Simple Ways to Free Yourself from Your Smartphone

Our phones are like an extension of us and in fact, reports said most of us unlock our phones from 110 to 150 times daily. Obviously that’s a lot of checking, which we do habitually – even without thinking. Just one “ding” from our phones and we immediately drop whatever what we’re doing to read what the notification is about. This is just one of the signs of smartphone addiction. It’s time to stop yourself from constantly checking your phone; here are a few suggestions on how to be smartphone-free in a few days:

  1. Turn off your notifications. When you're excited about your phone buzzing, it’s due to a hormone called dopamine. It tells the brain there's something rewarding or pleasurable, which is why smartphones are easy to get addicted to. When the notifications are off, dopamine will eventually lose its power over you.
  1. Remove some apps. Whether it’s Facebook or any other social media app – or even your email app. Go cold turkey, which will control your urge to keep checking your phone.
  1. Get some sleep. Many of us lose sleep because of our smartphones. There are ways to enhance the attraction between you and your bed. Start with, well, your bed. Sometimes, a bad mattress will not motivate us to stay in bed. Consider buying a new one. The good news is it doesn't have to be expensive as you can actually find mattresses that cost $1500 or lower.
  1. Keep your phone away from your bed. Aside from modifying your sleep environment, remove your phone from your bed even when you're sleeping. The vibration or even the low ding from your phone can immediately wake you up in the middle of the night.
  1. Limit phone use. Be sure to keep this on the realistic side, such as not using your phone over 90 minutes daily or for longer than 20 minutes each time you unlock your phone.
  1. Interact with real people. Instead of connecting with other people through social media, divert your attention to spending real time with them.
  1. Start a new hobby. Disconnect yourself from your phone and try something new to spend your free time, instead of checking Instagram or Facebook. You can even carry a book with you, so you have something to read when you're bored.

Smartphone addiction is real. While our smartphones make us think that we’re multitasking, it has actually become a problem since multitasking doesn't work and can even damage our brain. Our brains are not equipped to take on two different tasks at once, which is why our excessive phone use isn't doing us any favor.

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