Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine now open to give you multisensory experience

It has been months since I stopped eating Chinese dishes because I don't find anything "extra" anymore. Like siomai, siopao, hakao, mantao, Chinese noodles, sweet and sour dishes, and other Chinese foods taste the same from one restaurant to another. I want a gastronomic experience that I could really exclaim "WOW!!" from the first bite which is why I visited more Japanese, Korean, American and European cuisines in the past months. I am really looking for something that I haven't tried in my more than three decades of existence.

A prelude to an elaborate feast, the cold cuts platter in Chinese literally means “meeting or welcoming dishes”

Until one day, I was invited to try Yeah! Yeah! Chinese Cuisine. Since I was free on that date and I just want to chill, I went to the resto with a few of my friends.

Nothing grand with the interior of the resto, even the storefront is simple - ah just another Chinese resto in town serving the same Chinese dishes I have eaten before - I said to myself.

The long table was filled with lots of Chinese foods and I don't know what to pick first since I don't have any favorite among the dishes, but like how the traditional meal should start; I tried first the soup from the Beef Brisket Noodle Soup. "Hmmm, flavorful." I have tried a lot of dishes like this but this one stands out. While some tastes too sweet, too salty, some taste like the soup is made from bouillon - this one is authentic. The beef broth tastes so natural. 

Beef Brisket Noodle Soup - tender beef meat, flavorful borth, really authentic taste

Then I tried the Spinach Seafood Soup. It is a thick soup generously served with seafood such as squid and shrimp. Being a seafood lover, I really enjoyed it because it is well seasoned and very comforting.

Then I tried some appetizer which is the Hot Prawn Salad. It is made up of a fried prawn - yes, coated prawn not shrimp, with cabbage slices and fruit cocktail mixed with their special sweet-sour sauce. This one is a WOW! (with an exclamation point). I admire how the prawn was coated carefully that its natural taste and flavor will not be affected by the coating. This really stimulate my appetite.

One of the most surprising dishes is their Crab Roe Siomai. I was about to snob it because it might just be another siomai filled with meat and extenders, but I gave it a try because it is huge and got me curious why. It never disappoint me. The siomai is meaty - filled with pork meat and shrimp - no extenders! It was heavenly prepared. It is unexpected to a siomai especially the name doesn't give you  of any hint what is inside, but only the crab roe which is on top of it.

I also have to commend their fried rice - while other Chinese restos have dry rice, theirs is different, rice is sticky; mantao, cake and their refreshing fruit juices and shakes. They all taste good and you'll never regret giving them a try.

I know there are a lot of good food in Yeah Yeah, but I was really full - my tummy and heart were full - because of the satisfying dishes I tried; which is why I only selected a few and haven't tried some of the meat dishes such as the Pig Leg Misua, Dong Po pork and Soy Chicken.

Their menu is inspired by the personal concept of the owners and their in-house chef, so we’re assured that every dish they produce is made with love.

Yeah Yeah has just opened last July 2018 and is located in Hemady Square in E.Rodriguez Sr. Ave in Quezon City.

Their specialty includes Cantonese dishes with Hong-Kong style cooking. The Crystal Hakaw (P138/four pieces) doesn’t get gummy at all, even if they spend some time in the bamboo steamer—though you do want to pop these morsels in your mouth immediately. The tender wrapper easily gives way to the fresh shrimp, and the whole dumpling has a satisfying bite. Meanwhile, the Crab Roe Sio Mai (P120/four pieces) is chock-full of umami flavor, with an earthiness reminiscent of Shiitake mushrooms.

If you’re craving spice, though, Yeah Yeah has new entrées that to heat things up. Don’t expect regular squid rings in your Sizzling Squid With Ginger Onion (P580)—instead, you’ll get thick slices that are still surprisingly tender, with fresh ginger and onion to spice things up.

They currently have Promos for Lunch and Dinner Buffet, please see poster below :

The next time you would like to celebrate with hearty, sapid, toothsome, aperitive dishes - you don't have to look so far or do hard searching cause Yeah Yeah is open to serve you from 10:30 am to 10 pm daily.


Babeth arcede said...

Ang sasarap ng mga foods. Nakakagutom! ☺ A must try and gusto ko itry foods nila.

Adelfa Arcede said...

Nakakatakam! Lahat ng foods nila masarap parang wala akong hihindian eh. Yum!

Paul Lamsin said...

Wow very appetising foods! I want to try and their foods, too!

Roxane Cabile-Montierro said...

I love Chinese Cuisine and I am really excited to try 'Yeah Yeah Chines Cuisine'!
I can't wait to eat al you have mentioned especially the Crab Roe Siomai, and Hot Prawn Salad for sure its a real YUM!

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