or other dealer websites that have an established online presence and loads of positive reviews, then you’ll definitely be in the clear and getting your money’s worth.

Buy from official stores
Let’s say you’re alright with taking some time off and going out to specifically buy your gadgets. In this case, it’s best to go directly to the gadget manufacturer or brand’s official shops or verified resellers. This way, you can be assured that what you’re buying is completely brand new and 100% authentic. You’ll also be enjoying the official warranty that comes with buying directly from the official store or reseller. This means that if something goes wrong with your device, it’ll be an easy matter to get it fixed or resolved when you take it back to them.

Buy from popular tech hubs like Greenhills
Greenhills is one of the most popular tech hubs in the country, sporting not only a huge amount of official resellers and stores but also enthusiast-run shops. This makes the gadget selection in Greenhills quite varied and diverse, ranging from brand-new items to obscure, vintage, and pre-loved ones. As such, you’ll have an easy time finding what you want in Greenhills in terms of gadgetry than anywhere else. You can probably even get it for a considerably cheaper price, too, if you take the time to haggle with the seller. Just remember to be polite and not to push the subject if it seems like they’re not budging.

At the same time, don’t buy the first model you see, as there are lots of gadget vendors and shops around Greenhills. Take the time to canvass the same model from multiple shops, as there’s a good chance the next shop over is selling it for cheaper.

Buy from your relatives and friends
If any of your family or friends has a gadget that you’ve been eyeing and they don’t seem to be using it as much as they used to, why not offer to buy it off of them? In doing so, you can save quite a bit of money while also helping cut down on the amount of electronic garbage that’s been slowly accumulating all over the world. It’s a win-win situation for the both of you! Just make sure that they wipe their personal data from the gadget once you do purchase it, however. That should help avoid any accidental breaches of privacy and awkward moments.

Buy from the Facebook Marketplace
Facebook recently launched its Marketplace function – i.e. a place where account holders can list items for sale on their profiles. Any prospective buyer only needs to contact them through the ad on Facebook and the transaction can take place in person as agreed upon by both parties.

Of all the methods and locations to buy your gadgets from listed here, this is the only one that carries a moderate amount of risk. Facebook does not verify item sale listings at all – anyone can simply put up an ad selling a particular item for a price, and there is no guarantee on whether or not the seller actually has the item, nor if they are posting under their real name in the first place.

The upside of the Facebook Marketplace is its unparalleled variety. As it’s basically a secondhand market, you’ll most likely find gadgets that aren’t being sold commercially anymore, or other obscure tech. This also means that the prices can be wildly different from what you’ve grown accustomed to, even going so far as to be astronomically expensive for certain items. Only take this option if you can’t find your gadget anywhere else. If you do, however, then make absolutely sure you take every precaution in buying your item. Ask for pictures of the item, as well as a face-to-face transaction in a neutral location (like a restaurant or coffee shop). Test the gadget before you hand the money over.

There are many ways to buy your gadgets in the Philippines, but these are currently the most reliable and convenient ones. With that said, always remember that it’s up to you, the buyer, to be responsible for your own buying actions, and as such you need to be careful and aware with every transaction you make – whether it’s online, in an official store, or in Greenhills. Keep your receipts and packaging, examine your purchase carefully for any signs of damage or tampering, and don’t trust any deal that seems too good or too cheap to be true.

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