Understanding more about financial success for families

What is financial success?

For some, financial success is owning their dream house and dream car, or having a lot of investments or bounty of savings.

But for me, being financially successful means being in control of your money instead of it controlling you. Your income doesn’t necessarily determine how financially successful you are – your choices and priorities do.

It doesn't matter how much investments you have, how much money you saved in the bank, if you don't know how to properly manage them, then you will not be able to enjoy them in the long run.

If you are struggling, financial success may seem like a distant dream, but thanks to Mommy Matters Philippines and Ms. Karen Pacia (www.karenpacia.com) for organizing the event, Tools of Financial Success for Families.

This seminar provides the basic tools to help families openly discuss money matters and gain the critical life skills needed to make smart financial choices. Key content includes understanding wants versus needs, setting savings goals for different NEEDS & STAGES OF LIFE, investing, shopping wisely, and budget planning.

Attendees also had a chance to conduct a Financial Needs Analysis with licensed financial executives to help them understand what they really need and HOW they can address these needs depending on their budget or current situation.

The event was indeed an eye-opener and a big help for families who wants their dreams come true and secure the future of each and every member.

 If you want more tips and FREE Financial Planning talks and more from the A-Team, pls check out https://www.facebook.com/mommymattersph.

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